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Posted 6-22-98
Roy B. Alcid

I was just surfing and happened to chance upon your Subic Bay/ Marine Barracks Site. 
Although my family and I live in Metro Manila, I spent a good part of my childhood and teenage summers at Subic since my father and his partner Col. Terence Mulvaney, USAF (Ret.) had a construction company which had a lot of projects in Subic (incl. Cubi Pt. NAS), Clark AFB, and John Hay. I'd just like to thank you for bringing back some of the fond memories of my times at Subic through your photos. 
I'll be scanning a couple of pictures of Subic to send to you guys. They were mostly taken in the 70's and early 80's.  A few were from my uncle, Capt. Ben Smith, USN, a former naval aviator, from the 60's (nice views of the Kitty Hawk and the Bonnie Dick anchored at Subic plus nice flight line pictures).

Posted 2-9-99
Victor Chandler, U.S. Army Sgt/WO2, 1973

Passing through only, stopped at both Subic Bay and Clark Airbase for R&R...  Stationed in Weonju, S. Korea (1973-1978) and other places around the orient!
Visit my home page:

Posted 4-5-99
Alexander Delfin

Looking for my mother "Olivia Delfin". I was born sometime '72 and my name is "Alexander D." My father was in the US Navy stationed in Subic Bay Naval Base during the late 60's and early 70's. I would appreciate info or leads. Just want to connect and talk. Thanks!

Posted 5-21-99
Tammy Mickelson, Clark AB, Dec89 to Jun91

Hi.  My name is Tammy Mickelson.  I was an AIC in the Air Force, stationed at Clark AB from Dec 89 to June 91.  I hung out with Becky Pike.  We lived in the new dorm on base.  Every 3 day break, we would drive to Subic was our favorite.  I hope to get in touch with some people I met there.  I have tons of pictures and I wish I could see everyone again.  If you remember me...please write!

Posted 8-22-99
Zeny Thots, 1983 to 85

I am from the  philippines and I meet this guy. He was sgt Thomas Sukalski and he was on the USS MIDWAY . I was wondering if he is still in the Marine Corps. I met him 1983 to 85. Thank you, Zeny

Posted 3-18-00
MSGT Tim Polk, USAF, Stationed Clark AB 82-83

MSGT Tim Polk, USAF (Still Active, 21 years).  Stationed Clark AB 82-83.  Many memories from my trips to Olongapo from then and my wife and I get back there at least twice a year (I'm Stationed in Korea so it's cheap to get there).  Although Bar row in Olongapo is not what it was (only about 10 or so Bars now) Still a great place to kick back and relax!   Tim Polk Osan Air Base on the ROK!

Posted 5-29-00
Gene Bunner

My brother Don L. Bunner was stationed at Subic Bay Naval Base mid 80's to mid 90' he retired there, I have lost contact with him. Any information would be great. Thank's Gene Bunner.

Posted 7-22-00
Helen Kennedy

My father was in the US Navy and was stationed in the Phillipines where he met my mother, Maria Salome Santo Domingo. They married September 27, 1975.  Her birthdate is August 17, 1958. I was born August 10, 1977 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  My parents divorced on July 11, 1979.  After the divorce I lived with my father's parents who wouldn't allow my mother to see me.  I have been searching for my mother, but have not been able to locate her social security number. My father says she has a large family. She has a sister named Ellen and a son named Gary who both were and may still be in the Phillipines. I have been told that she was last known to be at Camp Pendleton in California and that she was married to a US Marine. No one seems to know his name. I would at least like to know her medical background for myself and my future family. I would greatly appriciate any information you or anyone else can give me in helping me find my mother and/or her family. If you or anyone has any information that can help me in anyway, please e-mail me. Thank you!

Posted 9-11-00
Thomas Martin

Serviceman who served in the Philippines may have come across a Religion called Iglesia Ni Cristo. For those of you who have any experience with this organization, please visit this dicsussion forum, readers would love to hear from you regardless of your point of view.  Go to:

Posted 12-5-00
Jim Lacson

Trying to get information about Base Commander Admiral Spring who passed away in a plane crash during the 60's.  I am trying to locate next of kin to exchange information. Thanks!

