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Posted 7-11-10
I am retired Navy and MSC and spent so many days in and out of Subic I can't even remember most of it. Lived there for years. Anyhow.... I had a Bell casted for a friends sailboat way back in the 70s at SRF facility foundry. I personally had a hand in the making of this one. Rounded up about 100 silver Pesos for the crucable to insure the ring tone. It's incredable and is a rather heafty Bell. The Bell I mention was casted in 1978 as a Wedding Gift for a very good friend. That is still So and Living in New Zealand now on his Sailboat ARMOREL.

There was a very old Filipino gentelman that did the Bells way back then. In fact he was the one that casted the SRF Bell that Hung on Wharfside until the closing of the base. He did a lot of the old Churches in Manila as well. He was a genuine Master Bell Maker. It took awhile to get him to acomadate me and make this Bell. I am trying to find out just who this Gentelman was and what became of him. Pretty old back then, so maybe passed away some time back. But I do know that the little paper that used to be printed up by SRF did a lengthy article write up on him. Hoping that there is someone living that just might know this Old Gentelmans story. Would dearly like to hear back from anyone that may have anything helpful on this one. I was there in Ship Repair Facility Subic the day Pinatubo Erupted and my wife and I were living in an apartment in the old Barrio . Was the Second Eng. on Kilauea TAE 26 and we went down 18" in the water with the dirt on deck from those days and it got really dark. Scarey days to be certain. Glad to have had the experence but don't ever want to go through it again.

Frank Blackstone

Posted 2-22-04
Hope someone can help. I am looking for a metal clip on watch band with CPO insignia.   Willing to pay reasonable price plus shipping and handling cost.  You have a great web site!  Thank you, Please respond to: 

Robert Stratton, SKC, USN, RET

Posted 11-29-03
I was assigned to NSD Fuel depot code 700, 1978 - 1983, and I am looking for photos and a newsclipping that the base newspaper took during Subic Bay Admirals Fooball Games. I played during my time stationed in Subic, #29 Fullback, and would like to find information of the coaching staff.

Ret. Chief R.A. Gray USN

Posted 8-18-03
I have been looking for a book that was printed right after the evacuation of Saigon.  As you know Subic processed the refugees on Grande Island.  I remember this book being available in the Exchange and the Stars and Stripes bookstore.  There was a photo in it that showed the hundreds of Vietnamese junks and other vessels that were in Subic Bay.  It looked like you were in Hong Kong.  I would really like to find this book or the photo. This email address will not be checked until after Christmas/New Years break here at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.  Thanks if anyone can help out.

Merton J. Garrison, DS1, USN, Retired
Former USS Sterett (CG-31) sailor

Posted 4-20-03
I was stationed onboard the USS Sterett from 83 to 86.  At that time I did not smoke so I never bought a Sterett Zippo.  I now collect Zippo lighters and I would love a Sterett Zippo from the ship to add to my collection. Does anyone have a Sterett Zippo that they would be willing to part with? Thanks

Dan Wilson

Posted 3-09-03
I'm looking for the floor plans of housing on base. I remember them in the welcome aboard packet.

Marshell Crider AEC, USN Ret

Posted 12-8-02
I am looking for Info and possibly pics of the Christmas Star. Usually was about 3 x 4 ft and about a foot thick or larger. Was hand crafted by the locals with balsa and tissue paper. Often was sold outside the gates. Some of the stars moved in circles when hung on a hook..... like a star within a circle.  Or something like that. I use to see them made just off base, but a few flew in the fronts of (officers housing) windows.  They had like a 3-d star, which rotated in the middle.... often with long tassels. Thank you for any info or pictures anyone could offer.

Posted 11-7-02
I met my husband while enroute to Subic in 1987.  He was stationed their for 2 years around 1975.  Does anyone know if Agent Orange was used in/around Subic?  My husband has cancer of the tonsil.  If agent orange was used, his cancer will be service connected & his pension will not die with him.  He retired USN 1995 just after our little girl was born.   Any info will be appreciated.

Anngray Doig

Posted 10-25-02
I am doing research for the USS Duncan DDR 874 crew association. We visited Subic many many times. On march 26 1964 while visiting Subic, Subic Bay Control requested we get underway for an emergency. A sailboat was adrift in high seas with an American Diplomat and his family aboard, attached to the Philippine Embassey. We set sail and rescued that vessel and towed it back to Subic the next day. The vessels name was "Cygnus". I was in the radio shack all during this rescue and was keeping the log, but out of stupidity did not list the peoples names, only the ship name...dumb sailor....we are all old guys now. Can you help us locate a news article about the rescue or official document or ???? anything. We all would greatly appreciate any help.

