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If you are a Former Serviceman, who was stationed, or passed through the PI, looking for a Filipino that they knew in the area and wish to post a message in order to find this person, send your message in an email with "SB - Looking For Filipino" written in the subject line. I will post your message to the site as soon as I receive it.

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Posted 1-17-00
My name is
John Brown, and I'm retired Navy. During my visit to the Philippines in March of 1991, I met a girl who worked at the "Bayview Inn", out in Subic City, and her name was "Charito".. She & I got along very well, and I've often wondered about how she's been doing, especially since the base closure. Anyone knowing of her whereabouts please contact me.

Also, there was this girl at the "Cockeyed Cowboy" named Rowena, that I met in September 1986. She was very special to me. Anyone knowing of her whereabouts please contact me. Thank you.

P.S.: Anyone who's ever been to Subic Bay, I'm sure, hold some special memories of that place. I know I do.

John P. Brown USN-Retired
or via voice mail at 619-688-4617

Posted 4-18-00
Just trying to find anyone who knew a girl that was there
sometime around 1990 or before.  She supposedly worked for a Navy guy stationed on base. Her name was Adolor Lapuz.

James Newton

Posted 7-30-00
I"m trying to locate a girl I met in Olongapo City in 1971. Her name is
Virgie Cabal and she worked close to the river, where you came through the gate. She stayed with a cousin that lived off to the right of the river,but she lived about 40 minutes outside of Olongapo. If anyone knows if she is still around, I would appreciate hearing from you.  Thanks, John.

John Johnston,Sgt.USMC.1971, USS New Orleans

Posted 7-31-00
I am trying to locate a girl I knew from Subic City in 1987-1988. Her name is
Linda Lomod. Please e-mail me with any info. Thank you.

William Bridges

Posted 2-1-01
Wanting to contact
Aurora Capacity, who formerly worked at the Magic Glow Restaurant and Bar, Olongapo City.  She should be approximately 54-55 years old. I was a sailor on the USS Manatee AO 58 between 1966-1969.  Any information on her and a way to contact her would be appreciated.   Thank you!

Monty, USS Manatee AO 58, 1966-1969

Posted 3-21-01
I was a seaman on the Santa Juana. My name is
Max Guiher. I had the best times of my life in Subic Bay. I was there, off and on for about 15 years on different ships and on vacation several times. I am looking for Olivia Tores. She worked at the Brown Fox. Also a girl named Beth Castaneda. She had two daughters. She also worked at the Brown Fox. I would love to here from anyone who remembers me. Phone # 707-556-9717

Max Guiher, Merchant Marine

Posted 8-24-01
I'm looking for my old girlfriend from Subic Bay. Any one who can help me, I would be very greatful for your help. I have had it with the American women now and hoping I can find the one I should have never let go. For what ever its worth, I would be very greatful for any information that any one can give me. Her name she went by was
Zingzing Rozelle. Not sure of the spelling so I'm sending a picture of her. If it helps, she use to work in a few of the clubs there just off the base. Thank you so very much guys.

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Name Not Given

Posted 9-01-01
I served at the Cubi Point Marine Barracks between 1973 and 1975. I arrived there as a E-4 and left a E-5. During my time in the Philippines, I fathered a child by a Filipino lady named
ELIZABETH, she went by a nick name of LISA, which may have been spelled Liza. Have very little information to go on in my search, but hoped that maybe you could post my story on your site.

My situation in this search is kind've difficult since the lady I mentioned was married to a US Navy man who had left the Philippines in November 1973, unknown to me when I met Elizabeth in December 1973. She became pregnant by me during January to March 1974 and had the baby during 1974 at the US Naval Hospital. No doubt she tried to pass this child off as her then husband, but when he returned to the Philippines in July 1974 he abandoned her and the child due to he knew he could not have been the biological father, due to pregnancy dates, as well as the fact he was a black male and I am a white male.

I have been trying to locate this child since 1985 but had little to go on, and purchased a computer in 1998. I am attaching a photo of me taken during 1973 that would give anyone who knew me some recognition of me. Elizabeth may or may not even be in the Olongapo city area but she was 26 years old during 1974 time period and would be around 52 to 53 years old today. The child being born in 1974 would be between 26 to 27 years of age.

