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Posted 9-2-98
Karen Murphy

Okay, I'm just a former dependent, and not even Marine dependent, but a Navy Brat.  My father, Tom Murphy, Naval Academy Class of '65, spent some time in Subic Bay during the late 60's and sent me your web page address.  I lived on San Miquel Communications Station and went to school at Subic Bay when my step-father Com. Gary Moore was stationed there from 1979-81.  I'd love to hear from any dependents who attended George Dewey High School on Subic Bay at that time.  Do you know of any sites for dependents?  Thank you.  Karen Murphy

Posted 9-13-98
Larry Galinato - Dependent, GDHS C/0 '73

Way to go MARINES! You've got a great site here with good pics! I was a dependent in Subic from '68 to '73 and attended George Dewey High School. For those of you who were there during that time period, my mother and grandfather owned Pauline's. Yes, the Pauline's Night Club at 50 Magsaysay Drive in Olongapo that many a marine and sailor frequented. Used to be a crocodile pit in the front of the club where drunk fleet sailors would try and jump in to it to prove there manhood or something by wrestling with the poor crocodile. On weekends I would spend time at the teen club on base til midnight. When I tried to go off base to go home, the marine guards usually gave me a difficult time because of curfew or other rules and regulations. Man...those were the days! For more information about Subic, visit It's mostly about the high school on base but there are other links to sites on Subic.

Posted 2-22-99
Becky Tyner, "Officers Trash",  1978-81

Well, I'm not a marine,  but my dad who was an officer in the Navy. We were stationed in P.I. and we lived in Cubi Point.  I have so many great memories of P.I. like Dungaree Beach and Grande Island,  snorkeling among the coral reefs, freaking out over seeing a sand shark, shells, our wonderful maid and yardboy, the jungle, monkeys.  It was in paradise for a young girl of 8 to grow up in.  But I thought you Marines would get a kick out of my memories of the Marine Barracks on Cubi point.   The Marine Barracks could be a short cut from lower Cubi (where I lived) to upper Cubi.  For some reason the Marines really scared the hell out my friends and I. So we would sneak real quietly when cutting through their courtyard to get from one place to another. Anyway, I thought you all might enjoy a look at Subic from the eyes of an 8 year old.  God Bless,  Becky.

Posted 4-23-99

Hi, Just want to compliment you on your web page.  Pretty neat. I was born and raised in Subic Bay.  Though I'd been a resident of California for 16 years and too young to party then, I heard so much about most of them. Keep up the great work! Runora

Posted 6-3-99
Bill Benson, Binictican Elementary School, 74 to 76

Wow!  I was a Officer's Kid (Dad was Cmdr. P.S. Benson) at the time, I spent from 1974 to 1976 (from ages 7-8-9) at 75A Finback Avenue, at the top of the hill in the Kalyaan Housing Area.  I went to Binictican Elementary School.  I remember watching the Marines on their "humps" when they used to come through.  Eight years later I joined them, and spent 13 years going the grunt thing myself. I'd like to talk to other military brats that were there, we had a small part to play as the supporting players for our folks during the troubles ( I was sent home more than once when that black Navy sedan pulled up to a friend's front door to tell him and his Mom that Dad wasn't coming home. Scary stuff...)  But there were the good times too!  Snorkling off of Cubi Point, and the back of Grande Island.  We had a maid, named Lina, and I really do hope that she is healthy, happy, and living a good life!  I remember Myrna Loi, who seemed to be able to accomplish the impossible down in the SRF. I'd also like to talk to anybody to can use their digital camera to take me on a little tour of the base now. Later, thanks for the memories!

Posted 6-22-99
No Email Address Given

Hello! I was a Navy brat, born and raised in Olongapo. Although I now live in the U.S., I frequently visit web sites that brings me back "home". I went back in 1993 and went on base for a drive. Didn't see much for I spent my
time crying, for the place that it was and never will be again. I had planned on bringing my husband home for a visit but after my first one, I don't see any reason for it now. The town is dead and no matter what they say (politicians), they can never bring back the fun and excitement it brought to many of us. I have added this site to my favorites and plan on visiting it with my Dad very soon. He might even find some of his "drinking buddies" as he calls them. Great Site!!!

Posted 7-1-99
Susan Witkoski, George Dewey High school from 65-67

My brother-in-law found this site and it sure brings back memories!! I was a Navy "brat" who also went to George Dewey High school from 1965-1967(graduated).  As a senior class we held numerous cake sales on many of the aircraft carriers (Enterprise, Coral Sea, Independence, etc).  We saved enough money to take a "senior trip" to Zamboanga, where my parents were chaperones.  Did we have FUN!! Our senior class graduated around 30 students from the base.  I also remember hanging out at the teen club.  We lived right across the street from the Officers Club in Subic where there were only 3 duplexes, and down the street from the captains quarters.  I use to sail my "lido" from Cubi Point to the beach area next to the Officers Club and have lunch at my house and then sail back.  I saw and met Bob Hope there on one of his USO shows. Those were the days. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and I sure hope I hear from one of my former classmates?(maiden name Susan Witkoski) Thanks! Susan

Posted 9-18-99
Cookie Sechler

Greetings To All, Boy I sure do get the P.I. Blues. The "Crozats'" sure had a ball living out their for almost 10years. That will do it.  I am hungry for some news and would love to hear from any of the old "Gangs". Where are you San Miguelites? Keep in touch! Cookie Sechler

Posted 10-1-99
Lisa Fredericks-Chandler, 1976-1982
Binictican Elementary, George Dewey High

Hi all, I was a dependent growing up on Subic Bay in the late 70's & early 80's. My dad was stationed at NSD (Naval Supply Depot).  We spent the first couple of months at San Miguel before getting housing in Bayani Village, Binictican. I can still even remember the address...  15-D Mango Drive.  I attended 2nd  - 8th grade there, at both Binictican Elementary & George Dewey High.  We left when I was 14 in 1982. I have many great memories growing up on the base... I could probably write a book describing them all!   All Hands Beach, Grande Island, playing pac-man and space invaders at the bowling alley, the Go-kart track, and Admiral Spring Park were some of my favorite places to go on base.  I played soccer and softball on the SCYAA league.  My older brother Jim also played soccer and was on the track team at GDHS.  Some of the friends I remember were Rick & Sharon Rameriz, Steve McCue, Fidencio Pampo, John Cook, Mike McGriff - (the cutest boy in 6th grade), Heidi Hormigoso, Jonalyn Valarde, Leslie Thieji,  & Terri & Traci Arnold - (whom I still keep in touch with today) .. and too many more to mention here. I recently went back to the PI for the first time in 17 years for a cousin's wedding.  We had the opportunity to visit both Subic and Clark.  It was a bitter-sweet visit.  It was great seeing a few of the places I remembered, but very sad to see that a lot the base, especially the housing is not well taken care of, and delapidating.  I will get my pictures back in a few days, and will post them on a web site.  If any of you were there around the same time I was,  or have any questions, or just want to reminisce.. drop me a line!  Take care! Lisa (Fredericks) Chandler Bend, OR

