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If you are Amerasian looking for your other parent that was once a serviceman passing through or stationed at Subic Bay or other bases connected and wish to post a message in order to find this person, send your message in an email with "SB - Looking For Parent" written in the subject line. I will post your message to the site as soon as I receive it.

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Posted 12-11-99
I'd just like to seek for help regarding the concern of my cousin's cousin who's looking for his American Father who formerly works from the SUBIC NAVAL BASE here in the Philippines.
His parents have divorced and he chooses to stay with his mother. They have been separated for quite long and never heard from his Father since then. What bothers him much is that his two other sisters whom his Father have them with him. Anyone, I personally beg for help on behalf of this guy, please help me search for the whereabouts of his Father:

Details:  Mr. Larry Parker, 2nd Class Secret Base Intelligence. Best Regards, Tirso


Posted 3-14-00
Warm greetings! I am
John Neligh Jr., born and live in the Philipines. I am looking for my father John Howard Neligh. He was once assignd in Subic Military Base in Olongapo City, Philippines sometime in the 60's as a US Navy. His serial number is USN-SN-5476169. He must be about 60 years old now. How may I locate him? I can be contacted at in the Philippines or at in the US. Thanks a lot. Respectfully yours, John Neligh Jr.

John Neligh Jr. - or -

Posted 11-11-01

Posted 12-01-01
Hi! I'm
KIMBERLY ANN BENZON, 17 years old and presently residing at Bong-Ao, Valencia, Negros Oriental, Phillipines. I'm now studying at Silliman University. I was just surfing when I found your website. I read messages and it encourages me to write you because it's been now a long time since I last saw my dad. He once work at the Subic Bay, where he met with my mother. His name is TERRANCE M. FULMER, a native of Chicago, Illinois. I was born on October 16, 1983, so I believe that he worked there at around 80's. I just want to know the whereabout of my father now co'z I miss him, I miss my dad. I have some pictures of him together with his peers, with my mother and brother. My mother's name is Judith Melita Benzon. I've been looking for possible ways on how to get contact with him. any information will help me a lot, and I hope that you can help me with this. I would really appreciate it and also if you can reccomend me with someone who will be a great help just e-mail me at . I'm thanking you in advance.

Kimberly Ann Benzon

Posted 1-30-02
I am assisting my dear friend in the search for her father - a former Navy man stationed at Subic Bay, PI. My friends name is
RENEA ROGERS. She was born (as far as she knows) on April 11, 1975 on the Subic Naval Base to an African American man with the last name of ROGERS (first name unknown). Her mother was Filipino and her first name was DELORES (last name unknown). This is all the information she has.

Renea now lives in the United States with her American husband and new daughter. She is expecting another child and would dearly like to locate her father. She was told that when she was about five years old, her father tried to retrieve her from the family that her biological mother gave her to. He was told basically that he had no rights to her and she was left in their care in the Philippines. Her adoptive family was not kind to her and WILL not provide her with any information on her biological parents (even though they claim to have information).

If anyone can provide any assistance as to where she can start looking for her dad? You can contact me at the following email addresses. Thank you.

Denice R. Huntington or

Posted 7-28-02
Hi!! I am not an American and neither am I looking for my own parent. I just want to help my Mother in Law look for her father, which she has been looking for many years. Her fathers name is
Ora Pettinger. He was a pilot in the US Navy here before and during the World War II. Her father was looking for her when she was still a child, but unfortunantely, the one who is taking care of her did not give her to him. I hope you can help my mother in law find her father. She never had experienced having both parents. So I hope through you, you could make it possible. 

Thank You! Sincerely Yours... Rosy Ann Amistad

Posted 7-30-02
My name is
Thomas Baduria. I am looking for my father Ronnie D Kirby just to talk. If you are him, or know anything about him, please email me.   Thank you

Thomas Baduria

Posted 8-15-02
Im writing this letter to you because I'm loosing hope. Loosing hope to see my father. To tell you honestly... I am adopted. My mom was a prostitute way back 1976 at the US Naval Base in Subic. My dad, which the only information I know is that his name is
Angel Huapaya (or Juapaya, don't even know how it is spelled), is with the US Navy who was stationed in Hawaii and got his way here in the Philippines around 1975-1977,1978. Well I know I'm one of the many FILAM children. Sir, I really don't know who to turn to anymore. I sleep and wake up thinking if I'll ever see my father at least. My real mom had me for adoption when I was 6 months old to some folks here in Makati. She gave me away because I was sick with bronchitis and she know that giving me away is the only way I can live and she was right. The folks who adopted me loved me until the time they had their own child, which then I felt the difference. Sir... I was consistently bitten, even almost to death...even at an early age of 5. I remember it vividly. The time came when I reached 15 yrs old. They asked me to move out and cannot sustain my studies anymore. I worked, as a food service crew, janitor, operator...worked my way up... studied at the same time. My GOD you just don't know how hell it was.... but i made it. I wanted to find my father, not for money, but for recognition, to feel belonging, which I never have felt, for closure...finding out the real me inside. I'm 25 . Still don't know who my real father is.... help me please help me. GOD knows how much I wanted to see him.... even for a second, and then i could die. You just don't know how it feels to be alone, to feel pain, the mental torture I've been through and still going through. Currently I work for Chikka Asia, Inc....the philippines biggest wireless application service provider, I just resigned from GE information Services, as a QA manager. I beg you help me please. I'm even willing to sell my soul just to see him....know him.....and at least even for a second to call him dad.

