The Message Boards are for those who wish to make their presents known. It is a great way to find those that you may have been stationed with and those who you have been friends with on the Island.

Those of you that were of any branch of service as Active Duty Enlisted, Commissioned Officer, Civilian Worker or those who lived near Subic Bay or were stationed on other Bases near Subic Bay and wish to reunite with someone who was there are welcome to post a message.


1. Your message is no more than an E-Mail sent to me.

2. I will post all messages within 24 hours of receiving them.

3. Your E-Mail address will be posted along with your message unless otherwise noted.

4. If at any time you wish to add, change or delete your the message just notify me with those changes or instructions and the date in which your message was posted and I'll be more than happy to make those changes or removal for you.

5. Categories are as follows........

Marines Messages = All Marines stationed or passing through Subic Bay or Cubi Point areas.
Naval Messages = All Sailors stationed or passing through Subic Bay or Cubi Point areas
Dependents Messages = All Military Dependents of any Branch and School
Civilian Work Force Messages = All Civilian Works from any of the Subic Bay or Cubi Point areas
Other Messages = Non Military Related Friends, Other Branches of Service and other Misc. Messages
Amerasian Message = Special Messages for the Amerasian Section of the Site


1. Copy and paste one of this categories within the subject line of your e-mail.

       Subic Bay Marine Message                 Subic Bay Naval Message
  Subic Bay Dependents Message   Subic Bay Civilian Work Force Message
  Subic Bay Other Message   Subic Bay Amerasian Message

2. In the Body, put your....Name, Rank, Dates and Location or School in which you served or worked or attended.

3. Then place any message which you would like posted. Thank You!



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