Tim Murphy, Rm 3, USS Duncan, 1961 - 1964

Posted 9-18-02
I am interested if agent orange was used on the base to keep weed growth down or even if it was stored there for use in Vietnam.  I was on the U.S.S. America during the first 9 months of 1968 and Subic Bay was our base. Thanks

Jim Mann

Posted 9-18-02
In 1972 I was aboard the Saratoga and needed to go to the hospital at Clark. When I was released Sara was gone, so I was aboard some old transit ship welded to the pier. What was she? Any info? Thanks!

Steve Imrisek, (AMH-1 Ret)

Posted 9-3-02
I currently work for Lockheed-Martin in Sunnyvale and recently I've just found that P3-Orion planes were made by Lockheed.  I would like to know the type of the P3-Orion (with serial number if possible) that flew in the Subic Bay area in July 1980.  I would also like to have a picture of that plane.  Could you please help me getting the info.?  I am gathering information so I can write a story about my escape from Veitnam. Thanks in advance for your help. I'd still very much like to find the crew who helped save my life and my boatmates' in 1980.  If you know anyone who was involved in the rescue, please let me know.  Thanks.      


Posted 7-0-02
My husband Sgt. James Neal Pipes USMC, was mugged in the Philippines the wee hours of the 22Nov85 while in route, via local taxi, to Clark Air Force Base.  Neal was delivering a aircraft part necessary to repair a plane for flight.  Neal original departure was from Kadena Airforce Base in Okanawa on a C141.  He landed in the Philippines whereby he sought out the first available transport.  The taxi took him to an alley whereby, he fell prey to bodily harm resulting in a coma.  The information he can remember is sparse therefore, we are trying to find anyone who remembers any part of this injury to provide testimonial evidence for a VA disability claim pending.  To elaborate more on Neal's memory he remembers riding in a Jeep and being literally dumped off at the Gates of Clark Air Force Base.  Thereby a Brigg van (only transport available to carry him) carried him to a facility for him to rest.  He got a key to the door then passed out.  The next thing he remembers is being in a hospital setting and he feels sure it is Clark Air Force Base still.  He then passed out again whereby, waking up in Subic Bay Hospital.  The only testimony so far, that we have documented is from Sgt. Robert Morris who claims to have visited Neal in the hospital.  In his letter he states that he is surprised Neal survived at all as he was in the hospital for a week and in a coma for several days.  Neal has suffered many health issues related directly to this incident therefore, I implore you to assist in any way shape or form.    There are several obstacles in our way,

J. Neal Pipes, Jr. or Sheri Pipes, 7 Tomahawk Drive, Damascus, AR, 72039 or Phone: 501-335-7020

Posted 5-19-02
I am interested in a dish I used to get at the "CORK ROOM CELLAR".  It was called, SALPICAO or something to that effect.  The dish was served in a French Fry bowl, and it was "PORK"??.  It was sauteed in soy sauce and garlic and had "SEELY" "Hot" peppers in it.  I just would like the recipe and any information about it.Thanks in advance.

Tom Mollitt

Posted 5-13-02
Is there anyone out there that knows the story of the assassination of Olongapo's Mayor Jimmy Gordon in 1967.  I now only that he was in fact killed in the center of town, but never learned the details.  I believe it was strictly political and would like to know the details. I considered him to be a friend and good for FILAM relations.

John Dornick, Camarillo, California

Posted 3-30-02
Hello,  I am AMS 1 USNR James D.Starnes I was in VRC-50 Atsugi, Japan with detachment to NAS Cubic Point from 1969-1971. I flew In Country several times, one time flew into Danang to fix hydrualics res on C2A. I've got prostrat cancer and Type 2 diabetes, and trying to find TDY orders or flight manafest showing where I'd been In Country. I need these copies to prove to the VA that I was there, so they'll give me my Disability. Am trying to locate someone who'd know how I can find these papers. VA said they'd done all the could do, and now it was up to me to prove that I'd been there. Please, if anyone has any ideas how to locate them, please let me know.   Thank you.

AMS 1, USNR, James D. Starnes

Posted 1-27-02
I remember playing a dice game where the object was to bet on a specific number on the dice. I don't remember much else about the game or its name. Could anyone enlighten me about the name of the game and its particulars? Thanks!

