Cubi Anthem
By: Author Unknown
Sung to the Whiffenpoof Song  aka: Baa Baa Black Sheep


From the air strip down at Cubi,
To the place where flyboys dwell,
At the dear old O'Club bar we love so well.
Sing the Cubi-ites assembled with their glasses held on high,
And the ruckus of their singing sounds like hell.

Where the bamboo snakes roam freely,
And the pythons slither by,
And the nearness of the jungle casts its smell.

We will sweat it out for Uncle,
'til the gin and tonic lasts,
Then we'll slide beneath the table with the rest.

We're poor lost souls from  Subic Bay
Ha!  Ha!  Ha!,
We'll never get back to the U.S.A.
Ha! Ha! Ha!

Poor lost Sailors from across the sea,
Marines, civilians and M.C.B's
BUPERS have mercy on such as we.
Ha! Ha! Ha!