Posted 10-23-99
Pat Collier, San Miguel, 67-69

Great site! I can't wait to share it with my sisters. I just wish my Dad was still alive to see it. He was Chief David Goins (ret) he was stationed in San Diego with the 7th fleet and visited Subic often. In 1967 the whole family moved to San Miguel for 2 years. I met and married my sailor husband there; Mickey Collier. If any one recognizes dad or Mickey's names please e-mail. Great memories and great site. Bye for now, Pat Collier

Posted 11-1-99
Glenn Dixon
George Dewey High School 81-84

My memories of Subic Bay and the Philippines as a country are too numerous to count.  I spent four of the best years of my life there.  High school is always a trying time for teenagers, but I believe that I was in one of the best possible situations when I attended GDHS.  The quality of the education, combined with all of the experiences of living in a foreign country, were something that I would never trade.

This site is definitely one of my favorites and I'm really happy to see it. One of the things that I'll never forget from the PI is when some of us "dependant brats" would head out for a night on the town, we would often run into groups of Marines who were more than happy to "adopt" us for the night. Keeping a beer in our hands and keeping us out of trouble!  Any other "brats" that stumble upon this site, be sure to follow the link on this site to also.

Glenn Dixon GDHS Class of '84

Posted 11-20-99
Suzy Slack - '62-'66 - Kalayaan Elementary/George Dewey

I may have been young at the time... but not too young to understand how special the place was!  I lived at 48A Finback St., with my parents (Warren & Esther) and my older brother & sister (Mary & Mike).  Great memories of skiing off Grande Island, bakesales on the aircraft carriers, lots of tadpoles, frogs and amazing horned beetles (we tied strings on them a flew them like kites!), "gutter sliding", free outside movies, trips to Baguio and Corregidor, the jets at Cubi, horseback riding at the sawmill, our wonderful maids Lena & Mimi, riding the busses around the base, the Christmas Stars of colored paper, monkeys and bananas in the backyard, and great friends...  for a lifetime!   Thank you for the Website.

Posted 12-6-99
Dorothy Olson, 75 - 78

My name is .   I'm the daughter of Terry and Nancy Olson.  I lived in the PI from  Jan 1975 to June 1978 (the end of  6th grade.)  My address was 92-A W Finback St. in Kalyaan.   My  dad was an agent for NIS and my mom was the Estee Lauder rep at the exchange.  Some of my favorite memories are:

-Staying at The Plaza hotel in Olongapo when we first arrived (I Loved It)
-Participating in the school plays-"H.M.S. Pinafore" and "Peter Pan."
-Cheerleading for the "Dolphins" and "The Devil Pups."
-Snorkeling at the Officer's Beach, playing with my Barbie beach bus in the sand, and trying my hardest to catch little fish with a kitchen strainer around the big boulders.
-Going to Grande Island with the 4th and 5th grade for an overnight stay.We slept in the old hospital.
-Running through the jungle with my friends pretending that we were Charlie's Angels (I was Jill!)
-Trying to catch geckoes and having their  tails fall off!
-Adopting my beloved Siamese cat/friend  Bim-Bim  who was put to sleep a few years ago at the ripe old age of 21.
-Going to the Saturday morning cartoons at the Kalyaan theatre.
-Turning 10 years old and FINALLY getting my I.D. CARD, enabling me to go into stores without my parents!
-Collecting erasers.
-Riding on the bus for a nickel to the Ice Cream Shoppe at the exchange.
-Going to the library down at the station while my parents were at the movies.
-Going on shopping trips with my mother to Manila.
-Watching the animals at J.E.S.T.
-Chewing "Tarzan" bubble gum.
-Taking swimming lessons and being yelled at by Rudy the lifeguard at the Kalyaan swimming pool.

I have too many great memories to list them all.  These were the best four years of my childhood.

Some of my best friends were:
-Rebecca Jaurique
-Kim Morris
-Debbie Smith
-Anna Nocon 

I would love to hear from all fellow Subic Bayers!!!!!!!

Posted 5-13-00
Melissa (Padua) Alexander, Binictican Elementary, 75 - 78

My name is Melissa (Padua) Alexander and my father was a chief in the Navy.  We lived there from 1975-1978.  I attended Binictican Elementary and my brother, Raymond attended George Dewey.  I have so many found memories of Subic and am THRILLED to have found this site!  I'd love to hear from others who were at Binictican at the same time.  I was in the play, "H.M.S. Pinafore" and also "Scrooge".  I remember ace bags and Filipino Culture class with Mrs. Halal.  I'd love to find out what happened to my friends/classmates:Ava Nocon, Lisa Hartzler, Peter Burchette, Eric Fetterman, Michelle Skinner.  I still keep in touch with my friend Nancy Schippel.  Please write to me and lets share a few memories!!!

Posted 5-26-00
Benjamin Pacificar

I was born in Subic Bay in 1971.  I recently brought my wife back to my homeland too, with thoughts of  visiting Subic which I guess is now a resort of some kind, but we did not get the chance. So maybe on our next trip we will. I did not get to see the base before it was closed down, and I really regret it, but any Military Brat knows that moving around is part of that life. Someday I will make it back home.

Posted 5-30-00
Raymond Brown, 57 - 59

Talk about some old memories!! I never heard of the schools in Binictican, Kalayaan or Oliver Hazzard Perry. When I went to George Dewey, it was behind the church and across the street from the Enlisted Swimming Pool. That was back in 1957 - 1959. I was in grade 8 in 1957-58 and a freshman in 1958-59.

I remember the commissary was at the Spanish Gate and that was the meeting place for all the buses. The Gedunk was right acrross the street and was the usual hangout. I lived at 114-B Bonita in West Kalayaan which was looking at the Officers Club, Swimming Pool and Teen Club.

I can remember joy riding on the buses through the various housing quarters. Also remember playing pool at the bowling alley for free. We used to hustle sailors for ten-cents a game so we could go bowling. We could bowl for free if we set the pins ourselves, but it cost a dime to have a Filipino set pins for us.