Since I am sure Elizabeth has just as little information on me as I had on her. We lived together briefly between Decemeber 1973 to April 1974 and I was angry at her for her deception of being married and not telling me. I really just tried to forget her. But the child was a innocent in this story. I am disabled and have a terminal illness and wish to find my child while I am still living and awknowledge them and help them in any way I can. Thank you for reading this.

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My name and mailing address: Ralph Hill, PO Box 2105, Quartzsite, Arizona, 85346 (updated 8-30-05)
My email address: (updated 10-17-05)

Update 10-4-01

I submitted a request to have my case posted on your site, I just today recieved a email from the mayor of Olongapo city which might lead me to discoverying my childs where abouts.     

As I stated in my information, ELIZABETH, the lady I am seeking, with whom I fathered a child in the Philippines in Olongapo, was unknown to me married at the time we met in December 1973, she became pregnant between January 1974 to March 1974, this would have put the birth between August 1974 to maybe in January 1975 at the latest. Elizabeth's US navy husband left the Philippines in November 1973 and returned in July 1974. He found her pregnant and abandoned her in the Philippines. He could not have been the biological father.

This child mentioned by the mayor of Olongapo, based on a birth date of December 19th, 1975 could not have been my child unless the actual date of birth was falsified and it was December 19th 1974. This might have been possible very easily to have the Philippine birth records falsified especially when late birth registerations are quite common in Olongapo, but the US naval birth records would not have been so easily changed to reflect a different date, but this does lead me to wonder did Elizabeth knowing the date of her pregnancy and birth and the fact her husband was not physically in the Philippines during that time cause her to later try and fix the dates to more match a believable birth record for later use to gain US citizenship. It is an idea, since Elizabeth was not known for honesty, but I do not believe this would have worked unless somehow she could have changed the US base hospital records or hoped they would not be checked. I cannot imagine a US embassy investigation into a birth claim not checking the base hospital records unless the birth was not claimed to have occured there, but it seems the birth was listed there by someone either the mother or the US base officials.

It is worth me checking into because there could not have been many ladies with the first name of Elizabeth who bore a child at the US naval hospital during the time in question. I am attaching the email so if by any chance this Leslie Mae Dailey has contacted your organization in the past and maybe contacted her alleged biological father and been denied as to paternity this may be the child I am seeking. It is the closest I have come to anyone remotely possible as my child. The birth date is the key, if it is factual and correct as being occured in December 19, 1975, then she cannot be mine, but if by any remote chance the date was entered incorrectly by mistake or by intent and was really December 19, 1974, then she is a very likely candidate for being my child. It is worth me mentioning to you and anyone else I can. Any assistance in locating Ms. Leslie Mae Dailey is greatly appreciated. Thank you and may god bless you. RALPH HILL, PO Box 2105, Quartzsite, Arizona, 85346 (updated 8-30-05)

Copy of Email From Mayor of Olongapo

Posted 11-22-01
While I was visiting Subic in 1986, my seadad introduced me to two young ladies at the
Midnight Rambler in the Barrio.  Eleven years later I decided I married the wrong one.  Hahaha.  Emily (Emy) Torres served a good mojo and made sure the air siren woke us all up each morning to avoid liberty risk.  Anyone know Emy's whereabouts now?  I am interested in finding out how she is doing these days.  Please write me. Thanks.

Randy, 1986 or

Posted 12-29-01
Would like to know the whereabouts of an old friend,
circa 87. Her name is Trace Medina. Would very much like to hear how things turned out for her. Thanks!

Cpl Dean (Dino) Hamlin, VMFA-212, WestPac 87

Posted 2-6-02
I married a Filipina during a Westpac, and lost touch with her.  She was one of the "Toss me Coins" Queen outside the main gate.  She went by
JENNIFIER, but her true name was VIOLETA C. ALCANTARA.  Her father, Simeon, used to live at 15 Otero Ave, Ext, in Olongapo.  As I understand it, she had my child in 1978, but we lost touch due to her family's interference.  I'd like to get hold of her, and see if its true, and just to see hows she has fared over the years.  I have added the only photos I have left.  Any info and any help you might provide will be most appreciated. Thanks!