Vincent R. Hubert

Posted 10-7-02
Good afternoon, I am writing for two little girls in the phillipines.  I go to the Phillipines twice a year, to assist in a province with the very poor.  These little girls, I have taken care of since they were very small.  Presently, one has been very ill, and I need some information about the father.  They are precious, now in school.  I have build them a house, and I am engaged to a Phillipine man and we will be moving over there very soon.  Let me tell you about these little girls.

1.  Ruby Charm Casipit;  Father is Frank Alexander Salmi, he knows about her, even sent money for a couple of months.  Lived with the mother for a year and a half.  He could contact me with medical information, not to upset his own family.  He is, I beleive in Duluth Minnisota, I cannot get a phone or address.

2.  Child, Alexis Casipit:  Father, same mother as above, his name is Kenan Watts, was on USNS Sivillian ship, main office Oakland Ca.  Doubt that he even knew she was pregnant.  Black American.  Alexis may have a rare blood disease.  The above little girl, Ruby, could have a heart condition.  I am in search of these two fathers. Both were at Olongapo. Look forward to hearing.

Belinda Houck - Morris National
Phone:  817-251-0335 -

Posted 12-17-02
Hello, my name is
Rhemyllyn Sula and i am looking for my biological father, David Lee Barnes who was stationed in the Phillipines (Subic Bay) between 1973-1976 approximately.  My mother doesn't know anything else about him or where he is.  He was supposed to be a pilot and got re-stationed before I was born.  Sorry thats all the information I have and hope something comes out of all this.


Posted 12-22-02
Hi to everyone,
  This is a great website. I am looking for a sailor by the name of DON HANSON, he was a Corpsman stationed at Cubi Point Naval Hospital, PI, I believe during 1960-1963. He met my mother (Lourdes Lipata) at 1622 club. She tells me he is my father. I would like any information anyone may have on him. I am 39 years old and am serving in the United States Navy stationed at VFA-106 Oceana. I have wondered about him and long to meet with him one day. I am not looking for any paternal obligations, just a chance to get to know where I came from. If anyone knows of him and could provide any information, I would deeply appreciate it.  

Marilou Dietz

Posted 1-28-03
I am writing on behalf of my boyfriend
Clifford Athol Orbe Rogers who is looking for his father. Many of the details are unclear but from what I do know his father's name is Patrick Wayne Atkins and was fleet visiting Subic in the late 70's. Cliffords mothers name is Rosalie Orbe Salvalcion who was in her early 20's when she met Patrick. He was a submariner.   Patrick and Rosalie had 2 children together, while he was back and forth between Phillippines and the US. The 2nd child born was Phillip. Reason why Clifford is desperate to meet his father is to inform him of his brothers death and to also create some sort of father/son relationship. At the moment Clifford is now living in Australia with the rest of his filo family. If anyone has any info you can contact me on

Natalie Dwight or....
16 Trafalgar St, Glenfield Sydney, NSW 2167, Australia

Posted 2-09-03
My name is
Mirasol Espinsen and I was born Oct 3, 1973, in Olongapo City, PI, my mother's name is Mila Espinsen, she said my father was in the Navy and possibly from Ranier, OR, his name is Raul Montalvo or Montabo, if anyone has any information please email me.

Mirasol Espinsen

Posted 2-15-03
Hi, My wife is looking for her dad,  His name is
Robert James Beeson.  He was a 2nd LT. in the VP 50 Squadron at Subic Bay, a pilot I think.  He met her mom Crecentia (Elsa) AyusteThey met in Cevity City and my wife Maria Lourdes was born on 10.13/71.  If there is any information on Robert, please contact me ASAP.  My wife would like to simply say hello.