For extra money, I used to go to the Admin Building after school and help put together the P.O.D. (Plan of the Day) and delivered them to the East Kalayaan Housing area for Ten-Cents a week from each resident. School started at 7:15 and we would be out at 12:45 (We didn't have the luxury of Air Conditioning). So it would be get out of school, zip over to Admin, deliver the P.O.D.'s, get to the pool hall and get in a few games of bowling (all before supper time).

Weekends were usually spent at the Kalayaan Swimming Pool during the day and the Teen Club in the evening. Sometimes I would show the movies outside at the Officers Club. That was a trip with those old Reel-To-Reel Cameras. Everyone had to sit on metal chairs on the grass, so we would get half a doxen guys together, touch a chair and I would touch the camera...and Zap!. Gave whoever was in the chair a good jolt. I remember when they first opened up the Gedunk in West Kalayaan by the base gate near the pool.

I saw one of these messages had some of the kids going into the jungle. Back in the 50's when they first made that trail from West Kalayaan to the Main Base...that was "Stritly Off Limits"!! In fact, when you first arrived in Subic, that was one of the first things they told you...never, never go into the jungle.

Well, I know a lot of the newer Navy Brats can't remember the good times in Subic in the 50's, but I'm sure their memories are just as precious to them. I was real sorry to hear that Subic is gone forever. I had several chances to re-visit Subic in the Vietnam Era, as I made three WestPac cruises from 1965-1968. In fact, my Dad was stationed again in Subic during that time on the Drydock AFDM-5. He was the Evecutive officer twice.

If there are any GDHS Admirals out there from 1957-1959, Please get in touch. Excellent web page. Keep up the good work and "Thanks for the memories".

Posted 6-5-00
Toby Tolentino, OHP, GDHS, 83 - 88

Greetings,   Two things:  

1. Just wanted to place my comments about your've done a great job so far on this site.  Keep it up! You've brought many memories back from just the pictures you have posted here alone... thanks!  

2.  For all those folks who were stationed at Subic and attended any of the schools on the base(to include OHP, Binictican, Kalayaan, and GDHS) and don't know about it....we have an Alumni Site on the web that you all can go to.  We are at  Even though its mostly for folks who attended GDHS, we welcome all to come and visit!   We have every Yearbook that was ever published during GDHS's existence on-line.  We have many pictures on-line ranging from reunions to past school pics to some that have been taken since the closure of the base.  And we have an extensive email database of Alumni/Attendees that would like to get in touch with thier fellow schoolmates.  

Toby Tolentino, Alumni c/o 1988, Co-webmaster, Attended OHP from 83 to 84, Attended GDHS from 84 to 88

Posted 6-22-00
Chuck Walden, Dependent, San Miguel, 1977-79

I went through 7th, 8th, and part of 9th grade in San Miguel.  I had some great times at the Oliver Hazard Perry school, Cubi O' Club, Bataan, Corregidor, Bagio, and in the markets and schools off base. Does anyone know what happened to San Miguel when Pinatubo blew? Anybody else from San Miguel?

Posted 6-23-00
Winn Jaimes
Binitican Elementary, 68 or 69

My name is Winn and I currently reside in Austin, Texas.  My father was in the U.S. Navy and we were at Subic in either 68 or 69.  I attended 5th grade at Binitican Elementary and we lived in Kalayan.  Although we were there at Subic (before that, Sangley Point) for only a year, I remember it like it was yesterday.  My most vivid memories are of school and our housing area.  Other parts of the base are a little foggy.  What sticks out most in my mind was the long bus ride from Kalayan to school.  The jungle in our backyard, the lizzards, the monkeys.  Our maid Nina who lived with us.  I may need someone to clear this next one up for me.  Seems as though there was a rather steep road that went from the housing area to the Officer's Pool.  I believe there was a theater next to the pool (or not too far from it).  We would go there at night, sit in the heat, I remember watching "True Grit" for the first time.  The Officers Club was right next door and I remember there was always a musty smell in the air.  There were the trips, Zamboanga, San Miguel, Corregidor.  I vividly remember going to the enlisted beach and looking for seashells.  Saw my first sand shark while snorkeling.  Thanks for the great website. I enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane.

Posted 10-30-00
Christopher and Cristina Cruz
Binictican Elementary School

I was wondering if anyone attended Binictican about a year or two before the eruption?  My sister and I were wondering  what happened to the memory box there?

Posted 12-1-00
Carmen Johnson
Dependent of LTJG James Johnson
VRC-50 NAS Cubi Point 1988-1992

We spent 3 years and 4 days in the PI and went through so much that made for fun, scary, happy and sad memories.  We lived at T-2 Waterfront Street, with the Subic O'Club across one street, the CO's and Admiral's houses across another and the BOQ behind us.  My memories are of shopping, catching flights out to other Asian countries, attending the Overseas Christian Serviceman's Center (OCSC), visiting the orphanages and watching the sun set over the South China Sea behind the mountains.  What a view.  I had two children there and they love to claim that they are Filipino, since they have dual citizenship.  I plan to take my daughter back for her 16th birthday.  The time spent there gave me a love for Asia.  I will fondly remember meeting the ships as they returned from Desert Shield/Storm.  My blonde haired-blue eyed daughter waving her flag so proudly.  I remember housing many people i! n our home during the eruption.  The Day of Dark will forever be a part of my PI memories.  I would live that tour over again, even if I had to endure strikes, coups, eruptions, typhoons, etc., all over again.

Posted 1-14-01
Kevin Scott, San Miguel, 80 - 85

I was a Navy Dependant from 1980-1985, ages 10-15, and lived on the San Miguel Communication Station. I too, remember the P.I as some sort of fantasy land.

• I remember that if you were not 17 years old, you had to have an escort to leave the base.  We easily got around this at San Miguel by walking out onto the all hands beach, and walking a half mile down the beach into the barrio and catching a trike to Olongapo.  Believe me, I did A LOT of travelling, unknown to my parents!!  You didn't even need money!   Just pick up an interesting item from your house that couldn't be bought in the P.I. and you had tricycle credit to ride all day.
• I learned to Scuba Dive at the tender age of 14 at the Coral Climbers club in SM, and made many dives on the Capone Islands just offshore of SM, as well as at Sharks Cove and a few at Grande Island.
• I remember the devastation of a Super Typhoon in 1982, I believe, that absolutely destroyed the base!
• I remember Operation Cobra Gold 82, (I believe) where they turned our base into a Mock war zone for 3 days, with amphibious assaults on our beach, and Marine's running through housing in mock conflicts.  No dependents were allowed to go outside for 3 days.  We just watched World War III from the windows of our houses.  They even evacuated helicopter loads of dependants.
• I remember Vietnamese Refugees washing up on our shore frequently, dead and alive, and then they were temporarily housed at our Elementary School Library, and we had a lot of interaction with them, and learned of their struggles and plight.
• I remember the Barrio San Miguel fisherman accidentally catching a Whale Shark (30+ feet long) in their nets, and carving it up on the beach and distributing it throughout the village.
• I remember almost drowning when I and a buddy swam to the Capone Island from the San Miguel Beach. (5 miles)  We made it barely!  We saw a couple of visiting Special War Seals or Recon do it one day, and thought we could do it too.  We did, but barely lucky to be here today.
• I remember the river that ran through the base emptied out into the ocean across our beach, and when swollen, would create one heck of a rollercoaster ride across standing waves in the river over the sand dunes, and you had to jump out before it emptied into the surf, or the surge would push you about a half mile out into the South China sea before you could even think about swimming an exaggerated arc back into the beach.  I learned this the hard way too, almost drowned here also.