Stan Reynolds

Posted 12-01-01
I am currently doing research on the Subic/Cubi Pt bases and was wondering if anyone might have access to information generated from the marriage office in Subic NB.  Specifically, I'm interested in the number of marriages contracted between sailors and Filipinas, either monthly or yearly totals would be most welcomed. I would even appreciate educated guesses. Thanks!

Steve Gooding

Posted 9-9-01
Hello, I would like to gather information regarding the Kalayaan Elementary School. Rumor has it that a little girl died there long ago. When we held a summer camp there once, the children would tell us that they saw a girl run across silently or a swing moving without anyone on. Rumor also has it that it used to be the site of a Japanese garrison during world war 2? Is this true? Also, rumor has it of a secret hidden hanger in the mountains where airplanes would arrive at CUBI and then suddenly dissapear. Hope to know how much is truth and how much has been made up!  

Thanks!   Zak Yuson

Posted 7-20-01
I am researching my uncle , (Lt. Berkley J. Kinkade), who was with the Second Signal Service at Fort McKinley, Rizal, PI until the fall of Corregidor. He was a POW aboard the Oryoku Maru.  The War Department originally informed our family of his death on 12/15/1944 when the Oryoku Maru was sunk.  Later, we received word that he did not die until 1/25/44, with place of death shown as China Sea. I would be deeply grateful for any information at all about my uncle.

Mary Maddox

Posted 6-4-01
I am looking for information on the sinking of the submarine USS LAGARTO (SS-371) on or around May 3, 1945 in the South China Sea. Reports indicate that LAGARTO was sunk by a Japanese ship which was part of a convoy that LAGARTO was intercepting.

My grandfather, Lt. Arthur H. "Bud" Keeney, Jr., was killed along with his 84 other crewmates. I am doing research for a book to present to my father, who was only 1 year old when his dad died.

As far as I know, the LAGARTO still lies in the South China Sea to this day. I would like to hear from anyone with information on LAGARTO's stay at Subic Bay, her mission, or anything pertaining to my grandfather.

Thank you!
Laura Keeney Zavala or

Posted 5-27-01
"TAKE ME HOME, JEEPNEY DRIVER."  This was the name (I think) of a song written and performed by the COMSEVENTHFLT band which was stationed aboard the U.S.S. Oklahoma City (CG-5) until 1979.  It was a spoof sung to the tune of "Take Me Home Country Road," by John Denver.  If anyone remembers the exact words to the song, I would greatly appreciate your sending them to me or posting them on this site.  

To me, those words tell the whole story of Olongapo in a single song.  Here are a few bits of the song that I vaguely remember:  Beginning is, "Almost heaven, Olongapo City" and something about "the smell o'er that river."  Then, "While driving down the road (Magsaysay Street) I get the feeling she took all my Pesos yesterday, yesterday.  Jeepney driver, won't you take me home, to the girl, I ...., Subic City..., take me home, Jeepney driver."  Also, if anyone remembers who wrote the lyrics, I'd appreciate that too.   Thanx!  

Blaine Collins, FTG2, USN, 1975-1980

Posted 5-11-01
I was a TM2 stationed at NavMag from 9-67 to 12-68.  I now have prostate cancer which has been linked to 'Agent Orange' and I know we handled a lot of ordnance and material bound for VietNam, which I think included 'Agent Orange,' but I need someone to help my memory. Thank you.

Posted 4-13-01
Aloha!  I just went through part of you Phillipine web site.  I am trying to find out who the person is in the photograph below.  It's a kind of historical USMC quiz.  It is known that this person is a Marine and in the Phillipine Insurrection battles (which as I have read are a distinction from the Spanish American War although the two conflicts appear to over lap the same time lines and in the case of the Phillipines the same area.  Who am I?  I am (was) an FMF Corpsman with the Marines in Vietnam in 66-67; I have lived in Hawaii for almost 30 years now following the Vietnam experience.  If you can tell me who this person is or point me to a url that can I would appreciate it. I have tried many 'phillipine insurrection' searches and most of the 'hit's' I have had, while image rich do not have this one particular photo?  As you can see the person who acquired the image and popped the quiz has named it wia.jpg for obvious reasons.  You can see this veteran has lost a lower leg and some of his left hand.  We (a group of us) think he may be decorated for valor possibly MOH on down; but can't be certain.  What I can tell you given the parameters of the Quiz-master is the photos will always be a U.S. Marine, or an FMF Corpsman (who has served with the Marines) or possibly a Navy FMF (person of faith such as a priest in the combat theatre); at least that is what we have been told, so it rules out non FMF Naval personnel, Air Force, and U.S. Army personnel.  If you know who this is, I would like to hear your response.Semper Fi!

