The Huks and Negritos
By: Ronald Sills


I also remember that July & August was head-hunting season by the Negritos, and being in the mountains, we were advised to travel in groups or at least pairs.  I was told by the Filipino's that a caucasion head was prized over that of a Filipino by the Negritos.

The Huks were also a threat once you got up into the mountains. They were better known as (watch me butcher the spelling of this name) 'Hukbulahuks' which were a communist influenced group of rebels, that later became such a force, the Philippine government had to make a treaty with them. They were against the Filipino ties to the United States.  They wanted all the bases closed and to break all ties with the United States.  A sort of 'freedom fighters' if you will.  They wanted a totally 'independent' Philippines from the influence of the United States.

Even though we went through the hills from time to time, we never encountered either the Huks or the Negritos.