DONN OSIER MS3 USS Ramsey (FFG-2) 1976-7 USS Schofield (FFG-3) 1978 (updated 12-9-09)

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Posted 4-14-02
I was stationed at B Co. Marine Barracks at Cubi Point from 1981-1982.  I trying to locate a girl that i knew in Olongapo?  I thought about checking immigration to see if she got to the US.. or checking the records at Olongapo.  I just wanted to see how she made out.  She was my "steady girlfriend" when I was there.  Her name was
FLORDELISA OBSUNAR ZILMAR.  Her father lived there with us on the corner of Gallagher and whatever the main road was that Ninas Papagayo was on.  His name was PASCUAL ZILMAR.  He worked at Group 6 in the magazine.  If anyone has any info that could help in this matter, it would be much appreciated.  Thanks!


Posted 4-28-02
I was stationed at Naval magazine subic from jan 1983 to dec 1985/ in 1985, my wife and I separated and i began living with a filipina named Juileta Minoza Guaca, whom I had met at Dollys Tavern in olongapo. julie and i lived togoeht for about nine months until i rotated out and back to the states. unfortunately i went to norfolk va. I stayted in touch with her until she stopped writing to me. I was very much in love with her and have suspicion that she may have beeen pregnany when i transfered. if any one could point me in the right direction to just find out what ever happened to her i would greatly appreciate it. My name is Stephen M Stoddard, i was a bm2 at the time.

Stephen M Stoddard

Posted 4-28-02
Looking for
Lita Diaz of Subic City and another lady from the Hay Ride in Olongapo. I was with Delta Co, 7thEngrBn at the time Oct 74 thru Feb 75.    

Vernon E. Shimanek Jr.
Home:   Home# 2:   Work:

Posted 5-7-02
Looking for a wonderful lady we called
"PI Jo". Circa 69-73, Sangley Pt and Cubi Pt.  She knew the thirteen steps of the P-3 "Fails to feather checklist".  She was a VP-9 and VP-17 morale officer... Thanks


Posted 5-9-02
Just taking a shot. I was a young Marine 71-73 who found his one and only at the
3rd Eye club. Bad mojo resulted in young jarheads quick medivac / departure from the PI. Last known address 327 Cobling lane, BAHAC BAHAC???, Jackie
Santos...Marilou Escato
...still think of ya babe Iif you or anyone out there knows anything please contact me.

Neil Falcone

Posted 5-14-02
My name is
Ike and I am looking for my first love that I left in the P.I. Her name is Leony Arellano. She worked at the Mercy Drug nexzt to Victory Liner Station and at the one next to Bajac-Bajac market and also as a tour guide. Last time I heard from her she was working for Shell in Olongapo. Also there was a midget, think her name was Grace that worked in the Jungle while I was stationed there from 85 - 90. I would like to know if she is still around.

Eric I. Kemp

REPLY>>>> Looking for Eric Kemp. If you are still looking for Leony Arellano, per your posted request, I got her current phone number:  Smithdeal at
This is the reason why everyone should keep their email addresses up-to-date!

Posted 5-15-02
We are looking for our friend
Letticia "Letty" Austria.  I knew Letty from my trips into the Philippines circa 1977-1979 (on the Kirk out of Yokosuka).  Joy became Letty's room mate circa 1979.  I was stationed at NTCC Cubi Point Oct 1979 to Dec 1982.  We lost contact with Letty after we transfered in Dec 1982.  If anyone knew Letty or knows where we can continue our search for her, please contact us

Ray & Joy Shepherd  Salamat Po.

Posted 5-19-02
We are still looking for
"Edna" Butalid, also known as Edna Woods, who lived on Calchon Street in Subic City during 1978 and 1979.  She was born about 1949 and was reputedly from Cebu Province.  If anyone can provide any leads or information, please Email me right away!!

Also, we want to advertise for her in the LOCAL NEWSPAPER that would have the most circulation in the Subic City/Olongapo area.  Can anyone help us???

Earl R. Hendry
Phone 423/772-4710, Roan Mountain, TN  - U. S. A.

Posted 5-28-02
My name is
Miguel Reyes. I was station on the USS Waddell at Subic Bay in the late part of 1965. I met Alicia Ortiz . She had a son name Reynaldo born Nov. 18,1966. If anyone has any information about Alicia or Reynaldo please e-mail me. Thank you.

Miguel Reyes

Posted 6-5-02
John D. Thomas (Dave) of Macedonia, Ohio.  I'm looking for a girl who wrote my parents.  Her name is Lolita and she sold barbecue on Magsaysay.  Just wondering what she's been doing.