Posted 12-29-00
Craig Willbanks

I'm a POW/MIA researcher seeking anyone that has knowledge of Frank Bytheway, who was on the C2A (greyhound) that was lost with 26 men on board 02 Oct 69.Thanks for your time.

Craig Willbanks, Web Master, A Non-Profit POW/MIA Orginazition

Posted 4-14-01
Ellen S., California

Hi. No I am not "brat" nor am I former Subic Naval Base worker. I stumbled upon this site while I was doing research on my current screenplay with back drop of Olongapo City during the hey-day of the Naval Base in that area. I just merely wanted to know what it was like when the US troops where still there and when the pullout began. This site has been very helpful, since reading the messages posted almost brought me there. I am a filipina living in the States for 7 years now. Thank you for the info and the memories.

Posted 6-25-01
Mark Wright, Government Contractor, San Miguel, 1976

I was stationed at the Naval Communications Station at San Miguel RPI from Jan to Aug 1976 as a government contract employee, while a college student at NMSU. Golfing, scuba diving, swimming and karate occupied my time when not working. This was a great base then and wondered what has happened to it since? Met many fine families and enjoyed some good times at the clubs. Marilyn Bangle where are you?

Posted 7-22-01
Sgt T. McCarthy, VMFP-3, 86 - 87  

Looking for Vicky Aniceto. Hope you or a friend will read this and drop me an email. Its been 14 years.

Posted 7-25-01
George Laue

I did not live or attend HS in Subic but I am looking for someone who did. I am searching for William (Bill) Anderson. He would have been class of 89 or 90 at George Dewey HS. His dad was a navy LCDR or CDR. Please E-mail me if you have any information. Last I heard he had joined the Army and was stationed in Fort Ord California in the early 90's. Would really like to get back in touch with him.

Posted 8-4-01
Ofelia-Joan Bennett, 1982-1984, Manila Philippines

I am trying to locate Scott Howard who worked on the USS Blue Ridge. I met him in Manila. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please e-mail me or call me at (00441243537602) Any help would be much appreciated. Great web site!

Posted 8-28-01

I was wondering if there is a person out there named Glenn Darrow or anyone who knows him?  I'd like to get in touch. I believe he was stationed or based at Subic Bay and I met him in 1989-90. Kind of a long time ago.    If you read this and are him or know him, forward the email or drop me a line. Thanks......   Cheers!

Posted 2-4-02
Debbie Coleman

We are looking for a friend that served at Subic Say Naval Base from 1984-1990.  Her name is Alana White or Alana Ringle. She may be from Long Beach California and went to Palms Junior High School in the Los Angeles California area. If anyone knows this person, please contact me. A friend Debbie Coleman is looking for her.

Posted 3-13-02
Bien de Guzman

My uncle who is a former Merchant Marine used to be stationed aboard Mount Vernon just passed away March 10th, 2002 after prolonger battle with Parkinsons Disease and Diabetes, his name is Felix  C. de Guzman, age 70. He served also with Ship Repair Facility in Subic Bay for so many years before becoming merchant marine. He is one of the pioneer Scoutmaster of Olongapo town. He is a caring dad and helped the community all his life. Those who knew him are welcome to contact me.

Posted 3-24-02
Malia Kingsley, Las Vegas, Nevada or

My father, Jack Kingsley LCDR Ret, lives in Olongopo City and I am trying to contact him. I changed my email address and unfortunately I incorrectly copied his email address and now cannot get in touch. He used to own a bar called Midway something, I believe. If anyone knows him or how to get in touch with him, please let me know. I would really appreciate all the help I can get. Thank you.

