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If you are a Former Serviceman that was stationed at Subic Bay or connecting bases in the area and wish to find your Amerasain Child, you may post a message by placing
"SB - Looking For Child"
written in the subject line. I will post your message to the site as soon as I receive it.

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Posted 8-27-02
Name David Porter a Black American looking for daughter. Her name is Juanita, Mother's name Lillian Alamazen. Born in 1971 in Subic Bay. I want to see you, I've been looking for you for a long, long time. I never forgot you. Write me David Porter 17528 Amantha Ave. Carson CA. USA 90746 I want to hug you. I will come and visit you. Anything.

David Porter

Posted 9-16-02
Hi. My boyfriend and I are trying to find a girl who is possibly his daughter in the Olongapo area.  Her mothers name is Nilda Gonzalas, or maybe Nilda Shykes.  The girl would be around 24 years in age today and is named Nea Lynn Hastings.  There is a good chance my boyfriend fathered this child while stationed in Olangapo in the Navy.  If paternity can be prooved he would like to take responsablility for this child.  If not he would like to have his mind set straight that he did not leave a child behind. Thanks to anyone who may be able to help reunite this father/daughter and/or set this situation straight.

Darrell Hastings or Polly Martin at

Posted 9-20-02
I served in US Navy "serpac"
1969 - 1973, On several different ships Camden, Kitty Hawk, Sacramento. I truely believe I fathered a child (most Likly a son) with a lady names Modesta Mente, child born around the fall of 1972, I am Jim Kiper from Oklahoma, and would just like to know for sure.

Jim Kiper

Posted 10-27-02
My name is
Chuck Anderson.  I was stationed on the USS Bellau Wood in November of 1992 during the US withdrawl.  I met a girl named Nenita Catibo or Cativo who worked in a bar called "Mike's Club". She knew me as Andy.  I fell totally in love with her during the short time that I was there and I think about her and my son every day.  At that time, I didn't have the resources to bring them to the states with me, but I do now.  I have never saw or met my son, who's name is David, as she was pregnant at the time of the US withdrawl.  It tears my heart out to think that they might think I forgot about them both, or that I don't care that they are still there.  If anyone can give me any information or her whereabouts please contact me.

Chuck Anderson (Andy)

Posted 11-3-02
My name is
John Hinds. I'm trying to locate my daughter?  Her name is Mariah Vivian Villamen Hinds. Mothers name Merlinda Pornias Villamen Hinds nickname Edna. Before I left the P.I. in 1974, I went to the American Embassy and the Philippine Embassy and filled out paperwork for my wife and daughter to come back to the USA. After doing that i got a letter in the mail about 14 months later that my wife died of cardiac arrest. My daughter, I assumed was raised by her grandmother. I am looking fpr any information that could possibly lead me to my daughter. Thank you

 John Hinds

Posted 11-11-02
Looking for my daughter. Her name is
Angel Reyes, last know, staying with Grand Parents in Manila. She was born February 6, 1984 in Olongapo City. Her mothers name is Nene Reyes, last know in 1989 working in Olongapo. Been looking for you and would like to open communications.

Michael Bacon

Posted 11-25-02
I am looking for a child that was born out of wedlock while I was stationed at the US Naval Communication Station in San Miguel, RP . I am Don Reitmeyer and I was stationed at Company "C" Marine Barracks. I connot remember the mothers name. She was the owner, or worked, at a bar called the Bigfoot in San Miguel, just outside of the Base at San Miguel. I wish to find this child and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. The child would be 15-16 years old. I was shipped home prior to the Childs birth and have never had contact with anyone in the Phillipines since that time. I need to find this child before its 18th birthday, so that I can seek U.S. Citizenship for this child if he/she so chooses and to help the child financially. I sincerely appreciate any help in finding my child.

Don Reitmeyer, III, (570)437-3806
1840 Continental Blvd., Danville, PA 17821

Posted 2-4-05
My name is
Ed Segars, from Wetumpka, Alabama USA. I was in the US Navy during the Vietnam War, in the mid sixties. Early in 1969, I caught up with my ship the USS Hunterdon County, LST 838 bound for Vietnam.  While there I met a young Filipino girl named Lisa.  We met in a bar in Olongapo. We were together every night for several weeks, until my ship set sail for the rivers of the Me Kong Delta, South Vietnam.  I had left Lisa with my address so she could write me.  After about six months, I received a letter from her informing me that she was pregnant with my child.   As fate would have it a few weeks later, we had suffered some bad damage to our river boats & ship, so we set sail back to Subic for dry dock and repairs to our boats. I found Lisa and sure enough she was about six months along.  We saw each other while I was there and she wanted me to send for her when I return to the United States. She assured me that it was mine, that she had not been with anyone else after me. I didn't believe her, I thought she was looking for a free ticket back to the States.   I don't remember her last name, only that she live near White Rock Beach.  She had a nick name for me, "Honaco", whatever that means.   The reason I searching for her is if this child was mine, I'd like to know, bring he or she to the United States, give this person a chance to meet his or her birth father.   Lisa was about 21 or 22 at the time, maybe younger. If anyone has any information about this person or the child, please contact me.  The child would be about 35 years old now.   My wife has incouraged me to make this attempt to try and find this person or any information.  I am a very happily married man, not interested in anything but the truth about this child.