John D. Thomas

Posted 6-14-02
My name is
Joe Wilson.  I'm looking for Flora (Florie) Solano, who was in Olongapo in 1983.  Any info on her whereabouts is appreciated.  Her photo is on this site's "girls of Olongapo" page, from the 80's, number 43.  She is on the left in the photo.  Any info on her or the photo is appreciated.  She had worked at the "Green Apple" on Magsaysay in Olongapo.

Joe Wilson

Posted 6-18-02
I'm trying to locate a real good friend named
Amy. We first met in 1984. She has a beautiful daughter named Brenda Lee. I haven't seen them sense 1989. I just want to say Hi and make sure that you are OK. My friends and I hung out in the 9000 Disco and 168 restaurant. I was then a Cpl TAD to the Upper MEF 1983 - 86 and again in 1989.

Myron C Sims

Posted 6-29-02
I'm looking for a woman named
Cleotide Joaquin. We keeped in touch for a while and her and my mom keped in touch. And then I lost contact. And I understand that she may have had my baby.I don't know the childs name. But this was in 1970 or 71 in Subic Bay, I believe. She was a wonderful woman and I fell madly in love. Any info would be very helpful.

Gary Aguiar

Posted 8-7-02
My name is
Caleb Carmichael,but most people knew me by "Hoagy." I was mad about a girl named Adalena, when I was on the USS Prairie AD15 1979& 80. Also seen her during 1984 when working as a civilian on a cruiser. She had her own place down in the "Jungle at one time. Anyone knowing her whereabouts, contact me through my E-mail address please.

Caleb Carmichael (Hoagy)

Posted 8-15-02
Not sure how this works, but I recently ran into someone that I once knew while in the U.S. Navy and he told me that a girl I had relations with while stationed in the PI had told him that she had given birth to my son, and that I did not know. And that if he ever saw me again, would he pass the information on. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but this concerns me, a lot, and I would like to resolve this, one way or the other if possible. My name is
Pete Osborne, I do not remember very much, I met this girl in 1979 and then again in 1981, while stationed at Subic Bay. I know that she used to work on Gordon Street or Ave, just out the main gate to the right.  The name she was using at the time was Lourdes or Black Lourdes.  In 1981 she had an apartment on Gordon Street, down by Villa's Taco.

Pete Osborne

Posted 8-16-02
I would like to here about what happened to
Maravic"Vicki" Reglos I met  her  when I was on a CVW Beach Det.1983/84 she worked at the Mariners club at Cubi, on later cruses 1985/86 she worked at the Chief's club. I herd she Married a Chief Lopez in 1986 or 87, Maravic was from  Zambales. If any one can please let me know what ever became of Maravic please let me know.

AZC D.Velasquez USNR  Ret.

Posted 8-27-02
I am looking for a girl that I use to party with while we were inport for RR. in Subic Bay.  Her name is
Virgina Navarro and is the one person who helped me with my sanity to make it through VietNam.The  two songs that she will know who I am is...Country Roads (West Virgina) John Denver and For the goodtimes, Ray Price  I was in Subic Bay from Jan.1972 thru Aug.1972, I was a PC2 serving onboard the USS Sterett DLG31.

Darryl  Maddox

Posted 8-28-02
My name is
Phil I was station on board the USS kitty Hawk (1971-1973). Looking for information on "Dolly Obispo" she worked in the bar name D-Wave which was upstairs.


Posted 10-6-02
My name is
James Rush. I served onboard the USS Sterett and then on the base in Subic/Cubi from '81 to '85. I am looking for someone that really means a lot to me, regardless if she is married now or not. I would just like to know if she is ok. Her name is Luz Carment Torrencio. Her Birthday is June 11th (not sure of the year). She goes by the name of "E.T."..but I don't know why!  She has a brother names June. She is from Visaya; not sure of the place there though. And she would be about 38 years old now. If you know Luz, please have her contact me via e-mail. Or e-mail me..with her information and I will contact her. During my stay in the Philippines I met a lot of very nice people, and saw things that nobody will ever see again. And someday, I wish to retire there.   God Bless the Pinoy!!  

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James A. Rush, 315-568-4892

Posted 10-6-02
Hi my name is
Kerry McCormick and I was stationed at Cubi Pt EDF back in 81-82. I'm looking for a Filipina named Florida T Acosta. She worked at the EDF as a civilian mess attendant. Here are a few pictures of her and I , and one picture of Flor and her family taken at their house in San Miquel Tarlac. Any information on how I could get in contact with her would be greatly appreciated.

