would like to dedicated this section to those that were in the Navy,
Marines and Civilian Work Force which made these bases work so well.

If you wish to submit a name, please contact the
Webmaster of this site.

To those who were there and no longer with us.

Downing, Julie Ann LCDR(Ret)

Julie Ann Downing Passed away in June 2001 in San Diego, CA. She was the OIC of PSD Cubi Point in the early 1980's. Anyone who knew her and would like more information may contact me.  Submitted by: Bob Blue

Stella, Peter Leon

U.S.Naval Magazine, Navy #3002 Subic Bay, Philippines 1957-1959  
Born 1939, California Died 1994, Walnut Grove, Ca.
Remembered by shipmates:: Dave Rice, G.G. (Duck) Kenner, Ted Senness, Leo Herrick, Joel Niemeyer, Joe Marrone, Loren Thompson, Bob Borecky (Velotta), and of course, his Honey-Ko, Esther R.I.P.

Felix  C. de Guzman

My father served with the Ship Repair Facility in Subic Bay for so many years before becoming merchant marine. He is one of the pioneer Scoutmaster of Olongapo town. He was a caring dad and helped the community all his life. Those who knew him are welcome to contact me. Bien de Guzman

Benjamin Carrillo

Ben Carrillo passed away in San Diego, California in April 2001.  He was a Financial Manager in the Navy Exchange at Cubi Point for more than 20 years. He was loved by all his workers. Anyone who would like more information about Ben, my father in law, Please feel free to email me. William B. Lewis drkatz690@aol.com

Stumpy - Harold Schroeder
from "Stumpy and Gimpy's Muff Diver's Inn"

Received a call from Harold's wife stating that Stumpy (Harold) from "Stumpy and Gimpy's Muff Diver's Inn" in Subic passed away Sept. 2002 in Louisiana. Posted by: Robert Blagrave robertblagrave@oakharbor.net

Dennis Mitchell Anderson

Dennis Mitchell Anderson was enlisted in the US Navy and was a Flight Engineer. He was stationed at Subic Bay in the late 70's to the early 80's. If anyone knew him, could they contact me at LOfstedal@aol.com . My name is Luke Ofstedal, friend of Dennis's daughter. Thank!

Micheal Lindsey Carson

Sgt. Micheal Carson was enlisted in the US Marines, and after serving a tour in Vietnam he was stationed at Subic Bay in mid 1970.  He met and married a local woman and left Subic Bay in mid 1971.  He passed away in November 1984.  If anyone remembers him, please contact me at spikeamoony@netzero.net .  My name is Carrie and I am his daughter.

Gregorio Zarzadiaz

My father Mr. Gregorio  Zarzadiaz who had serve at U.S. Naval Facilities at Subic Bay, for more than 18 years, worked at the U.S. Naval Magazine as an ordnace man from 1967-1984, Recently had passed away due to diabetis complications last May 20, 2002 in Manila. Anyone who knew him, like his old buddies from the 6o's who are still around, your old buddy "Greg" had left us already. Submitted by: Joven Zarzadiaz joven@focusad.com

Frank V. Estabaya

Born September 17, 1926 - Died March 30,2003
My dad worked at the Subic Naval Base from 1965 - 1985. 20 years of service. He worked for the US Armed Forces for 8 years as a Base Police. The rest of his remaining years in service was at the Dispensary as an AudioMetric Technician. He has a twin brother named Charlie Estabaya who lives in Graham St. Olongapo City and a retired Chief Officer of the Fire Department of Subic Bay. Frank has been living in San Diego for the past 18 years with his wife Pacita. Anyone who has worked with Frank or knows him personally please email his surviving family members at

Frank D. Battiste

AD1 Frank D. Battiste, who worked at Cubi Point AIMD from 1985 until 1989 passed away on June 15, 1997. Frank was assigned to air units, both on shore and on aircraft carriers. We were stationed at Cubi Point together, I worked at the Cubi Point Post Office and His wife Shelley (YN1) work at Cubi Point Admins/classified files.

William Curtis Grant

I, just want to let anyone and all who knew MgSgt William Curtis Grant  USMC-Retired died on  Sept 10, 2002,  William C. Grant served In every major command that existed. Grant was from Plaquemine, Louisiana and left a grieving wife behind. He fought Lymphoma Cancer and other skin cancers. He work at the local post office for twenty two years, truly was a brave human being, when he saw wrongs he tried to correct it and when he saw someone in need he was always there to assist, truly will be miss. 

Michael J. Bertini

3-87/3-89, MSgt, "A" Co. Ret'd MSgt Bertini of Jacksonville, NC died Feb 21, 2004. Sister reported. We regret to announce the death of the following Subic Bay Marines. My sincere condolences to MSgt Bertini’s family; Any Marine that was in A Company during that time, knew of the Company Gunny and I will always remember him because of his guidance, his leadership, and his sense of humor.  I had the pleasure of getting to know him during my time in P.I. with A Company, I conducted his pack-out as a Military Customs Inspector and had the distinct pleasure of discovering many things about the Gunny that would normally not have been known because of our rank differences.  And, we met up at Pendleton years later where we shared some laughs together on a few occasions. Semper Fidelis “Gunny”

Arthur James Smith

Arthur James Smith was a CPO Club Manager 1970 through 1974 at Navcommsta San Miguel Philippines.  "Smitty" passed away Oct 24th 1994 of conjestive heart disease at 4:42 pm in the VA Hospital in Jefferson City Missouri.  He loved the Philippines and talked about it the rest of his life.  His memories and fondness of that wonderful time are carried on by his family, Diana, William, Robert, Dorothy and Mary.  He has a grandson who now serves on the USS Ashland.  His name is Christopher Brown and he really adored his grandpa Art.  We all miss him greatly.

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