The Evening Before Red Horse One Was Installed

The following, is an account of a, not so public, part of the legend of Red Horse One. 

The evening before Red Horse One was to be installed at the 'Jungle Bar' in the Cubi 'O' Club, it was spirited off from the Hangar (at bldg 8045) by a recently transferred Division Officer in AIMD.   We 'enlisted' immediately suspected one Lt Cmdr R. E. Heyneman as the culprit. As he was noted for his sense of humor. 

The following morning, a ransom note, consisting of cut out words pasted to paper, mysteriously appeared on Cmdr Sullivan's desk, demanding certain concessions and the response had to be made the following Sunday at 1300 via AFPN Subic's FM radio station. 

Hoooeeee!, things got really hot, among all the Brass involved..   The announcement made, Monday morning finds another ransom note appearing on Cmdr Sullivan's desk, demanding further concessions and another radio announcement to be made Sunday at the same time.  

Come Monday morning.....  Yep!  Another ransom note appeared at Cmdr Sullivan's desk....   Did we have a security problem or what?   By this time, we all had the urge to track down and kill the perpetrators.   This ransom note delineated the conditions for release of the hostage and the response was again aired at 1300 the following Sunday.  

The following Monday,  no ransom note...  Cmdr Sullivan was greeted with a telephone call from Capt Meyers, that "he found 'Red Horse One' on the front lawn of his quarters."    Being an E-5 at the time, I was privy to these events only, because I happened to work in Cmdr Sullivan's office, when these events occurred.  

As hilarious as these events seem now, it would be quite interesting to hear the rest of this saga from an Officer's perspective.  

Donald G. Smiley, AMHC, USN/Ret. AIMD Cubi Point Facilities Assistant, '67-69