Play tag with the AFP units
By: Fred Ferro

One of the things we would do on the grave shift 0001-0800 was play tag with the AFP units. Now take into effect that there was a curfew from 0001-0400 (1981). Curfew was still imposed on everyone, American and Fil/Nat's. So excepted for the Fleet Sailor or Marine that would break curfew and get in trouble with us or the Metro Dis Com/Olangapo Police.

We had nothing to do after the Bars were secured. And all the girls were off the streets. Oh we did make house calls on some nights. That I will write later about.

So it would start with one unit (there would be four units on that shift) coming up on another unit and rear ending, when they were not expecting it. Your head would whip back and hit the rear window. You would then hear on the radio, "your it". Then the race would be on. In and out of every side street in Olangapo.

What about the local Police you ask. Most of us working that shift had a local Policemen or PC with us. Sometimes they would drive. Not one of us were thinking about everything being Deep Six if something went wrong. We all made it out without losing a strip. We came close many times. Every AFP/MP that was station there knows we broke every rule we were to enforce. God... did we have Fun at Tax payers expense.