Posted 4-9-02
Shelley Ngoc-Giang McElheny (Updated 10-22-04)

Hi, My name is Shelley McElheny (formerly Ngoc Giang) and I escaped from Vietnam on July 2nd, 1980 when I was a 17 year old girl.  There were 48 people on my boat originally, but 5 children died after we were lost at sea for 13 days and ran out of food and water. A P-3 Orion from the Cubi Naval Airstation spotted us at 2 pm on July 15th, 1980 and the USS Joseph Strauss DDG-16 picked us up 2 hours later.  I am now in contact with the men on the USS Joseph Strauss, but I would like to locate the crew of the P-3 that helped save my life.  I would appreciate any help you could provide in identifying and/or locating the crew of the P-3 that day. Thanks for your help.  I really enjoyed your website.

(Updated 10-22-04) As of today I still have not found the right P3 crew yet and am still interested in finding them.

Posted 4-11-02

I am trying to locate my only relative on my Moms side, my uncle John (Jack) Ww Doyle. My mom had a stroke a year ago and does'nt remember a lot, but I really have been going crazy trying to find him. He was from Pennsylvania. He had one sister, my mom (Maxine Lois Doyle). Her birthdate Oct 13, 1936. Uncle Jack was about 3 years younger than her. Jacks birthday was Sept 6? He was born in Vineland New Jersey. Their dads name was John W Doyle and their mom Rachel Layton Doyle. Their mom died when they were young and their grandmother Margaret took care of them with my grandfather. My mom married a sailer Donald Lajoie and moved to Massachusetts. She had 8 children. My uncle was in the Navy also. She lost touch with him. We all love and miss him and want to hear from him. He was married to a women named Roberta. They had 3 children. Marie, Catherine(kitty) and Jack Jr.. My mom said she last heard from uncle Jack about 15 years ago. She said he was in Philippanes. As I said her memory isn't well but I thought if I posted, maybe he or a ship mate may recognize him. Please, if anyone has any info, contact me. I really miss and love him and think about him daily.

Posted 6-1-02
Shirley Allison

Hello Everybody; First of all, I want to say Thank you for this web sites. It really helps a lot to easily remember the old good days. Memories are truly forever.  Second, I am married to US Navy Ret. Abf James E. Allison, Jr and i can say that i am truly happy except that i also truly missed my country and my old good memories.  I just wish to come back and see all my friends and family and those wonderful places like Grande Island and Baloy Beach.  Thank you.

Posted 7-03-02
Reggie Ramirez, Virginia Commonwealth University, Subic Bay Hospital Born

Hello everyone!  First of all I just wanted to commend this site.  It is very informative and very well structured.  I am currently writing an argumentative research paper for school and I wanted to hear several opinions on how you would feel, If the U.S. reclaimed the Subic Bay base.  What problems would result in this? Any advantages for the Philippines/U.S.? Disadvantages?  Personally, I am extremely for this decision.  It would really help out, especially after the terrorists attacks made against the United States, what better place to have a military installation than the Subic Bay.  Its strategic positioning as well as its deep waters are perfect for ships and submarines.  Furthermore, the presence of the U.S. would benefit the struggling economy of Olongapo City in which I used to live when I was younger.  So as you can I see, I'll be looking forward to reading your comments.  Oh yeah, If anyone has any information in where to obtain books, articles, etc... on the history of the base, or would like to share memories on how Olongapo was like when the base existed, feel free to include that in the email as well.  Thank you all for your time and responses. =)   Take Care and God Bless!

