Crusing in an Old AMC Government Sedan
Fred Ferro, MA1 RET

After transferring to OPMK-9 I became the LPO the last two years I was there at Subic. One night I was riding with one of my Phil/Nat K-9 Guards named Rudy Herrera. We were just Patroling the Subic area around the EM club. We notice an old AMC Gov. sedan with about 5 or 6 personnel in it. We just watch as this Vehicle rides around and around the Club. We are thinking it was just some fleet personnel screwing off. So we turn on the red lights and pulled them over.

I approach the vehicle and the driver jumps out and walks to me. I ask him stop, which he did. There was an older guy in the back with a Petty Officer that said he wanted to speak to me. I responded "Sir, after I am done with the driver I well speak to you if you still want to." He replies "I can take care of this if you speak to me." I tell again, when I am done with the driver. He just sat back in the seat.

I asked the driver for his ID and trip ticket on the vehicle. He tells me they never use a trip ticket. His ID shows he is an LCDR. He informs me he is with the 7th Fleet Staff onboard Blueridge. I inform him that I was thinking the car was being use to pick up girls from the EM club and that is why I stopped him. I told him to have a goodnight. The guy in the back seat shows me his ID and said to me... "If you would have looked at my ID you would have seen it stands for Rear Admiral, not Seamen First Class." I repled, "Just doing my job sir" with a salute.

I found out later that the guy in the back of that old AMC sedan was Rear Adm Crow, later to be Chief of Staff for President Reagan. I was waiting for that call all night, "come to OPM HQ!" and meet with Capt. Miller, but the call never came. Just doing the job!