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Kerry McCormick

Posted 10-7-02
My name is Phillip Kuhn and was stationed at Subic Bay from 1968-1970 attached to PSRD (Yard Tugs).  The friend I'm seeking has to be at least in his late 60's or early 70's.  His name is John (do not remember his last name) and he worked in the electronics shop repairing radios.  Several of the personnel stationed there use to go to John's house on the weekend and we would buy spaghetti, sauce, and meat which his wife would cook, there was so much the whole town would come over and eat.  John lived about a hour and a half bus ride from the base and the village was small.  Just wanted to let him know he was not forgotten, as the letters sent were never answered nor returned as undeliverable.

Phillip L. Kuhn Sr.

Posted 10-25-02
Hi..My name is
Louis and back in 1976 I was staioned in Subic Bay Olongapo City and I met a wonderful girl which worked in one of the clubs pretty close to the gate, whom I came to love very much, but when it came time to leave, I never hesitated. Like a fool, on account of my enlistment being up, I returned to the states, though now I wish I never left. I didn't re-enlist and I've missed her ever since. I don't even know if she remembers me but, I never forgot her. She use to call me HONEY-CO if anyone knows her please have her contact me. I WOULD BE SO HAPPY to hear from her after all this time.  I can't remember the club but I met her 2 sisters of one was involved with a SGT and I of course forgot his name. I also met her parents back then. Gee I hope she still around?? I know before I left she had just moved, and the last pictures I have of her were on the upstairs balcony, but I never got her new address . How stupid could I have been??? Anyway, its a long shot but I'll be waiting to hear anything. Hope you remember AMY?


Posted 10-25-02
My name is Pat Canington and I am assisting my father-in-law locate a man by the name of
Mr. Bigalow. Mr. Bigalow had a stepdaughter Dorothy Lee Glynn. Mr. Bigalow worked for the Naval Amuniton Depot. My father-in-law's name is Olan Howard Canington and he is in his 70's and is wondering if he still might be around. Maybe someone knows Mr. Bigalow and could pass this message on to him. Thank you for your help in this mat

Pat Canington

Posted 10-25-02
I was stationed on the
Gunston Hall and Oak Hill (LSD's) during Viet Nam. I had a house at 25 Draper St. in Olongapo. I was in Olongapo from 66-69. I am looking for one of the girls who use to work at this club . It was called "Marcy's" and was located one block south of the " Club Rainbow" . The woman I'm looking for is Remy B. Sapnu. The last I heard of her, she was working in a clothing store in Olongapo (1994). You can reach me at the email address below.

Eugene D. Aurand

Posted 11-03-02
My name is
Kerry McCormick and I was stationed at the Cubi Pt Enlisted Dining Facility back in 81 - 82. I'm looking for a Filipina named Flor Acosta. She worked at the EDF as a Civilian Cess Cttendant. I have been looking for her for the past couple of years with no luck. If anyone knows of her and or where she is at, please e-mail me. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me find her. This is a Picture of her at the EDF, she is the one on the left in the white blouse. I really need to find her. Thanks!

Click Here For Photo

Kerry McCormick

Posted 11-03-02
Was part of the evacuation of Saigon in 75, (VC boat people) visited a club outside of Olongapo by the name of either the Rose Club or Club Rose met a young lady by the name of Nancy Gonzalez (sp). Just wondering what ever happened to her.

Paul Shultz

Posted 12-08-02
My name is
David Harrison and I served on the USS Okinawa. While on a West Pac tour in 1978 I met a Magdalina Doral in Subic Bay. I have been looking for her for some time. She worked on the Subic Bay Naval Base at that time. If anyone would happen to know of her please contact me.  

Dave Harrison

Posted 12-10-02
My name
Morgan Cruthirds. I served in the P.I. from Jan.1990 until Sept 1991.  I was stationed at "B" Co. Marine Barracks in 3rd Plt. Port Side. There were a group of Houseman that worked for the Marines there on their uniforms and civi's.  I liked to to get in contact with some of them if possible, mainly a man named Freemie. The others were Lex, and Rudy.