Click Here To Retrieve Photo

Ron Ferrell

Posted 3-16-01
I am a Consulting Engineer now based in an office on Dewey Avenue.  My team is designing some upgrades to roads in the Central Area, including Dewey Ave, Waterfront Road and Manila Ave.  Does anyone know where the Navy may archived any flood records for the area as the SBMA does not appear to archived any. Any contact details would be a great help. I look forward to any assitance that you may be able to offer.

John Thorpe
Project Manager for DMJM International

Posted 1-14-01
I am looking for information on the sinking of the Japanese transport Oryoku Maru in Subic Bay, December 15, 1944. I need any information, and especially about what actually attacked the ship, the US planes or submarines? I would like news about the present work being done on the sunken ship and how to visit the area. I am interested also, in any relics or information on any of the POWs killed in the ship, or recollections of the survivors. My father , Lt.Col. Fred O. Tally died on this ship and I am doing research. Thank you!

Cynthia Tally McDonald

Posted 1-5-01
I was involved in a helo accident at Subic Bay while serving with the 3d Marine Division. I'm trying to locate the site of the accident and it would be helpful if I knew where... (1) TACAN 48 was located and... (2) the location of GREEN BEACH. Can anyone help me with this info?

Fred Kuhn

Posted 1-3-01
Attention!  Author seeking information from any U.S. military personnel present during KENNEL GUARD '87 with regard to the Navy antiterrorist exercise conducted there by the Red Cell (Naval Security Coordination Team).

V/R Tom Hunter

Posted 12-30-00
I am ex-Navy and I live half of the year in Olongapo and the other half in Houston, TX. I am looking for pictures of Olongapo life and the bar scene for a book I am writing. Do you have any or know of some former shipmates who have any? Any would be appreciated. All who donate pictures will be mentioned in the acknowledgements and receive a free copy of my book when completed.

Sincerely Greg Shaw

Posted 12-29-00
Would anyone know a site where "Filipino Baby" might be found in mp3 format? Would appreciate it.


Posted 12-29-00
In December 1945, approximately 1300 (mostly) American POWs were crammed into a tennis court on what was then the Japanese Naval Base, Subic Bay.  The prisoners came from the Japanese transport ship (also known as a "Hell Ship") "Oryoku Maru" that was sunk by American bombers just off Mainside, Subic Bay, and they were held in the tennis court for about one week prior to being shipped out to Japan on other ships.

Would anyone happen to know the location of this infamous tennis court in relation to other features on the base?  A guess is that the tennis courts of 1945 would be fairly close to the present site of the sunken "Oryoku Maru."

James L. Poole, LCDR Ret.

Posted 12-3-00
Spent my times in the PI, 81-83, 87-90, but thought I'd use this venue to make a request. I'm getting down to the short hairs and about to transfer to fleet reserve. Got interested in the designs of cards for shellback, bluenose, winter overs, ditch transits and various. Not certificates, just cards, If you have one, I'd apprciate it if you can scan it and send it to me. I'm gonna pepper one of my walls with all the different designs that I can find. The older the better. I'd appreciate it.


Posted 11-25-00
During the 67-69 era while stationed at Subic, I heard a particular Filipina song dozens of times every day in every bar in Olongapo. The words "One day maybe we will meet again..." by the Filipina singer never failed to bring tears to the eyes of most of the girls in each club.  At the time I didn't much care for the whiny sad song but would get a kick out of hearing it now.  Anyone know who sang it?

Brian Rudd

Posted 11-25-00
Good Day:  I would like to find out more info. on a boxing plaque I picked up at a garage sale. The plaque is made of brass, its 11 5/8 " across, the ingraving is "FIL-AM BOXING SUBIC BAY 1975". Would apprciate any Info.  THANKS


Posted 11-14-00
While Subic was still active and open, there was a Cafeteria near the Exchange up at Cubi Point which served a delicious, yet different taste of Spaghetti sauce with their Spaghetti dinners.  (this may have also been at other locations on base, but only recall this specific location that served it) The taste was unique or different in taste, compared to that which most Americans know of in the states or get out of a jar. Does anyone, by chance, know of what the RECIPE for this was? Or possibly know someone whom may know or actually helped in making it back then? If so, please contact me. Thank You!

