There are some basic instructions that I would like you to keep in mind when submitting photos and items of memorabilia to this site.

Photos and Items of Memorabilia That You Scan

• Please scan all photos and items large. I will down size them to fit the site as needed.
• Photos should be scanned
larger than your screen.
• JPG or BMP format is fine and high definition is no problem as well.
• Business cards should be scanned larger than half of your screen.
• Always give a brief description and the year that the photo or item was taken.
• Please do not add text to any of the photos or items. It will render them unusable.

If You Do Not Have a Scanner

• Many of those that do not have a scanner send their items to the Webmaster for scanning.
• Items to be scanned by the
Webmaster are scanned as soon as possible and sent back right away. If this is something that you would wish to do....
• Contact the
Webmaster with your intentions and he will send you the address that you will need to send the items.
• Items that are scannable by the
Webmaster are Prints, Slides and Negatives, as well as cards, maps, etc.
• Make sure that all envelopes with photos are marked as "DO NOT BEND" and placed in a protective type envelope.

Stories You Wish To Submit

• Stories can be composed by you, or you can give me as much information of your experience as possible and I will compose your story for you.

PX Requests

• With the help of many friends in the PI, research is being done to find those that were into skillful manufacturing of items for the purchase by those that were stationed and passing through the US bases of the Philippines. We have been successful in contacting many, and now with the word being spread out over the areas, have been contacted by many more.
• If you have a request in finding a certain Merchant from the past, let us know. We will do our best in trying to contact these people and at least find out how they are doing.

Thanks for all that you do!
Sgt. H. James Holub, USMC Ret.

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