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SOME of these stories listed SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED BY CHILDREN without the presents of an adult to choose that in which they want them to read.
In order to bring out the true feel for how this wonderful place was, some stories may offer adult discriptions within the story lines. We only wish to bring out the truth and beauty of this very unique place.

  Olongapo Girl: A Tale of Prostitution
By: The Sceptic
From the files of "The Unquiet Collective", Quest of the Unquietmind.
  Subic Bay: My Favorite Active Duty Assignment
By: John Stacy,
USMCR Subic Bay: Aug 1950 - Apr 1952
  The Subic Bay - Olongapo Memorial
By: Bob Lingerfelt, USMC
By: Charles W. Paige
This story draws a great picture to how the serviceman experienced their stay at Subic Bay Naval Base.
A song of the Americans stationed in Philippine posts or serving in the Asiatic Squadron.
  Corregidor Hymn
An unnamed Marine from the 4th Marine Division wrote the following lyrics to the tune of the 'Marines Hymn', just before going into battle in Corregidor.
  You have been here to long when:
A more humorous look at being in the Philippines.
  Not A Moment To Soon!
By: Sgt Michael A. Yannutz
  Python Caught in Binictican Housing
By: Tom Elliott ETCM(SW) USN Retired
  Prepare To Dive! - Cartoon Humor
Punchline: Ranirez
  My Experiance In The Brig
By: Jail Bird
  A New Chief at the Photo Lab
By: Dave Rice
  Collecting Shells at Grande Island
By: Jim Nichols
But these were not your ordinary shells!
  This is My Olongapo Story!
By: A Hurt Wife
  Philippine Island in the Sun
By: Jim Nichols
  It Was Not All a Dream
By: Liz
  Notice Of Return
  You think you can butterfly on me?
By: Daniel A. Bernath
  I've Been Robbed!
By: Daniel A. Bernath
  I was off to the Philippines!
By: George J. Stewart
  Getting Sea Sick!
By: Allen E. Walker
  My Birthday Celebration
  The Damage of War
By: Ronald Sills
  The Huks and Negritos
By: Ronald Sills
  Philippine Flag for a Souvenir
By: No Name Given
Flag collecting at it's finest
  A Sailor's Game
By: Michael P. Holden
  Some Memories of Subic Bay and Olongapo, PI
By: Dave T.
An experinace of Subic Bay and Olongapo just days after the area was liderated.
  Steve McQueen Would Be Proud
By: Steve Mitchell
The year is 1973, the dog days of the Vietnam War - Chapter 12
  The Band Named "Warship" Shares With You...
MP3 Format
A song or two commemorating the life of the Tin Can Sailor and his visits to Subic Bay
  Yank Far East Report - April 1945
By: Sgt, Charles Pearson - Yank Staff Correspondent
The story of the Zig Zag Pass Battle of WWII
  Cubi Anthem
By: Author Unknown
Sung to the Whiffenpoof Song, aka - Baa Baa Black Sheep
  The Legend of the Cubi Cat
By: Art Giberson
A Story about the Cubi Cat at the Cubi'o Club
  The Evening Before Red Horse One Was Installed
By: Donald G. Smiley
A "not so public" part of the legend of Red Horse One
  The Motorized Bonca Boat
By: Jim Nichols, 1962 -1964
A Grande Island memory
  Battle of Zig-Zag Pass
By: Sergeant Dana Frame
This is one mans personal experiance in the Battle of Zig Zag Pass
  Heat Crazed Monkeys
by: Don Dickensheet
You best no steel my......
  Prostitution always was illegal
by: AMSC Don Dickensheet, USN RET
A real player or pimp dont pay fo no Bitches or Hos
  George Dewey High School Blue Guard
by: A student that was there
An experiance from one students at George Dewey
  His Time Came To An End!
by: Fred Ferro, MA1 RET
The story of a Marine and his additude in town
  The Olongapo Story
by: Bamboo Breeze - July 28, 1953 - Vol.6, No.3
The history of Olongapo writen by the base paper at the time in 1953
  Boat #343 - Made it better! - 1952
By: Mel Wofford
The building and creative operations of Boat #343
  I Could Never Have Loved Another Woman
By: Bill Elder
This story speaks for itself
  Souvenir Handbook of Olongapo in Subic Bay
By: Mariano L. Bada and Leonardo DelRosario
A quick story on the history of Olongapo and Subic Bay
  The First Time I Went To The PI
By: Don Dickensheet
A Sailors first time experiance in the Philippines
  Armed Forces Police/Military Police Duty
By: Fred Ferro
Things are not always black and white
  Playing Tag With The AFP Units
By: Fred Ferro
The title tells it all
  A Cubi Point Update
By: The Bubman
The sites and feelings of the Cubi Point area as it is today.
  Olongapo Scams and the Honest Guy
By: Mark McMenamin
Some of the scams of Olongapo and an unexpected surprise.
  While at Subic as a Teenager
By: Tom Campbell
As they always say, don't drink the water.
  Tears at Olongopo
By: Dave Beekman
Reality seen during Shore Patrol.
  Crusing in an Old AMC Government Sedan
By: Fred Ferro, MA1 RET
Why would someone be crusing the EM Club?
  What A Place!
By: David L. Etheredge, STG3
One of ( I'm sure) many stories he could tell.
  The Desire For An Origin
By: Rachael Rigsbee
This didn't just happen to the Filipinos.
  The Height Of Our Flag On Base
By: William T Gardiner,
You best watch what you flash on base.
  Blasting The Hill of Cubi Point
By: Wayne Allee
First hand experiance of some construting of Cubi Point.
  I will never forget, not even if I tried
By: Edd Vitsun Airncraft
Nothing ever stays the same, but some things can never be forgotten.
  Thanks to Subic Base and Olongapo
By: Jordon
Memories and Thanks to the Base we loved
  Water Skiing with Lizards & Snakes
By: Dave Beekman
And that’s the truth… as I remember it
  First Impressions Count
By: David
Story about the EM Club
  Co-Service Co-Operation
By: David
Story about the EM Club
  Olongapo... what else?
By: David Etheredge
The type of experiance you don't forget easly
  O' Jeepney Driver - (added 6-24-13)
Sung to the tune of "Take Me Home, Country Roads, "by John Denver"

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