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If you are a Amerasain who was separated from other family members, do to adoption and/or separation by living in different counties and you wish to post a message in finding them, you may do so by sending an email with
"SB - Family Lookin For Family"
written in the subject line. I will post your message to the site as soon as I receive it.

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Posted 4-11-02
I would like to find my brother
JOJO ( i have no idea what's his last name) i was put up for adoption at age 5.  I was told my mother's name was GLORIA GALANG or GLORIA GALVES, (deceased)  I have no clue as to my father's identity except I was told his name is DAVE MILLER or MUELLER of German descent who was a US serviceman at Subic Bay. JOJO might be carrying the Galves or Galang's last name, he knows of me, and once when I was 10, he even tried to contact me. He might still be living in Mabayuan. I want JOJO to know that I never stopped loving him, and would like to meet him. It is so hard to know that somewhere out there is a person who looks like me and is a part of me and yet we may never meet.  I now have kids of my own and a great Filipino husband.In case he finds this message please email me.

Jane Villacarlos

Posted 12-17-02
Oh Boy, how do I start this, it all started about 30 years ago, when I was born, I was given up for adoption, not to long after that.  I was
Born on November 25, 1972, in Afable Medical Center in Zambales, and the name that was given to me when I was born was Edith Mercy Lozada, then soon became BjorkMy bothers name was Maruja Galla Lozada.  I don't know if she changed her name, I'm assuming that she has.  I've asked my parents to where she might be, but no help from them..  Don't get me wrong I love my parents now, and they have given me so much, but this is something I have to do, (but need alittle help).   I am now married and have a wonderful son, but I also need to know my medical background, and would like to know who my father is.  So if anyone knows the whereabouts of this woman (my mother) I would greatly appreciate it, or knew of her, you can e-mail me.  Thank You and God Bless... :)

Edith Mercy Lozada 

Posted 12-22-02
I am trying to locate my only relative on my Moms side, my uncle John (Jack) W Doyle, my mom had a stroke a year ago and desnt remember a lot but i really have been going crazy trying to find him he was from Pennsylvania ,he had one sister my mom (Maxine Lois Doyle) her birthdate Oct 13 ,1936 uncle Jack was about 3 years younger than her Jacks birthday was Sept 6? he was born in Vineland New Jersey their dads name was John W Doyle and their mom Rachel Layton Doyle ,their mom died when they were young and their grandmother Margaret took care of them with my grandfather, my mom married a sailer Donald Lajoie and moved to Massachusetts she had 8 children my uncle was in the Navy also she lost touch with him we all love and miss him and want to hear from him, he was married to a women named Roberta they had 3 children Marie Catherine (kitty) and Jack Jr. my mom said she last heard from uncle Jack about 15 years ago she said he was in Philippines? as I said her memory isn't well but i thought if i posted maybe he or a ship mate may reconize him , please if anyone has any info please contact me. I really miss and love him and think about him daily.  


Posted 2-16-03
My Name is
Debbie Pyles Loy and adopted a beautiful little girl while I was on active duty in the Phillippines. We are interested in corresponding with her bioligical mother and/or siblings. I adopted her in 1987 (she was 6 mo old). Her mother is Erlinda "Linda" INOT. She worked at JB's in the Barrio at Olongapo. At the time I adopted "Tina" she had 3 older siblings. (A young boy about 2, now about 18 years old, and two girls about 4 and 5, now about 20-21 years old) "Tina" is interested in corresponding with her biological family and learning more about her family. Any info is helpful. Thanks....  


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