Posted 8-16-02

I'm not in military,but i am a filipina. I used to live in Subic area. My brother in-law is used to be a "USMC"...but now he still Merchant Marine on private. Well, I used to live in Binictican housing. It was a very nice place, but its kind a boring co's as I had heard from my borther in-law is a lot different now from it used to be! I also went to Cubi Point, were the barracks still there, is it a barracks? Like a house by iron made? Oh well, I have learn that it was a very sad moments when the "Pinatubo"was erupted. I have heard that lots of hearts are broken. My friend used to tell me that Marine was a very good lover and that also lots of crazy things thats happens during Marines time. How I wish I'm grown enought that time (hehehhe) anyways. Also had expereinced from Marine guy. He's so nice and very loving, but things didn't work out. I have heard that he's based in California base, "he's name is "James...(if you ever read this mesgs of mine, this is Cynthia, remember "Diana "hahhahah, u left her beacause of me, remember that? and u send me necklace) hope you remember..hehehhe,  would not say he's last name co's he might now a married men. Subic Say brings lots of mistery. How I wish I can go and live there, but I'm to far away now. I'm here in Canada. So thousand miles away. Oh subic.........breaks my hearts...breaks filipina's hearts...what a life. But I just wanna say that you guys are not the only one having a sweet memory about Subic. Anyways, I'm 24 now. Last time I been there was1999 and the memories was still fresh. Good luck guys and we're so fond of you. I'm so sorry that we had a corrupt government, and selfish! Thanks for makin the Olongapo City  (nice) and clean. How I wish I can get married to one of Marine from Subic..hahhahaha, but i guess it can't be happen co's im married now..j/k...bye guyssssssssss... 

Posted 9-18-02
Shannon Stewart

Hi, my name is Shannon Stewart. My father served on the USS St. Louis. While in the Philippines he met Lisa Rossalles. He later married her October 13 1975 and fathered a child named John Jr. born in October of 1976. My father was John David Stewart, If Lisa or any one out there remembers her or my father, please feel free to email me. I no longer have my father around. He died in 1983, so any information will be a great help. He also adopted a son there. His name was Clarence, Born (November 6, 1972)

Posted 10-25-02
Robert Blagrave, ASC, Retired, 1977-1979 and 1987-1990

Stationed Cubi Pt. AIMD GSE 1977-1979  1987-1990. Received a call from Harold Schroeder's wife stating that Stumpy (Harold) from "Stumpy and Gimpy's Muff Diver's Inn" in Subic passed away Sept. 2002 in Louisiana.

Posted 1-07-03
Marc Monreal

Hi, My name is Marc Monreal,  I was a Navy Brat..............but never experienced life at Subic.  couple of times  My dad retired in 1974 USN...and we moved from Norfolk NAS  to the PI where he retired. I remember  visiting Clark and Subic a couple of times during my dad's  PX runs.  Eventually, I joined the USAF in 1986 hoping to be stationed at Clark and eventually visit Subic from time to time. Unfortunately....none of these ever happened.  Nowadays, I go through these sites (Subic, Clark) every so often just to feel what it would have been like to be stationed there.  If only I had joined the Navy instead....maybe things would have been different.  I'm still in the Air Force by the way........hoping........waiting.       Anyway......GREAT SITE.

Posted 3-18-03
Judy Early

We are trying to locate David Rodman EM 3. David was stationed on tug boats in Subic Bay from 65 until 67 when he transfered to the USS Sacramento. David is from KY and his wife was from the PI and was a school teacher.

Posted 10-25-03
Bill E and

To All:   Another individual noted that Health Visions had opened recently. Apparently dedicated to mil retirees with space available to others.   I believe they are the umbrella company for the TLC group of clinics. One is located in the cross-roads area of San Antonio, with apparently the head clinic in Barretto. Another seems to be close to the bridge crossing the river going to the V liner from Subic.   All of these apparently have connections which allow for treatment at the Cubi Hospital which is undergoing upgrading.

I must say, that for such a slight yearly fee, you get a lot. Being they take care of all Champus/Tricare paperwork (all you do is sign for each and every service provided), tis a much easier road to travel than typically experienced in the states. In the states, the RP annual fee is barely enough for one-quarter each year. Tricare allows for quarterly premium payments because forking over near $500 each annual is hard for most retirees.

I must also say that the quality of the clinics seem to be well above Filipino standard. My wife was even impressed. It takes a lot for her to agree that things are a great deal.  My co-hort Joe Riedel, told us about it. He was right.  Hopefully the word spreads quickly.

As to whom actually started this venture, I was told that a Pinoy doctor partnered up with other Pinoy doctors and created the clinic. Might be they merged later on, but, they are good at their craft.

