Heat Crazed Monkeys
by: Don Dickensheet

Back in 1975, I was assigned to the CVW-15 beach det doing corrosion control. After grinding the aircraft at the elephant hut between VRC-50 and GSE, we would then take the aircraft to the paint hanger to paint it.

Now in those days they used to have what they called the Cubi Chuck wagon that would bring chow from the galley for our non-rates and chow pass holders to eat. Anyway across from the hanger was a dumpster and the monkeys soon got wise to the fact that there was a goldmine of leftovers inside.

While standing out front one day a buddy and I hatched a plan to get back at the civilian that worked there cleaning up and would steal anything that wasnt bolted down. The monkeys would show up on patrol a little after lunch each day, but those bastards were smart, before they would dive into the dumpster they would post a watch on the telephone pole next to it and that monk would sound the alarm if anyone got near the dumpster so they could all pile out.

But as our luck would have it, I guess even monkey patrols have their shitbirds and one day we looked up and the monkey on watch was skylarking around and we were able to run accross the street and slam the door on a couple of monks before the general alarm was sounded by the watch.

This was what we had been waiting for as the turd that cleaned the hanger had to dump the shitcans at 1600. I never will forget him hopping around and screaming after he opened the door and a couple of heat crazed monkeys ran up his face.

Im sure we didnt do much to bolster Fil-Am relations that day but scew-em thats what the turd gets for stealing my shirt.