Marine Air Wingers
Cubi Point Naval Air Station
Land and Carrier Based

When the Marine Corps Air Wing deployed to the Cubi Point Air Station between cruises, duties still consisted of maintaining and inspection for the maintance shops, help fix whatever was broken, then launch and recover, making sure the aircraft was kept in the ready for any mission they may have to fly. When they pulled into port during a cruise, for five days or so, it was still mostly maintenance and inspection duties, then some liberty to catch their breath from strenuous work loads. Work loads at sea could consist of 16 hour days of serious responsabilities.

We welcome all who were a part of the Cubi Point Marine Air Wing, whether Land or Carrier Based, to check in with us and make your presents know. It would be great to reunite with all who were a part of the Marine Corps Air Wing that were in and out of the Cubi Point, Subic Bay area. So come join us! We will be looking forward to hearing from you.

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