If you know of any serious situtation that occured during the operation of Subic Bay, Cubi Point, San Miguel or any other location that is military related, please send the information and/or photos to the Webmaster. I will post these items, so that the Serious Reality of the Military Job can be reminded and told. We wish to never forget, and salute those that have been injured or even died for our country and freedom.

Marine Corps Helicopter Crash
This helicopter crash in the Subic Bay area occured at approx 1000 hrs on June 11, 1970. The Helo was a U.S. Marine Corps UH-1E operating in support of a training exercise. This certain posting could use your help in pin pointing the exact location that this occured.

Marines Parachute Fails
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___Other Incidents That Occured____

In December 1967, a serious fire broke out aboard the USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) while docked at Cubi Point NAS.  The very hot fire burned for over 12 hours, fed by magnesium aircraft wheels and rubber tires.   A number of sailors were injured.  Smoke billowed from the island superstructure.  Shore-based fire departments responded, although I don't think they actually participated in the fire fighting.

A P-3 crashed in the early 70's. It was from the Patrol Squadron Six. It crashed just after take off, when full of fuel, the engines began to flame out. The pilot tried to circle around for an emergency landing but did not have enough power from the failing engines and impacted the water between Grande Island and the run way. One man died who was the navigator. The "Fuel Bladder", which is filled for long missions, is right under his seat and when the plane went down it came up through the floor, shoving him up to the top interior of the plane and broke his neck. Post accident investigation showed that the engines flamed out because the plane was using alcohol injectors used on the older P-3's and been mistakenly filled with cleaning fluid instead of alcohol, and when injected into the engines, instead of more horse power they got engines that began to fail and resulted in the one death.

In early April 1974, a jeep carrying four Sea Bees was ambushed on the jungle roadway behind the Kaalayaan O' Club.  All four personnel sustained multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene.

A Patron 22 P-3 went down in 1979 when the back up crew flew the aircraft because the primary crew refused to fly. Soon after take off, two engines on the port side went out. A Photographers Mate 2nd class died in the crash when one engine fodded the other.

In the Spring/early Summer of 1989, a Navy S-3 went into the water on the Dungaree Beach side of the Grande Island runway. All of the aircrew that would have normally been on board where allowed to take the day off. The skipper didn't think they had to be there just for a failed engine practice run. They overshot the runway on their first attempt, and as they where turning for another pass, the wingtip caught the water and the plane went down. Both the CO of VRC 50 and co-pilot were killed.

An A-6A Intruder from the USS Enterprise lose hydraulic pressure upon takeoff from Cubi Pt NAS.  The Pilot and B/n ejected, but the plane crashed into a Marine Corrosion Control Building and it was believed to have killed 2 or 3 on the ground.

On May 24 1984 there was a crash in the waters off Grande Island of a TA-4 during practice touch and goes.  The frontseater was a LCDR and the backseat was a LTjg.  The LCDR was able to eject safely, but the LTjg rode the aircraft to the bottom of the bay.  It took three days to locate the wreckage and recover the officers body.  The body was recovered by SEALs who were attached to Naval Special Warfare Unit ONE.

In 1972, an EA6B attached to either the America or Saratoga took off from Cubi Point, flying off to the ship. It lost a section of the wing and veared over to the left, hitting the water North of Cubi. The wing section was found at the end of the runway.  It is not know if there were deaths.

In February 1981 a USAF C-130, with combined elite forces on board, crashed at sea off NAS Cubi Point at the end of SPECWAREX, killing all but one crewmember.  Several SEAL's narrowly escaped death having disembarked just prior to take-off.

In the Spring/Summer of 1985, an NPA patrol operating to the north of NRTF Capas, Tarlac was ambushed by a group of PHDF and PA.  All thirteen guerillas (including two women) were killed and their bodies left where they fell.  The exchange of heavy small arms fire was witnessed by a Marine patrol barely 100m from the peremiter.

On the morning of October 31, 1985 at NCSP San Miguel, one Marine was killed and two seriously wounded as a result of a motor vehicle accident during a "reactionary response."  A helicopter was directed to the scene in order to transport the fatally wounded Marine to Clark AFB.  The Marine expired en-route from massive chest and head injuries.

In 1990, an A4 from VC-5 crashed in to the mountains in the area called Green Beach in bad weather.  There was the death of one pilot.

In 1990, an A4 pilot "crash landed" on the runway. His tail hook caught the arresting gear and threw the plane off the runway.  The cause of the accident was pilot error.  The pilot forgot to put down the landing gear.

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