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If you are a Filipina looking for a serviceman that was stationed at Subic Bay, or any of the other connecting bases in the area and wish to post a message in order to find this person, send your message in an email with
"SB - Looking For Serviceman"
written in the subject line. I will post your message to the site as soon as I receive it.

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Posted 2-4-00
I was surfing the net for my school assignment when I accidentally found your website. It's great. My late mother had a great friend from the USNavy and he's been a good friend to our family and considered him as an uncle, but we lost contact with him when my mother died. He's a Senior Chief of a frigate USS Norton and he's name is IRVIN EDWARD CARPENTER. He's was in the service around 1978. Any information about him will be most appreciated. I just want to have connections or sort to thank him. Thank you very much.

Fe Farida Bajarias
204 - 2065 Brunswick St. Halifax, NS Canada

Posted 1-15-01
My Name is
Anita Martin. I am looking for a  sailor whom made an impact in my life while he was sation at Cubi Point. He's name is Gregory Jones station years 1985 to 1987 he work at the Naval Hospital at Cubi Point. I am not sure of he's rank. He helped me out whenever he went off base , I used to sell Bubble Gum to the Americans. Thank you.

Anita Martin

Posted 3-22-01
My friend
Efren Villaflor, a former Navy Exchange worker in Subic bay would like to get in touch with his former bosses , David Ensor .Navy Resale Activity deputy exchange manager and James L. Howdeshell, Navy Resale Activity services operations manager, both then stationed in Subic bay. Any information and contact is highly appreciated. Thank you.  Juni Salvador

Efren Villaflor

Posted 5-20-02
I am 
MARLYN (SHORT STUFF)  My Married name is.. MARLENE SCHULER.  From the Philippines. I am looking for my old time friend name ROBERT (AL) MOOSE. FROM  CRAZY HORSE, OWNED AND OPERATED BY: MARGIE JORDAN.  AL'S  nickname is asshole and his friend name is.....JJ!!!. Well, AL, if you happen to see this message please, response. I just want to keep in touch and see how you all doing. Looking forward to read your feed back.

Marlene Schuler

Posted 1-20-03
Hi my name is Josie. I've been in the states for fourteen years, but before that, I lived in Subic City with my family. My step dad work for the public works on base. We did a lot of outings on base and attend a lot of parties their. I later married a navy guy and moved here in the states, but I also made a lot of friends on base, mostly Marines. They are like brothers to me. I've even kept in touch with them till 1993. Then I had to moved around. I am getting ready to go back to P.I. again and somehow I stumbled on this web site and it brought a lot of good memories, just like all these other people, and wishing we were all back there young, crazy, and having fun. Anyway I'm also to see if any of those guys are reading this website and remember me, Josie. I'm not quite sure what company they are. I never ask. His name is Tony Salgado and Carl David. They should know each other. They were all friends and we all hang out at my apartment in 72 Hansen St. Remember it guys? We sure throw a lot of wild parties there and remember my mom and brothers? They love you guys. Anyway, I'm here and doing OK, so give me a buzz. I know Tony has one of my pictures when I live in San Diego, California. Anyway, Thank You, Who ever is reading this right now. I've been trying to get a hold of this guys. Hopefully one of them will read your web site too.

Josie Pinay

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