What A Place!
STG3 David L.Etheredge, USS fletcher DD992, 1982 - 1987 

I was in the PI during 1984 and 85. What a place! All my girls lived in one building I rented for 100.$ U.S.(2000 pesos?) and we had babies born. I watched as long as I could, came back and the pig under the stairs was getting to eat the after birth - after all the girls got some for shampoo, potions, etc. Everyday, the same cycle driver waited on me to get me to muster, and came in and had a girl wake me if I was 10 minutes late! The lady next door always had fried sliced bananas and a cold coke waiting for me.

I was a drinker then, and I recall sitting on a squat stool in the courtyard of "my" building with 5 girls and plastic dish trays full of water, washing me up to sober me for quarters, or whatever. I was in transit barracks 47 days before my ship got there, made a deal with the first class that ran the duty at the T.B. and only came in on Friday for inspections. Nice!

The only bad experience I had was with a Marine Zero, which is odd, cause I took Jungle survival school with Marines and found them all to be ACE dudes. Play hard, work hard (not in that order) - But, this guy showed up, wanted to come in to the bedroom and living room of the girl who's bed I happened to be sleeping in that nite. I could hear her arguing with this 2nd LT. at the gate, No, NO, You got family, you got four kids at home - You go! So, the "boot brown bar" started in on - you got someone in there!, So, I came out half asleep - This guy tells me - I could make trouble for you. So - I laugh, 18,000 girls, and he wants to make trouble over ONE? I packed and walked away - 10 minutes later, he runs by, being chased by about 11 girls who are throwing peanuts and beer tops and yelling!!! It was hilarious! I ended up back in bed in about 30 minutes or so.