Posted 1-28-04
Sandra Bartley, 1987 - 1990

Information on Subic Bay Admirals Football team, 1972 - 1976     Hello all, my name is Sandra Bartley, I am look for some football film on the Subic Bay Admirals football team from 1972 - 1976.  I am trying to surprise my father with football film when he played  for the Subic Bay Admiral.  My father, Willie "Lil Dynamite" Bartley #25 position was running back.  He was the shortest person playing but had the heart of a giant.   If anyone knows how I may get a copy if the football film from 1972 - 1976, please email me. Thank you all and I really enjoyed this site, it brought back alot of great memories on our 2nd tour to Subic Bay from 1987 -1990.  Thanks again.

Posted 7-18-05
Jessica Audet (Kirkconnell)

My name is Jessica Audet (Kirkconnell).  I'm looking for information about my father, 2d Lt. Ronald Kirkconnell.  He was serving with the Army Corp. of Nurses on the USNS Mercy which was docked in Subric Bay.  He was killed in a helicopter crash in March of 1987.  Any information that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.  I was only 7 years old when he passed, and there are many questions that have yet to be answered.

Posted 7-18-05
Blanca Cabrera

Hello   I would just like to share an oddity. My ex-husband was a marine with the 2nd MEB expeditionary force, I hope I got that correct it's been a long time. This was back in 1988 thru 1991 August.   One early morning as we drove through the back gate where the marines practice at the shooting range, we both saw a lady dressed in a long white gown, she had blond shoulder length hair and as we drove and approached the curve she was standing on the right side of the shoulder in the grass area, its was really weird. Me and my husband looked at each and said, what is a woman doing out here at 430 am?   As we drove up on the curve, I looked at her and she had no face...that gave me the shivers we looked back and she was gone. For years we have spoken about this and no one believes us, however we both saw this ghost..the following week I went onbase to the library I happened to find a an article and we found out that this ghost of a woman is true. Anyone know  more about the history behind the woman or has anyone seen her, besides us?

Posted 7-18-05
No Name!

Hello to all I spent 6 years going to college in PI (near Subic Bay) . Any way I was wondering if anyone remebers what brand , make or model that the slot machines were in the bowling alley and all the clubs.  There were two kinds, both single coin in.  The quarter machine was blue and the nickel machine was orangish in color.  I know alot of you must remeber what they look like, and hope that one of you remember what brand make or model they were?  I'm trying to make a cool game room PI style.  Any help greatly apreciated.  Pleases send me a e-mail if you have any info.

Posted 7-18-05
Benjamin E. Antonio III, Subic Bay, Philippines

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any information/pictures/memorabilia/stories to share on Building 5000, here in Subic Bay. Although my father was recently appointed as an officer of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, we have leased units in Finback and Grouper Sts since 1994, when the Phils. took over the former military base and turned it into what it is now. I have seen the former Admiral's quarters, Bldg. 5000, and am fascinated by it. I would appreciate anything you guys might have on it, and the base in general. It is nostalgic, really, seeing that most of what used to be here are still being used today, and in great condition.

Posted 7-18-05
Paul Cragg

Hi All. I am researching 'Volcanic hazards to ships' for a doctorate.  I read in 'Fire and Mud', the account of the Pinatubo eruption, that ships in Subic Bay were adversely affected by ash and pumice fallout from the eruption. Has anyone got any memories from this time of how their ships and equipment were affected?  I would really appreciate any first hand accounts or leads to where I can get information, such as from documented evidence in Ships Logs or maintenance records of equipment.  As most of the information I am working with comes from the 1883 Krakatau and 1902 Mt Pelee eruptions any first hand information from more recent eruptions would be really appreciated. Please contact me at the following e-mail address as I am sending this from a ship and will only be here a couple of months. Thanks for any help you can give.