Morgan Cruthirds

Posted 12-17-02
My name is
Douglas Harris and I met a wonderful lady by the name of Vicky Blance during a couple of port visits to Olongapo city in 1985 and again in 1987.  As a result of my visit in 1985 she became pregnant and had a son by the name of Purnell.  I have been searching for years to get in touch with her and Purnell.  If anyone knows of her whereabouts I would greatly appreciate your relaying her a message to contact me.

Douglas Harris

Posted 1-7-03
I visited Olongapo many times in 1967-1968.. My name is Steve Steinhaus and I served aboard USS DAMATO DD-871 and USS FURSE DD-882.. The New Life Club was where I hung out, and I remember a particular young lady that worked there.. Her name is Isidora Pallatain (sp) "DORI" .. I'm just curious as to what ever became of her.. She was what made SUBIC such a special place for me..!!!

Steve Steinhaus

Posted 1-10-03
I'm wondering what ever happened to
Rosy Reggae, We lived together in 1976 at # 1 Johnson St. Subic Bay,Olongapo. Al "JJ" Davis from the USS Henry B. Wilson, DDG7.

Al "JJ" Davis

Posted 1-13-03
Antonio Ramirez, at present, I'm working here in the US Naval Hospital, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I used to work at SRF Subic from 1976 -1982 as CRA. I would like to know the whereabouts of Mr. Ben Gregorio and Joe Sia. If anyone knows them, please email me their address and I would like to get in touch with them.

Antonio Ramirez

Posted 1-13-03
My name is
Darryl Alexander I was aboard the USS Whipple. I ment Corazon Male at D'Westerner Club in Olongapo in 1973 we were good friends I ment her again in 1974 and 75 Lost contact after living the ship in 1976 Would like to know how she is doing now days.

Darryl Alexander

Posted 1-13-03
My name is
Benjamin Soto and visited PI in late '75-'76. Knew a girl who worked at Funtown named Ofelia Ganmelas Lopez and she had a girl named Cecilia. Cecila should be around 23 years or so. I also met a young lady named Melinda Luceterio who worked at Cindy's (sandwich place). Any info would be greatly appreciated. Salamat po.

Benny (pogi)

Posted 1-16-03
My name is John Sams and I visited Olongapo City several times during a WestPac deployment in 1987.  On my first visit I met a young lady named Gina Cayanan who worked at the Apple Rock Bar there.  She and I wrote several times afterwards, but lost touch once I was discharged from the service.  I still have her pictures and think of her often.  I'd like to find out whatever happened to her.  If anyone knows, please send me an email. 

  John Sams

Posted 1-30-03
Looking for a friend that I met while she was a waitress in Rolling Stones in 1987 when she was my wife's best friend; the former Annie Fama.  I believe that she married a Marine and was in Okinawa and working in the Exchange accounting office on Camp Butler as of last year.  Marlon's family has contacted me and they are trying to find you.  Please send me an e-mail and I will pass your e-mail address on to Marlon's brother.  They are asking about Marvin.

Dino Flores

Posted 2-2-03
Zeny, are you out there?  I know you tried to reach me a few times, but by the time I found the message and responded it was too late.  My name is Thomas Sukalski, and I'm looking for Zeny Lundert.

Thomas Sukalski

Posted 3-18-03
I am trying to locate
Liza Mendoza aka Felicia Condesa, she worked at the Silver Dollar in Olongapo 1990 and 1991, she had a house in Sta Monica subdivision. She also had a friend named Odess Erang who also lived in Sta monica subdivision. I intended to marry her, but upon my return to the states and multiple moves I lost contact with her. You know how it goes. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Guy Leitch

Posted 3-19-03
My name is
Kevin Norwood and I was wondering whatever happened to my friend Zenie who was a waitress at the "Japanese Teahouse Restaurant" in Olongapo I was there with the USS Enterprise on the 1975-75 WesPac and part of the 1976 Wespac cruise.  She was a real sweetheart and I always wonder what happened to her.

Kevin Norwood

Posted 3-19-03
I am looking for
Ramone S Nilo and his sister Cecilia NiloRamone worked as an engineer at the Metropolitan Water Works in Manila, early 1980'.  Cecilia lived in Olongapo City, early 1980's. I believe they also had a brother named Jesse Nilo.  Please send any information you may have to me. Thanks and God Bless.

Donald McCray

Posted 5-27-08
My name is
John and I was stationed at FSD (Security) in Subic Bay from 1989-1992. I am looking for Angelita, who worked in Slims Tavern during that time.