I dreamed of returning and maybe even of retiring in the PI, and joined the Navy myself.  The PI was closed before I had a chance to return, and I served 9 years in the USN before separating and taking a job in Federal Law Enforcement. I still have memories of the PI that will never fade however, and I believe the experiences I had while there, made me a better person. One day I will make it back for a visit.  I'm attaching a URL to a picture of my 7th and 8th grade class at OHP...   If you're in it, or know anyone in the pictures, I'd love to make contact with them.

7th Grade at OHP
8th Grade at OHP

Posted 3-2-01
Phillip Johnson, San Miguel, 84 - 89

My name is Phillip Johnson. I was a dependent on San Miguel from 84 to 89. Im looking for Ron Cenkush and "BC". I will never forget those long hours of playing D&D. Thanks for the great memories. Long lost friend, Phillip Johnson.

Posted 3-16-01
Demetrea, San Miquel and Subic, 84-89

Hello my name is Demetrea and I was a dependent daughter of Boston and Pearlie Simpkins.  Looking for friends and the like from that area.  We moved from San Miquel to Subic and lived at T-2 quarters accross from the Officers Club.  I worked at the Exchange as a ID card checker and various other stores in the area.  I am especially trying to find a good friend named Ivy Rose and Ed Rose.  Please feel free to drop me a line.

Posted 3-18-01
Rich Rebar, GDHS, 76 - 78

My name is Rich Rebar. I attended GDHS 76-78. Have quite a few very fond memories of Subic Bay and GDHS. Some of the people I knew were Susan Lile,  Kelly Barnes, Jim Jones, Chris Aguinaldo.  Some of the other things I especially liked was the diving off Grande Island, living on 30-C Easy St in Binictican, well actually truth be told, the whole danged Subic Bay experience is pretty much a cherished memory with me. Anyhow, I'm wanting to know if anybody out there knows Bobby Thietje. Good kid, good friends. Lost track after father had orders to Los Angeles. Wondering what he's doing these days. If anybody out there can give me a heads up on at least an email. Contact me at.  Much appreciated, Rich.

Posted 4-11-01
Marivic Jereza
Olongapo City National High School, 1993

Hello to everybody. I had been looking for the website of Olongapo City and finally found one. I had been married for almost ten years now to Edzel Jereza. He was stationed in PSD Cubi Pt. We were one of the last family to leave Subic Bay. It was heartbreaking but we had too many good memories to cherish. Few of my relatives are still residing in 25 st. E.B.B. and I still have contact with them. Subic Bay is a place that I will want to come back. I grow up there, from Elementary to High School and College. This is my root and I will always cherish this place. Olongapo City National High School batch 1993 and Mondrian Aura College, it's me Maria Victoria Pacamparra Jereza. To your website, keep up the good work. Thank you.

Posted 5-7-01
Stephen Schwartzman, 57-59

My brother Pablo Schwartzman and my step-father CDR. Alan Hamersley, and my mom, Jean Hamersley lived in Subic Bay from 1957 to 1959. We lived at 183-B West Kalayaan. I think we were one of the first families to put an air-conditioner in the bedrooms in our half of of those 'typhoon block house' structures.I remember from our back yard there was a steep slope of jungle that led down to a valley where the Negritos lived. I remember the monsoon clouds drifting over the peaks beyond the valleys other side. I remember a jungle fire that burned up to the fences along West Kalayaan that burned the flip-flops to the feet of one of my brother's friends, Dee Imboden. I entered George Dewey Junior High in the eighth grade and went on to a Freshman at George Dewey High. The school at that time was made out of a rectangle of Quonset Huts. My friends included Waring Partridge, Ken Ustick, Ray C. Davis, and a few others, but I forget their names. I remember the Teen Club with movies, and a scurilous bunch of high school lads called 'The Rebels".My brother and I used to spend our afternoons at the West Kalayaan pool. We used to run through the jungle down a path that led near the back of our house to get to the West Kalayaan swiming pool. One day, my brother and I leaped over a slowly moving object that was slowly moving from one side of the path to the otherside: it was a huge python.Once in a while our family would go out snorkeling and scuba diving west of the runway at Cubi Point, Grande Island and other places in the Bay. I recall, once when diving, that I saw upper part of what I thought was the flying bridge of a Japanese cruiser rising out of the depths perhaps at a depth of  40 feet,west of the runway Cubi Point. My step-father, CDR Alan Hamersley was our scoutmaster for a while. I recall that a few of the 'sea-scouts, were privileged to put to sea on the USS Polux, a supply ship, that headed north, along with a few destroyers and an aircraft carrier, during the Quemoy and Matsu Crisis. I recall that I had my first kiss with a girl, but I forget her name. Memories, some good, some unpleasant, come at times to my mind, mostly the green jungle, and the monsoon, and those slow moving trade wind clouds that drifted ever so slowly across a hot humid afternoon, and later those same smells and the opressive heat when years later I worked in Thailand at the very end of the Vietnam War. Should any of you remember my brother or I, please email me.

Posted 5-16-01
Ryan Molter, Dependent from 1990-1992
Oliver Hazard Perry Elem., Binictican Elem.

I lived in San Miguel and Subic. I went to Oliver Hazard Perry and the Binicticaan (sp) middle school.  I was surprised to see a web site totally devoted to the memory of Subic.  I still think daily of the people that I met there on and off base. I also have all the pictures to back up my memories.  The one thing I wish I could do is go back, since I have family in the P.I. I haven't seen in 8 years. If anyone reading this went to school the same time I did, please feel free to e-mail me.