Posted 7-18-05
Riley Anderson

Greetings   My name is Riley, and I have an interesting request to ask of you. I would like to get a very good, high quality photo of, or an actual parking sticker for, Subic Bay Naval Base from around 1970 to 1976.   My father bought a Jeepney off a guy in Southern California in 1978, and it is a real keeper. It used to have one of the parking stickers on it I am interested in, but it fell victim to a razor blade and glass pluss some time ago. I am in the process of restoring this vehicle and am going to preserve the Seal Beach Parking sticker on it - actually take a digital photo and have a friend duplicate it on his computer and do it in paint. He has a very sophisticated set up going.   The sticker I am lookign for if I remember it right is about 2"X4" maybe, green and silver metallic, with squares showing the months I think. I haven't seen it in years. I was only about 7 or 8 when he bought the thing, and I cant remember when it got scrapped away.   Is there anyone who has such memorabilia floating around? A good pic or scan is all I need really.   I just got back from a 10 week vacation to the Philippines, and I loved Subic. I spent a whole month there, then went to Boracay. I can't wait to go back.   Here is a pic of my project. Do you remember seeing Jeepneys like this one? It is very unique compared to the other ones I've seen there.   Thanks for all your time.

Posted 7-18-05
Sally S. Maines

I was just surfing the net and just happened to glance on this interesting website! Wow, this web site is great!! Hello, first of all I would like to thank the creator of this web site for letting all the other people and myself for posting our message on this site. Well, here I go, my name is Sally S. Maines and I have been trying to locate some friends that I lost contact way back in 1985/1988. Here are the names of friends that I was trying to locate, Amparo Lewis,(a.k.a. ate Carina) she's married to John Lewis (USN) and have a son named Harley. They used to lived on base housing in Kalayaan, Subic Bay Philippines. If anyone out there happen to read this message and know who Amparo & John Lewis's are pls. contact me or e-mail me on the above address. I really would like to get in touch with this wonderful couple!!  Also looking for Inocencia "Nene" Laniba Clark? Last contact I had with Nene was in 1988 in Olongapo City, Phillipines. I'd like to know what happened to her..Please, once again, if anybody knows Nene, pls. e-mail me her information..Thank you so very much!!! To the creator. Sir I do salute you for doing such a job. Well done on this great site of yours. More power and thank you again.

Posted 7-18-05
Gina, 1980's

Hello, First. let me thank you for building this website. BOY does it bring back memories, or what.  My name is Gina and I use to be the Lead Singer for the band Gary Perez & the Defenders that played at 100% Rock on Magsaysay from 1981-1983, and Zeppelin Club in 1987-88  Best vocal training I ever had.  Miss all the great people I met from USS Midway, KittyHawk, Constellation, and that's just to name a few.  How about the great guys that were stationed "dito".  I am now here in Blaine, WA, very Northwest of the US and have been here since 1991.  I have kept contact with some of the station guys that were ATC, and are in L.A.  If anyone even remembers me, do drop me a line. I am so terribly getting homesick, and I'm thinking of going back to the PI come April next year, and check out the Rock scenes.  I know it won't be anywhere close to what it was in the 80's but, oh well, just so happy to be a part of the great times of OLONGAPO in the 80's.  Please email me. Love you all & God bless.

Posted 12-27-06
Steve Ely

My name is Steve Ely and I'm a writer based in Yorkshire, England.    I'm researching the life of former US marine Clayton Anthony Fountain, with a view to writing his biography.     Clayton was from Fort Benning, Georgia, and enlisted in the marines aged 17, in 1972.  During his service, he was part of a 'Fleet Marine Force' patrolling south-east Asian waters.  In March 1974, probably on Grande Island at Subic Bay, he shot and killed his Staff Sergeant, whose surname may have been Wrin.   Clayton was confined to brig until his General Court Martial in July 1974, when he was found guilty and sent to the US Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.   Clayton was transferred into the Federal prison system in 1976 and never left it; he died in the MCFP at Springfield, Missouri, July 12th, 2004, aged 49.   I realise this is a long shot, but, if anyone has any memories of/information about Clayton (or Sergeant Wrin) -  (no matter how seemingly inconsequential they may seem) I'd be glad to hear from them.  I would particularly like details of the incident in which Clayton killed Sergeant Wrin or from anyone who was a friend or acquaintance of Clayton and has anecdotes they would be willing to share.

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