George Dewey High School Blue Guard

My sister graduated from George Dewey High School and I was there from the 8th grade until the 11th grade.  Area 13 of your pictures, picture 10, is a shot of where we'd eat lunch. In that hut one time, the Navy band came out and played some rock tunes to us kids during a lunch break. Photo #17 was the globe. Every year the seniors would come out and paint up the globe. That thing must have had about 40 layers of paint on it.

One of my worst memories, in 1990 there was of a shooting at the school. An unarmed Blue Guard was supposed to be "Blue Guarding" us. (Don't know from what) Well, a Marine came by on him on his rounds and caught the Blue Guard sleeping behind the cafeteria. To prove he was sleeping, the Marine tried to take a photo and the Blue Guard which actually had a gun on him. He shot the Marine twice in the neck / chin area.  Unfortuatly the class bell rang to change classes, just as the Marine was being rolled by me. I thought that the Marine had been shot in the chest by all the blood I saw. He survived though.  The bullets went through his neck, over his lower jaw and out the side of his face.   Both of them.  We never did find out exactly what happened to the Blue Guard, but rumor was that the Marines Company killed the Blue Guard. As i said though, that was rumor.