Ed Segars
Wetumpka, Alabama USA

Posted 2-12-05
My name is Steve Wolf and was deployed to Sangley and Cubi Point in the early '70's with VP-17Cecilia Jurado, whom I had lived with while at Sangley Point, worked out of the Crown Zee Bar and she was very pregnant when I departed in 1971.  I do know that she had a daughter, but I don't know her name (my wife took it upon herself to destroy all correspondence, pictures, etc. that had associated Cecilia and myself ).  I do know that Cecilia had a sister that was married to a "sailor", and that she (her sister) did reside in the U.S.  Cecilia relocated to Olongapo after Sangley Point was closed and worked out of a bar, there.  I did see her occasionally, while at Cubi, but I never did see her/our daughter while on deployment there.  I left (discharged) midway through deployment in July of 1973.  Cecilia did have a "significant other" from another squadron (VP-6, I believe), so someone may know of her through acquaintances of individuals in that squadron. I would really like to know how both mother and daughter are and, if possible, make every effort to contact them or they can contact me.  If anyone can give me any information about either person I would greatly appreciate it.

Steve Wolf

Posted 7-8-08
My name is DM Tony Newlin,1stSGT USMC retired. From Oct 1967 thru May 1969 I was a member of "Special Landing Force Bravo" USMC stationed aboard the USS Tripoli (LPH-10) and the USS Valley Forge (LPH-8). During this period I made many visits to Subic Bay/Olongapo between combat operations in Vietnam. I fell in love with a very special girl who went by the name Lucy Marino or Lucy Bulo. Lucy worked at the Birdland Club on Rizal Ave, she had red hair. She was my only girlfriend and I truly believe that we were in love. I last saw her in April 1969 as I was "forced" to the states in May. I returned to Vietnam Oct 1969 and I was suppose to go to the PI for R&R during April 1970. As luck would have it the PI was placed under Marshall Law and I was sent to Hong Kong. When I arrived in Hong Kong The USS Tripoli was also there. At which time my Navy Buddies told me that Lucy had given birth to my son. They had all seen him and said that he looked just like me. There was no doubt in their minds that the child was mine. I was medivaced to the States during June 1970 and when I arrived home in Philadelphia I was surprised to find a letter form Lucy telling me about the baby. After I was released from the Philadelphia Naval Hospital I again went back to Vietnam in Sept 1970. During this tour of duty I was assigned to a Korean Marine Corp Recon Company Operating in the Que Son mountains southwest of Da Nang. I received a letter from Lucy advising that she was in California and that she wanted me to come and get her. I was in no position to leave Vietnam and go and meet her. She called my family who was more than willing to help her, but we lost contact with her after that. In 1982 while stationed at Camp Lejune, NC. I met one of Lucy's aunts who was married to a marine. She told me all about my son and that his name was "Antonio". She gave me an address to write to him, but I never had the heart to send him a letter after such a long time. I lost the address. I retired from the Marine Corp in 1986 and have since retired from NJ Law Enforcement. I am married but have never had any children, so I asking anyone who can help me find Lucy and my son "Antonio". Let them know that I love them deeply. I will travel anywhere to find them.

Tony Newlin

Posted 11-14-10
I was on the
USS Midway Nov 74-Nov 76 in V-4 division. I used to hang out at the Cherry Club in Subic City where I met a lady named Marilyn Galos. In July 76 she gave birth to a baby girl and I was told I was her father.I wrote to Marilyn many years ago and the letter came back return to sender. At the time I was married to a real bi-atch and she almost divorced me when she found out I was trying to get in touch with Marilyn to try to see my daughter.I am divorced from that bi-atch and re-married to the most wonderful woman that wants me to see if I can find my daughter.If anyone knows the whereabouts on Marilyn or my daughter could you email me. I would love to see my daughter and if she wanted to, she could move in with me and my new wife. As I said I was married to a bitch from hell for almost 28 years and I stayed just long enough for my youngest to turn 18 so I could divorce her. Any help anyone can give in finding my daughter will be appreciated.

Stephen Jackson

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