Posted 7-4-01
Eric Olsen, Oliver Hazzard and Binictican Elementary

What a wonderful website! To this day I still dream of Subic and the experiences I had there. It's so heartwarming to read the messages posted by other dependents who lived there, Subic was truly a special place.I plan on taking a trip there in March just to see the old base,so if anyone has returned recently and has some advice it would be most appreciated. If any of my old friends ever read this, then please drop me line and let me know how you are. I would love to hear from you. I'm looking for Matt Tune, Regina Irish, or Donna Montague. Thanks for this website and God Bless all of you!

Posted 7-10-01
Virginia Lawson, Kaliyaan and Binictican Elementary, 87 - 90

How interesting to find a website like this! My name is Virginia Lawson, dependent of Senior Chief Petty Officer Steve Lawson. We were stationed in Subic from '87 to '90, and I attended Kaliyaan and Binictican Elementary Schools until the fourth grade. I lived at 65D Darter Terrace, with a cute playground right next door and the jungle just across the street. I distinctly recall all the lovely gifts the wild boars left us in the night. I remember in particular......sisters Shanna and Colleen from across the street, the two cronies Tina and Aloha, bro and sis Luther and Joy, Paul, Rachel Townsley, our next door neighbors with little Star--they were just from my neighborhood. From school I remember Keith Antonio, Kelly Patrizi, Jenny Sawyer, Davey Francis, Samantha Green, Sammy Beers (his mother was my kindergarten teacher), Curtis Renville, Alma, Patrick, Constantino, Rebecca.....wish I could remember last names. Anyone who went to school the same time as I, or if you see your name in my scanty list, please feel free to drop a line. I would love to hear from you!

Posted 12-24-01
Waring Partridge, 1957 - 1959

We arrived in October 1957 and left in August 1959. We lived in West Kalayaan next to the Hammerslys and Pablo and Steve Schwartzman. Steve and his brother, Ted Ustick, Ray C. Davis, Bob Bryan and Terry Ann Sullivan are among my friends.  I remember school starting early and ending by 1PM.  We went to one school in a collection of Quonset huts.

I spent my time outside of school sailing and boating in our sailboat and with bob Bryan.  I also had a paper route, delivering the Plan of the Day for 10 cents a week per house.  The Teen Club was a big center of activity, next to the Officers Club in Kalayaan.  The free outdoor movie theater was also where the boys and girls learned about each other.

Besides boating, I remember spending a lot of time swimming, fishing, hunting with my father Ben Partridge and camping and being active with the Boy Scouts.  Admiral Taylor Keith gave me my Eagle Scout badge; and many of us went to the World Jamboree near Manilla.

My mother was Cora Cheney Partridge. My sisters are Irene (now Denny) and Mary (now Marika).  My brother is Alan.  We were all lived together in Subic for the last time since I went on to boarding school, the Kent School in Kent, CT in the fall of 1958 when we returned to the States.

Love to hear from any of you.

Posted 1-3-02
Aneesha Jackson

Hello, Well my name is Aneesha Jackson and I am 18 years old. I know some of you are probably wondering why am I leaving a message on this board. Well, basically I'm just here to let you all know that I enjoyed living there on the base, and once attended Binictican Elementary. My father Calvin Jackson is now a Civilian. Before moving to Subic Bay I resided in another part of the Philippines, but had to evacuate from that area because of the volcano eruption (Mt. Pinatubo), that  was truly scary. I hope those who lived in Subic Bay enjoyed it as well as I did.

Posted 1-12-02
Rob Rebar, 77 - 78

Wow!  What great memories!  Name is Rob Rebar and we lived in the Binictican Housing Area at 30-C Easy Street ( side street called little Easy).  Went to Kalayaan and Binictican Schools.
My Dad, GySgt. Bob Rebar worked at the Naval Magazine and my mom Lee worked at N.I.S. from 1976 to 1978.  Things I remember:

- Riding the Guerrero Bus Company buses around the base for 5 cents.
- Playing T-ball at G. Dewey High.
- Playing football (Devilpups, 1977 youth league champs!  Still have my jersey and windbreaker, even though all I did was play benchwarmer.)
- Riding the
Grande Island Queen out to Grande Island, playing among the 6" inch gun battery.
- Navy Day party at Grande Island.
- The big Fiesta they used to have at the field near the Main Gate.
- A day at either All Hands or Dungaree Beach.
- The Go-Kart track near the MARS station and the Watering Hole pizza place.
- Playing mini-golf at the small course they had down near SRF.
- Riding horses at El Kabayo stables.
- Riding bikes down Dead Man hill on Easy Street, and the huge hills in Bayani village.
- At Kalayaan School there was no cafeteria, so we had to bring lunch every day except on Wednesdays (?) when we could buy a lunch that was cooked by the principal.  Consisted of 2 hot dogs barbecued on a pretty filthy looking grill, fruit juice, fruit, and I think a cookie.
- Does anyone remember the name of the pizza parlor located near the commissary and gas station?
- Riding Guerrero Bus to Kalayaan, #7 there and #18 back home.

Posted 1-18-02
Alicia Bass, San Miguel, 85 - 91

My name is Alicia Bass. I was a dependent daughter of a DOD Civilian worker residing in San Miguel. We were there from 85-91. I have a brother named Bill Bass that was there with us also. We hung out with the guys from company "C" and the guys and gals working in communications at San Miguel. Crossroads was a favorite when Magsaysay seemed to far to go for the night.  Our time in the Philippines was some of the fondest memories ever created. If any one remembers us drop a line. Sure would be nice to hear from anyone. Take it easy.

Posted 2-21-02
Julie Ann Rogers, GDHS '92

I was a Navy brat stationed at Cubi Point during the 80's.  Does anyone know what has happened to the old officers' homes on Zambales Hwy? Are they gone, or owned by someone?  We lived at 226B Zambales Hwy - my father is Retired Commander Ed Reilly...we are interested in knowing what happened to the housing at Cubi point... Thank You!

Posted 4-25-02
Nicole Ebeo, San Miguel , 76 - 79

I'm Nicole Ebeo, a Navy brat who lived in San Miguel NAVCOMSTA from 1976 -7 9 and attended Oliver Hazard Perry. My parents are Bernie & Marlene Ebeo and I have an older brother some of you may remember - Bernard Ebeo, also known to some as "Nani".  Anyway, I just wanted to make an attempt to get in touch with any of the "kids" I grew up with for awhile. I do wonder where you are these days.

Posted 6-1-02
Janet Scheibe, 58 - 60

Hello,  We are LTJG Robert(Bob) and wife, Janet Scheibe, stationed in Subic Bay during 1958-60.  We are trying to locate several who were in our Youth Group.  They are Ed West, Gail Carter, Dee Evans, Jim and Ginny Bess, Pam Griggs, Terryann Sullivan and others.  Please contact us.   We now live in Hermann, MO operating a B&B.  We will be moving back to Overland Park, KS in July.   Please contact us soon as we think of you all so often. 

