During World War II, American patriotism reached a height that has never been experienced - before or since. Sometimes, the patriotism of combat troops took the form of letters and songs. An unnamed Marine from the 4th Marine Division wrote the following lyrics to the tune of the ' Marines' Hymn,' just before going into battle in Corregidor. The author of "The Corregidor Hymn" was captured by the Japanese in the battle, which ended 6 May 1942, and was never seen again.

The Corregidor Hymn

"First to jump for holes and tunnels And to keep our skivies clean,

We are proud to claim the title of Corregidor's Marines.

"Our drawers unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sun.

We have jumped into every hole and ditch And for us the fightin' was fun.

"We have plenty of guns and ammunition But not cigars and cigarettes,

At the last we may smoking leaves Wrapped in Nipponese propaganda leaflets.

"When the Army and the Navy Looked out Corregidor's Tunnel Queen,

They saw the beaches guarded by more than one Marine!

Contributed by Alvin Rivera, USMC (Ret.)