An Experiance In The Brig

...I spent 7 days (5 with good behavior) with the Marine Detachment at the Subic Chicken Wire Hotel. Felt like 29 days to me. I was prisoner number 10.

SIR!! Prisoner #10 requests permission to move across the white line, SIR!!

SIR!! Prisoner #10 requests permission to move off the compound, SIR!!

SIR!! Prisoner #10 requests permission to move into the turnkey's office, SIR !!  

AAhhhhh...   I remember it well.

...I think the scariest part was marching to the chow hall and them crazy Marines carrying the shot guns and just hoping some one would make a break for it. And then of course the drills when you had to hit the hot ass street while they waved the shot guns around. They defiantly made a believer out of me the first time I screwed up (first day there) I was the only one standing looking at a double barrelled shotguns pointed at me. They had to take me back to the compound so I could rinse out my shorts.

...A few days later some asshole decided to cut his wrists while shaving. then we had to shave with a bucket while standing on our number and no mirror. I always hoped to draw a working party, you know them fine jobs of scrapping barnicals off, down at the dry dock. And of course the search when you came back to the brig. Could not get much into those pockets all sewed up. I was always told the only good sailor was one that did a tour in the brig, got a case of clap and a tattoo. I guess I really did wind up being a really good sailor.

By: Jail Bird