Posted 6-10-02
Leona Rae Greene

My name is Leona Rae Greene, my father was in Subic Bay.  I have a photo of him along with 2 other buddies (unknown).  I would like to know if any one remembers him and would like to share stories about him.

Denny Lee Greene aka Cool Breeze or Breeze. Born 9-19-1935 Idaho - Died 12-8-1970 Illinois. USS Southerland DD 743, USS Dixie AD-14, Enlisted 1952 - Discharged 1956. Thank you.

Posted 12-15-02
Bruce F. Webster, West Kalayaan, 58-60

I was only 5 years old when our family moved to Subic Bay in 1958 (my parents were John & Jackie Webster; I'm not sure what Dad's rank was at the time, but I think he may still have been a Chief Warrant Officer). I was #5 out of six kids; the older ones were Deirdre, Suzye, John (Chip), and Lorraine Webster, ages 13-10 respectively, when we all moved there. However, I think I was largely responsible for giving my mother her start on gray hair when we moved there. Among the things I can remember from Subic (ages 5-7):

-- Walking from West Kalayaan to the base and noting the signs on either side of the road, warning about quicksand.
-- Playing hide-and-seek tag behind the DDT truck at dusk.
-- Staging fights between beetles (esp. coconut and rhinoceros ones).
-- Being involved in on-going spitwad fights at and after school (paper rolled up, folded in half, and shot using rubber bands).
-- Exploring an abandoned pillbox out in the jungle and cutting myself on the rusted rebar (required 2 stitches).
-- Taking a first aid kid and going out into the jungle with my friend Paul to a Negrito village to ask if anyone needed band-aids on cuts (I don't think they understood what we were saying, but as I recall, they did look rather amused).
-- Rupturing my eardrum by diving for pennies at the bottom of the deep end of the pool and having to stay out of the pool for two months during the dry season.
-- Going outside during rainstorms (in the rainy season) in just my bathing suit and go-aheads to play in the torrents of water going down the street gutters.
-- Going down to the new maids' quarters building construction site with my brother Chip at sunset to throw dirt clods at the bats.
-- Getting candy bars and M&Ms (for a nickle) at the Gedunk.
-- Watching movies in the outdoor 'theatre' (e.g., "The Time Machine" w/Rod Taylor, and someone yelling, "We're gonna have a Weena roast!").
-- Learning to enjoy putting mayonnaise on my french fries at the O-Club? Teen club? Gedunk? (somewhere indoors near the pool).
-- Playing with the geckos in the house.
-- Dying to see a real snake, but only ever seeing one (a baby python hiding in the crack of a tree; the fire department came to get it).
-- Running (w/siblings) through a grassy field just ahead of a brushfire (can't remember if the fire was deliberate or accidental) during the dry season.
-- Getting a large gash (20+ stitches) across my shin while walking home from the pool with two friends; we were cutting across the field near the pool, using the storm gutter, and one of my friends threw a coke bottle down into the gutter to break it; cut me down to the muscle and bone, though it didn't hurt much. Again, no pool time for a few months, and I still have a large scar on my shin.
-- Seeing the sky turn a bright golden yellow color hours before a typhoon hit.
-- Listening to the chorus of frogs in the perpetual puddles in the back yard at night during the raining seasons -- and wondering what was out there when the frogs all went suddenly quiet for a while.

It was wonderful. 

Posted 12-22-02
Ed Sagucio, 1967 - 1971

Hello to all...from a Navy "brat" that went to Binictican and Kalayaan Elementary School from 1967 - 1971.  I remember riding the Navy gray buses to school and on occasion the air conditioned bus with the Red Cross painted on its side.  Maybe someday I'll go back to see the place.

Posted 12-25-02
Bonnie (Zimmerman) Hoff, 1971 - 1978

Hi, my Name is Bonnie (Zimmerman) Hoff. I attended George Dewey in 78, but lived in Kalayan from 71-78. My mom was the coach for the Blue Marlins for many years. My sister turned me on to the website. It would be nice to contact some of the old friends from Subic! My fondest memories are of the horse stables and the many hours spent there. Also the swim team, the trips to Manila and elsewhere. I had kept in touch with some people after we left, but lost contact. I did meet up with Stacy and Mark Fregeau recently, for those of you who knew them. Paul and David Rock were good friends as well as Larena Aaronson. Lots of great memories!!!!

Posted 3-19-03
Mitch Arenas

I was wondering what ever happened to the teachers that used to be in the Kalayaan Elementary School, especially to Mrs. Young. She used to be my teacher during 1st grade, section E? i think, schoolyear 1958-1986. I also want to find out whateer happened to my old scholmates as well. Thanks for the memories.

Posted 9-02-03
Wendy Fried (Wenesday Bircher), 1979 - 1983

My name is Wenesday (nickname was Wendy) Fried (now Bircher).  I went to Binictican Elementary School 1983-1986.  I enjoyed reading from others on this site about turning 10 and getting an ID and freedom!  My friend's daughter just turned 10 and had no idea why I thought that was such a milestone.  I remember it as the time to be able to ride go-carts without parents!  I swam on the Blue Marlins, cheered for the Broncos and (I don't remember the name of the other team, but we wore burgundy and white), and played softball on the Bears and the Road Runners.  I remember riding the bus to the exchange, eating Dantes Pizza for a treat, and yellow banana birds constantly flying into my bedroom window glass.  I have for many years been trying to locate friends from that time - and I just stumbled across this website.  I don't suppose anyone happens to know Margo Tucker???  Melinda Tyrell?  Christy Reed?  Jaa Emerson?

Posted 10-25-03
Tom Campbell, Dependent, 1956 - 1961

Subic Bay Naval Station, Ship Repair Facility. I was 13 years old, beginning my 8th. grade, when my family and I arrived at Subic Bay. Attended the on base George Dewey Jr./Sr. High School while my father worked as a U.S. Civil Service employee, a foreman of one of the machine shops at this facility. Left the P.I. when I graduated from high school in 1961 to attend college back in my home town of Tampa, Florida.

Due to the escalation of the cold war threat in the mid 50's, there was some very serious expansion of U.S. military capabilities on the Subic Bay Naval Reservation due to its strategic location.  The Navy Seabees had just finished leveling a mountain side which became Cubi Point Naval Air Station.  Near that same time frame the top of Mt. Santa Rita had been leveled, the "million dollar highway" built to the summit and the construction of the microwave link tower was just finishing up. Anybody on parts of the base could easily see the tower many miles away because Mt. Santa Rita stood noticeably taller than its surrounding terrain.

