Co-Service Co-Operation
By: David

A rememberance of one quick trip to Subic Bay for replacement after literally burning out the barrel of our 6 inch gun on a destroyer at Wespac.  A couple of us were lucky enough to secure 48 hours of leave and off we went, first to the E.M. club of course to "refresh" ourselves.  My mate wanted to by something at the PX so being a thirsty boats I plowed ahead to the club, only to meet some mild trouble near the entrance.  It seems some of her Royal Majesties Australian sailors were harboring some pent up frustration (at sea too long?) and decided I was not worthy to enter the club.  Needless to say, I was mildly frustrated but even more surprised as one of the pack of Aussies seperated himself from his friends, walked over to me and said, "mate, 5 against 1 that ain't cricket mate".  At which point we both pushed our way through the gang and entered the E.M. club expecting a rumble.  The rumble never appeared, the Aussie sailor and I partied for the next 48 hours sharing drinks and good times with the ladies.  A perfect example of co-service co-operation.