A sailor walks upon the shore,
He returns to his ship from the night before.
Thoughts still linger about a girl,
Whose eyes were shining deep, and aswirl.

What an evening he did spend,
To find anyone, to find a friend.

He found a bar, most sailors do;
He danced and sang, his joys renewed.

Then he met a friendly face,
Her smile had hope, his heart gave chase.
The night flashed by just like a dream;
The lights, the music, a perfect scene.

Through many strange streets he held her hand,
They arrived at a home, another dreamland.

When he opened his eyes, it was a new day,
The dawning sunlight upon her hair did play.

Her beauty laid there, her eyes still asleep,
She was soft and pretty, a picture to keep.

He quietly rose and dressed by the bed,
He wanted to kiss her, but left instead.

As he goes toward his ship to return to sea,
He starts to search last memories.

The smile, the face, a forgotten name,
Who was she, a sailor's game?

Michael P. Holden
MUCS, USN (Ret.)
Seventh Fleet Band