In 1956, the Seabees had not finished the expansion of the Kalayaan housing area and we had to live in the upstairs part of a duplex in Olongapo for six months before a house became available to my family. Living in the middle of Olongapo, was an experience in itself, a culture shock!, that I will never forget! I was catching rides on jeepnees to get to the base to go to the hobby shop, skating rink, pool, movies, etc. at a young age (that is practically unheard of in modern times). At least a navy bus would go into town to take us "military brats" to and from the school on base. Once we moved into our house on the military reservation I could see "that radio relay tower", a few miles closer, but still far away, easily by day and its red blinking aircraft warning beacon light at night. I was always curious about it and wanted to go there.  I finally got the opportunity, at last!, to go to the top of Mt. Santa Rita some 2 1/2 years after I first arrived at Subic Bay.

We frequently had school field trips to board and tour aircraft carriers, heavy cruisers, destroyers, mine sweepers, submarines and just about everything the navy had that floated. My most memorable field trip was to Corregidor Island in January of 1957 when the small water tanker vessel, the Mark (AKL-12) took us there (at 10 knots or less); 4 hours on the boat each way. We had about a 2 hour limited guided tour of Corregidor, a lot of shell holes, bullet holes in all buildings and a lot of rubble from the war that ended just short of 12 years from the time we were there.  The island hadn't been cleared of all live or unexploded ammo when I was there.  The second most memorable school trip was in January of 1959 when we toured the Santa Rita Mountain Microwave Relay Facility. It was during the dry season, no clouds and the view of Subic Bay, the Seven Sister's mountain peaks, Olongapo and Cubi Point was absolutely spectacular! Claude Darden, my friend in the same class, made some very clear, sharp and beautiful color 35mm slide photos while we were there. We've been in touch by email in recent years and I'm going to talk him into sending photos to the webmaster not only of the vista from the tower, but photos that will help fill the gaps of other links.

Posted 10-25-03
Ann S., Dependent - Subic Bay, 1980 - 1985, 1987 - 1992

This message is to preserve my memories of Subic and Olongapo for posterity or until the board is cleared. Of the 10 years, I felt at the time I was exiled in Subic Bay, 1992 was a right of passage. I want to reach out to my fellow jailbait buddies and give my thanks. Cheryl C., wherever you may be, thank you for taking me to Magsaysay and Gordon Street and my first tattoo. T's Tavern, Johnny O's, D' Office and of course Rolling Stones. I will never forget the night of MOJOs. You rock Cheryl, thanks for liberating me! Britt, you missed out on '92, but you were my first partner in crime as peeping toms of the SEAL barracks. What a couple of nerds! Grace, you are Amazing....hehe. Jonie, and Grace and the times we spent were my salvation when my dad died. I couldn't have lived without you two. Whos idea was it to enter the Queen of the Beach contest anyhow? All I remember was, there was free burgers or something. Our last night out at Bogarts Bull Pen was a blast, I haven't ridden a bull or other animal since then ;) but who knows if a LAST Night Part 2 is in the works....hehe. Our fist fight in the back of the taxi .... Only true friends can get through that and come out closer. A special thanks to my All Hands Beach and Barfly Buddies from Company B: Scooby, Uncle Ben to name a couple. Thanks for ensuring safe passage to Magsaysay and the friendship. You guys were like older brothers to me. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent, as the times we were living in were not. Subic will always remain in my mind's eye the way it was then and forever. I will remember these times with a smile and miss them sincerely. No Regrets!

Posted 10-15-03
Joe Johnson, George Dewey High School, 1980 - 1983

Just wanted to say hi to anyone that attended GDHS during these years. This website was given to me by a friend from GDHS. It brings back a flood of memories. Keep in touch.

Posted 10-25-03
Blake Field, 1971 - 1973

Wow. What a cool site...   I was in Subic from 10/71 through 9/73. I left just before I turned 10 in November. My sister and Vicki Field (now Maccagnone) and I talked about this site a lot yesterday, and did the memories ever come forth!   I'll offer a few now. The Navy pilots at the Cubi pool were so cool! Still are, no doubt.   Playing Capture the Flag and Kick the Can on Captain's Hill, when Captain Whistler's wife would make snacks for ALL OF US!   Lastly, for now, the Chuckwagon. Anyone remember that? Place had great fried chicken, and a really cool C&W band. There was a cute little singer, and the guitar player with big long sideburns (they must have been glued on, lol)   Take Care, All!

Posted 10-25-03
Rosalie Sapo,

Hi my name is Rosalie Sapo Maines (Formerly known as Rosalie or Sally Sapo for short, when I was single). Well I'm not going to make this e-mail long, but I was looking for a long lost friend. Her named was Inocencia Laniba Clark(e), nicknamed "NENE" who used to lived in Olongapo City along with her sister Girlie. We used to go to school together called Datamasters Inc Computer School in Olongapo City. She was married to or used to be married to a Navy guy named Dwayne Clark(e), in 1988 at the Cathedral St. Roche, Olongapo City. If anyone knows her whereabouts please don't hesitate to call, e-mail or write me a letter. I would appreciate it.   Rosalie Sapo Maines (Sally Sapo), (971) 563-3610 Cell (503) 234-5555 Work, 15418 NE 87th St, Vancouver, WA 98682

Posted 10-25-03
Christina Meyer, 1989 - 1992
San Miguel Oliver Perry to Subic Bay Binictican Elementary or

I was on San Miguel for a short time then moved to Subic. I lived on 46A Binictican Drive. I have contacted some people from Binictican and still keep in touch with my best friend Cherylyn from there. We are both looking for a good friend named Cheryl Carbone.  I also lost contact with my neighbor Brenda.  I also am looking for Erika Noftz. I was always hanging out at the Teen Center or Playing Tether Ball! If anyone is interested in keeping in touch and catching up on memories please contact me! I am also wondering what happened to the Time Capsule that was burried at Binictican Elementary School.  Is there ever going to be a reunion?

Tanya Moore, Kalayaan and Binictican Elementary, 1988 - 1992
Now - Tanya Mitchell

I'm looking for Julie Ann Frank.  We lived kitty korner from each other. I lived at 22B Binictican St. and we had the same maid... Remember Nanette.  My mom still keeps in touch with her and Ninang Malou Julie's dad. He used to own a bar on the Barrio if I remember right. They had a light blue-ish - green-ish towel with Julie's Inn printed on it. I'm also looking for kids I went to school with between 88-92. I don't remember their last names. Heather W? and Hillary both from Ms Hickmans class. My other teachers were Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. Bermudes, and Mr. Thomas.  Dr V.  God I hated the V walk.  If anyone has any info, email me.  Just make sure to put something about PI or Subic in the subject line, otherwise it might get deleted.  Thanks

Posted 1-10-04
Dottie Sterbenz, 1963 - 1965 or

I Attended Admiral George Dewey High School in Subic Bay 1963-1965. Is any of my classmates on this site? Especially Lucy Adamas or Sandy? Please contact me!