Donald C. Lane (updated 6-1-11)

Posted 9-19-00
There was a HUGE python caught around Mango Drive in Binictican Housing.  This thing was about 18-20 feet long and as big around as a telephone pole. It had been shot by the security when it attacked a dog and I remember seeing the skin in the Fire Chief's office at Fire Station #1 up in Cubi Pt., when I was stationed at NAS Security.  It was around 1988-1989, when this incident happened.  There was a picture of this in the Subic Bay News.  Would like to find a copy of this photo that was on the front page. If anyone has a copy of this, please contact me. Thank you!

MAC Ken Bridges
Chief Master-at-Arms, Naval Hospital, Oak Harbor, WA.

Posted 8-12-00
I recently purchased a life preserver at a garage sale with the following markings:


I would like to know where (and when) exactly this life preserver was used at Subic Bay. NOTE: I have no connection to Subic Bay or to the military, but purchased it because I immediately was attracted to it. It is currently hanging next to my hot tub. Any information would be appreciated.

Kent Maurer   Jackson, Michigan   

Posted 6-21-00
I am looking for any information or photos of PTFs and Boat Support Unit One/MST at Subic Bay or the facility at Building 1457 used to repair the Nasty class PTFs brought over from Viet Nam in the 60s and very early 70s.  This information will be passed on to the webmaster of for possible inclusion in the PTF website.  Anything, small or large, would be appreciated.

Chip Marshall

Posted 6-8-00
Does anyone remember a piece of steel plating with bullet holes in it that was on display in the base library at Subic?  What ship was it from?  I seem to remember that it was form the USS Maddux, but I've blinked since then. What happened to it?

Bradfield, Brad V.

Posted 5-28-00
I am a Filipino Phd student of oceanography here in Kyushu Japan. I came across with the famous NAGA expeditions made by the Americans on the Gulf of Thailand just before the Vietnam War. The expeditions gathered a lot of hydrographic information about the Gulf. The research cruises has been so extensive that it collected historical data  (e.g. temperature, salinity, depth, density, wind, etc.) that was very valuable for academic purposes.

I would like to ask if anyone knows where to get this kind of hydrographic information about the Subic Bay. Since the Americans where in our country for a long time, they must have done the same kind of information gathering that may be available for the public. I can use the data for my research to understand better the flow pattern in the bay, thus help the fishing industry of my country. I will appreciate any help that you can extend.

Rolando S. Balotro, Kyushu University, Japan

Posted 5-24-00
I'm looking for any one that did harbor clearing operations for Alava Wharf during the late 40's early 50's.    Thank you  

David Lessard

Posted 5-1-00
I'm a SEABEE that was in Subic 82-83, and again there at NavMag from 85 to 88. I'll be retiring in September of this year, and I'm looking for a UIC rocker that goes on the right shoulder. I want to put it in my shadow box. Anyone out there able to help?

Clyde Turner

Posted 4-29-00
Would like to know about an item that was on the menu of Cubi Point Christmas Dinner of 1958. The title of "Jack of the Dust" was listed on the menu and was wondering what it was. Can anyone tell us what this refered too? We have asked a number of ex-galley rats and no one seems to remember.

Dave Rice

Posted 4-27-00
During the time of March 1968-November 1969, did the Victory Terminal exist? If it didn't, were there any places referred to as Victory.

Bill Grulkey

Posted 2-29-00
There was Viet Cong AK-47 caputured during the war and was hanging over the bar in the Gunny Club...anybody now what happened to it? It like looked like a shrine.


Posted 1-29-00
I would like to know what year the bases in the Philippines became joint use bases.  I believe it was 1977 or 78, but I need to know where I could find this information.

Mike Early

Posted 11-14-99
I have been reading a VFW magazine with a chronology of the Cold War.  They list quite a few troops who were killed at Subic and Clark between 1970 and 1990 by a group called the NPLA.  I assume this is some sort of "liberation army" terrorist group.  Does anyone know anything about them?  Any info would be appreciated. 

Thanks,  Al

Posted 6-12-99
The maps pages are a real nice addition to the site. As I recall, when I was there (1957-1959) the main gate was at the end of Rizal Ave and Magsaysay was just being graded and a new gate being built. This was in Sept. of '59. I was a photographer stationed at Cubi and it seems we took construction progress photos of that area being built. None of the bars and businesses shown on Magsaysay were there when I was. It appears that the Economical Restaurant moved to Magsaysay from Rizal as it was the first establishment out of the old main gate. Also, on Rizal just out the old gate were the Wahington Club, Blue Moon and a number of others that are not listed on any of your maps from the early '70s. Can anyone verify my memories of the area at that time? Thanks,

Dave Rice
NAS CUBI PT  '57-'59

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