Posted 5-27-08
My name is
George Wood and I am trying to find Anna Odiver and Cecilla Romero of Olongapo City.  They should be in their early to mid 50's now.  I was there aboard the USS LaSalle April thru July 1976 for overhaul.  I met them both when they worked at the Big E #2 on Magsaysay and I lived with Cecilla for two months while I was there.  Letty, Mama and Baby Boom Boom also lived me and Cecilla.  We lived in an apartment on Corpuz Rd.  Please send me an email if anyone knows anything about them.  Thanks.

George Wood

Posted 6-17-08
I had a daughter in Olongapo around year 84 or 85. Her name was Christine Tacitac Fe Williams. Her mother was Miranda Fe Tacitac. I was a navy sailer that worked at the NAS LOX Plant by the Midway Hanger. I only saw her at birth and than got shipped out with no response or contact these many years. I lost her Birth certificate, only a Pik of me and her during her Baptism.. If there is any help please let me know. Thank you.

Christopher Page Williams or Chris

Posted 7-8-08
My name is DM Tony Newlin,1stSGT USMC retired. From Oct 1967 thru May 1969 I was a member of "Special Landing Force Bravo" USMC stationed aboard the USS Tripoli (LPH-10) and the USS Valley Forge (LPH-8). During this period I made many visits to Subic Bay/Olongapo between combat operations in Vietnam. I fell in love with a very special girl who went by the name Lucy Marino or Lucy Bulo. Lucy worked at the Birdland Club on Rizal Ave, she had red hair. She was my only girlfriend and I truly believe that we were in love. I last saw her in April 1969 as I was "forced" to the states in May. I returned to Vietnam Oct 1969 and I was suppose to go to the PI for R&R during April 1970. As luck would have it the PI was placed under Marshall Law and I was sent to Hong Kong. When I arrived in Hong Kong The USS Tripoli was also there. At which time my Navy Buddies told me that Lucy had given birth to my son. They had all seen him and said that he looked just like me. There was no doubt in their minds that the child was mine. I was medivaced to the States during June 1970 and when I arrived home in Philadelphia I was surprised to find a letter form Lucy telling me about the baby. After I was released from the Philadelphia Naval Hospital I again went back to Vietnam in Sept 1970. During this tour of duty I was assigned to a Korean Marine Corp Recon Company Operating in the Que Son mountains southwest of Da Nang. I received a letter from Lucy advising that she was in California and that she wanted me to come and get her. I was in no position to leave Vietnam and go and meet her. She called my family who was more than willing to help her, but we lost contact with her after that. In 1982 while stationed at Camp Lejune, NC. I met one of Lucy's aunts who was married to a marine. She told me all about my son and that his name was "Antonio". She gave me an address to write to him, but I never had the heart to send him a letter after such a long time. I lost the address. I retired from the Marine Corp in 1986 and have since retired from NJ Law Enforcement. I am married but have never had any children, so I asking anyone who can help me find Lucy and my son "Antonio". Let them know that I love them deeply. I will travel anywhere to find them.

Tony Newlin

Posted 3-27-09
Brohmer, Ricky was a Ch-53 Crew Chief TAD with HMM165, in the summer of 1978.  I was stationed aboard LPH 3 the U.S.S. New Orleans.  My experiences in Olongopo were many and all good.  I met so many wonderful people, musicians, bar girls, bar owners and fellow Marine and sailors.  I was wondering if anyone knew the where about of a young women named Adelpha De La Cruz who was a hostess at the Friendly Bar II in Olongopo.  I have thought of her over the many years and wonder if she was still in the Philippines.  If Adelpha is still living in the Philippines, please let me know.

Brohmer, Ricky

Posted 1-6-11
MY name is "
Michael Powell", in 1975 I was stationed at the marine base in Olongopo where I fell in love and married a young ladie name "Amilia" I cannot think of her maiden name but I have missed her for so many years. I did her wrong after she lost our child by falling in a store. For a year and a half I pushed her away and would not answer her letters because mentally I could not accept the lost of my first and only child. I have searched for years for her but because I could not remember her maiden name no one could help me. All I know is that her frist name is "Amilia" and she had a sister that was in the hospital for a knee operation in 1975 and she had introduced me to some of her other family.When I frist met "Amilia" she was working in a tailor shop on the strip while I was walking shore patrol. If some one could please let me know some thing it would put my heart at ease.

Michael Powell

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