Posted 6-18-04
Ginger (Druell) Mooney, 1975 - 1978
Binictican Elementary and GDHS

This is a wonderful website!  My family lived at 37-B Easy Street during these years.  I have been trying to find a way to locate other people who were there.  Does anyone know whatever happened to Dawn Aldridge?  My brothers (Ray and Jimmy) were on the Blue Marlin swim team and we used to hang out with Russell and Ricky Jones, Stevie Jones, Bobbie Dimon.  I would love to hear from anyone else whose parent was stationed there.  The last time I was in the Philippines was 1990.  I went to my 20th high school reunion and there was another person there who went to GDHS...Ruthie Christensen.  Hope to hear from someone soon. 

Posted 8-2-04
Jerry Jurewicz, Jan. 1956 - Dec. 1957

Hi! My name is Jerry Jurewicz. My Father Commander Emil L Jurewicz was Executive Officer of Subic Bay from January '56 till December '57. My mother, sister, and I lived with my father on the base during that time. I was 9 and 10 years old then. I remember being in 4th and 5th grade. We went to Bagio for Christmas '56. I believe this was some sort of resort area. I remember living in a home not far from the administration bldg. Also I think that after we left all the housing was torn down to expand the base. I believe my father was involved in this planning and moving of base personnel. In looking through the photos available, I did not see any during the time I was there, too bad. However the photos of the base look very familiar and bring back memories. One of my friends and I wondered onto the dock, where the ships were moored. Two SP stopped us and wanted to know what we were doing there, I was only 9 so was my friend. When I gave one of the SPs my name, he realized I was the son of the Exec. Next day my name showed up on my Father's desk as someone who was where he should not have been.

Posted 8-2-04
Ralph Alvarado

Hi there, my name is Ralph Alvarado. My father was stationed in San Miguel in 88-89-90. It was cool living there. Of course nothing beats Texas but San Miguel will always be in my heart and memories. As a matter of fact I'll be visiting the PI this summer 2004. I know I can revisit GDHS (the former anyway) in Subic but from what I hear, San Miguel is off limits. Lots of memories were brought back reading the posts...Keep em coming!

Posted 9-4-04
Quinton Vorhies, OHP, 1969 - 1971

I was looking for a site like this and it brought back a lot of memories.We lived in San Miguel and I attended 5th and 6th grade at OHP.1969-71. I still remember my sixth grade math teacher, Mrs. Swanson. She died in a plane wreck in the PI,   can't remember if it was during summer or if school was in session. Mr. Weis was our science teacher. I hung out with david and roy.The school bully's last name was pickerel. Had my first crush on a girl named patsy ramsey-not the one in boulder co. We lived right across from the theater, pool, gym. etc. I was active in scouts. my friend mike and I got sent home for fighting on first overnight, it was ok though, cause everyone else got rained out. I remember playing a lot of baseball and the trips to subic to play over there. the phillipinos thought it was bad luck to pass a funeral and everytime we did we lost. thanks for the site and the memories it stirred.

Posted 9-6-04
Leo D. Antipolo, OH Perry School, 1988 - 2001

Happy to find this site.  Nice to remember those San Miguel Days. My experience at OH Perry School and George Dewey High School helped me a lot of what I am now.  I really enjoyed my employment at the US Naval Base.  Wished it's still around.   To all former DODDS employees, please drop me some lines.  Also, if anyone has in contact of Mr. Carl McClelland, the former Principal of OHPS, please let me know.  Thank   More power to this site. 

Posted 9-6-04
Mark W. Leyva, San Miguel Dependent 1958 - 1960

What a wonderful web site!  I've read most of the messages posted and I agree with just about everyone:  These are some of the best memories of my life.  San Miguel was a terrific place for a 10-12 year-old boy to live.  I was a Boy Scout (Troop 1) there and we went on some great three day hikes from the main gate into the jungles.  I regret not remembering the names of the adult scout leaders but there was one big, buff, bald Marine with a handle-bar mustache who was my hero-figure during that time.  To him and all the other guys that gave so much of themselves, Thanks!  My biological parents had divorced and my mother married CTC "Bud" Ballard.  Anyone remember him?  We lived at 733 Tripoli Crescent "B".  I attended Oliver Hazard Perry Elementary School which was at the end of my street.  Class ran from 7:30 am till just before noon which gave us most of the day to go to the beach, ride bikes and just romp.  Strange how life twists and turns.  When I got into the Air Force in 1968 I was stationed TDY (TAD?) at NAS Cubi Point working the GCA radar unit there and got a chance take a trip back to San Miguel.  It had grown very little since I had been there and I had that feeling like I had returned home.  It was great to be able to visit there.  The Philippines is one of the most beautiful places in the world and Filipinos are the nicest people I have ever known. 

Posted 7-18-05
Ginger (Druell) Mooney, GDHS, 1976 - 1978

Hi.  I have lots of great memories of Subic Bay. Actually graduated from high school in the states, but felt like I did most of my growing up in the Philippines.  Does anyone out there know whatever happened to Dawn Aldridge?  Would love to know.

Posted 7-18-05
Don Smith, 1953 - 1955

Just got my computer and found this great web site. It brings back fond memories. My Dad was skipper of AFDM-5, we lived in Q-4 or Q-5 beside the Chapel, across from Tappan Park. My 8th grade diploma U S Naval Station School. Like to here from anybody from that time. Thanks again for the web site.

Posted 7-18-05
Jayson Manalili

This site brings back so much memories of my childhood. My father worked in the base SRF until 1980. We now live in Sydney Australia and I often think about Subic Bay and how it was back then. Went back Feb of this year. Its not the same although Barretto still have the odd clubs and ex pats. Would like to hear anyone who attended Holy Infant. Keep this site going!!!

Posted 7-18-05
Victoria Ciocco
Graduated Dewey Class of 1957

Spent jr. and senior year there. My father was Capt. LEROY R... Frantz USN He was the dental officer. We lived on quarters beside the dental office at the shores edge. In the course of my life I am now 66, I lost my year book and contact with the people I went to school with. Anyone still out there , let me know please. Thanks so much. Vicki (ciocco) Goudy Cambridge, Ohio

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