When is 'hitting the beach' more dangerous than Yankee Station?


All Yorktown sailors loved going to Subic Bay, Philippines for liberty.  The "hostesses" (ladies of commercial virtue, if you know what I mean) like to "marry" a sailor for as long as his ship was in port.  That meant that she would stick by you from the moment your ship entered port, until you left port.   If you met her on your first liberty in Olongapo, she would be there waiting for you at the bar on all other liberties and would refuse all 'offers' from other sailors until you returned to her. 

On our first day of liberty in Subic Bay, PH2 Recchio of the Yorktown hit the beach with some other photo lab buddies.  He was a good natured jovial guy, always ready with a five dollar loan if you needed it. He was at a bar with a couple other photo lab guys flirting with the "bargirls" (if you know what I mean).  One "hostess" thought that Recchio had become her 'husband' for the liberty stop of the Yorktown but Recchio didn't seem to understand it that way, so he continued to chat and flirt with the other "hostesses." That's when she took out a knife and cut the button off of his dress white uniform in one fast stroke and said, "You think you can butterfly on me?  You don't 'butterfly' on me!!!." Needless to say, Recchio and the other photo lab guys fled that bar for the rest of their liberty. 


Written By: Daniel A.Bernath  PH2  USN 1966 to 1970, USS Yorktown 1968 to 1970