My Birthday Celebration

Here's what my mind did on for my birthday celebration (1950's) while my body stayed at home in bed (2000's).

First, when I got off duty I zipped down to the Cubi snack bar and had four or five San Miguels at 15 cents a piece.  Then I moseyed over to the barrack and shit, showered, shaved and shampooed.  I caught the liberty bus down to the main gate area and hit PO town for a while.

I stopped off at Rasairo's hardware there on the right hand side of Magsasay and browsed through their neat stuff and then went on down the street.  I dropped off in the Acicia Inn, however you spell it, then to the Oro.  Of course the Oro was noisy as the devil, as always.

I moseyed down to the Miami and dropped in to have a few SMs while peering down the dress of my favorite sweetie.  Made arrangements to take an overnight with her, then walked on down to the Marmont and had a quick beer while all the officers in there nervously eyed me.

On down the street to the Admiral Club and Restaurant for a plate of fried rice, then I ducked on over to the Rio Bar to talked with Mama Frank for a few minutes to get my political self established.  Next it was down to the market area and I zipper across the street to the old Paulines.  My mahal immediately went to the juke and played Steve Lawrence's "Portrait of my love" over and over and over.  One of the girls sent a guy over to the market to buy us some pandasals and we munched on 'em.

It was getting late so I switched sides of the street again and made it down to the Mexico Club to see a secondary mahal.  Now, it was getting late so I caught a jeepney back down the street and waited for my mahal to get off at the Miami.  We went to her house for the rest of the night.  Just a routine liberty, but it was my birthday so I had to celebrate.