Josh Hughes
Office: (518) 446-6468

Posted 3-2-03
My name is GŁnter Herrmann, husband of Pilar Herrmann, former Espejon. I’m the adoptive father of Dwight Herrmann. The former name of my wife was Pilar Medalla Espejon and the birth name of Dwight was Dwight Espejon, born at June 18, 1975 in Manila Philippines. His biological father is an American, Mister Robert Bob Moore. Robert was in the US Navy (rank unknown) in San Antonio Base nearly Olongapo City Philippines. He left the Philippines 1974/75 and his last letter came from New York. His age will be between 55 and 57 years. Robert Moore knows he has a son. Dwight has knowledge about his biological father for a few weeks only. Dwight has the wish to find his biological father. Dwight wants to have contact to his him. Also possible, Dwight has half sisters. If anyone has any information or Mister Moore or he reads this posting, please email me. Thank you very much. Truely hope to hear from you.

GŁnter Herrmann

Posted 3-9-03
My name is Andy Perkins and I have been looking for my biological father for quiet sometime. Based on the collected information that I have, Benjamin Perkins is difficult to find. The information that I have is that he was in the Marine Corp.; he was station in San Miguel Naval Communication Station in San Antonio, Philippines. He was there in 1965-1973. He was a Corporal at the time and he worked as a guard in the entrance of the base. If anybody out there fit this description or anyone who has a list of Marines that were in San Miguel Naval Communication Station during 1965-1973. Please e-mail me. Thanks!

Andy Perkins

Posted 3-4-08 (Reply Message)
I am looking for Andy Perkins, son of Benjamin C. Perkins.  I have information about his father, but am unable to contact him due to an outdated email address. Benjamin Crawford Perkins, originally from Erie, Pennsylvania,  born August 10, 1949, was in the Philippines in the late 60's-early 70's as a marine, Lance Corporal, who worked as a guard at San Antonio. He thought his son had died. All contact information and photos were lost long ago. I very much wish to speak with Andy Perkins (or Isaac Perkins, who I believe may be his son.) If you have any information that may help me find Andy, please contact me at the following email address.

Posted 3-18-03
Looking for my American Parent. He possibly worked in the medical field/or helicopters. 
He at least has one brother, who recognized my mom Corazon Baylon while we were stationed on Guam in the early 80'sHis hometown is Traverse City, Mi.  Our search is for any info on his medical history pertinent to us.  I pray that he has had a blessed life, as did Grace and I.  We are not seeking any  financial support nor do we want to intrude in his present life. I have posted this message in other groups/sites years ago..hope this helps. Thank you for having this site, an outlet for those who are feeling the same as I.

Sincerely, Mary Ann Mcguire, So. FL

Posted 3-19-03
Hello, I am posting a message to all the soilders who may have been at Subic Bay
around the time of August 1975 when I was conceived. I am half black or puerto rican and filipino and looking for my biological father. I was hoping to find anyone who may have been involved with a filipina woman in Olongopo. At the time (August 1975) her name was Roselina Avellano Malaga Fliflet and she was 23 or 24 and worked in a bar around that town. She is my mother who had given me up for adoption when I was 2 in the Philippines. I recently found her last year. She is not giving me any information about my father. I was born on April 10, 1976, which would give her conception date around August 1975. I have grown up thinking I was half black but she has recently told me I am Puerto Rican and not black. (Which I do not believe). If you think you may know her or was involved with her then, please contact me. Thank You!


Posted 3-27-09
1972 - 1973 my friends birth father was stationed at Subic Bay Naval Base.  He met her mother at the El Cario Club where she worked.  My friend is trying to locate her birth father to get medical background for his side of the family for personal medical reason of her own.  The only information she has on him is that he is between the ages of 55-59 and that his name is Dennis Wynn Flick and that he supposedly came from the California area.  She has been looking for him quite a while and has gotten nowhere.  She is currently stationed with her husband and children in Germany. Sincerely, Jean Lindenstruth for Friend:  Gwen Mosier

Jean Lindenstruth

Posted 3-18-12
Hello. The details of my life journey are complex and baffling. My earliest memory was living in a hut type house on stilts, over water. There were several other children there as well. It was some sort of corrupt orphanage? Around the year 1975 or 1976, a filipino woman (named Elena Tambidao)  and an American man came into the orphanage, and bought me. Elena, claimed she was my mother, and that she had left me there when I was a baby. However, it's safe to say this was a lie. I clearly looked like I was not full blooded filipino, and thats why I was chosen. I was told that I was 5 years old, when they bought me. Yet, I already had a couple of my adult teeth. So, I believe I may have been around 7 or 8.  Elena, married two American navy men, in the span of 2 years (the first marriage was  6 months before I was bought), in the hopes of immigrating to the United States. She was a very abusive, and emotionally unstable woman. We spent some time at Clark Air Force Base. Once, we finally came to the U.S. (in about 1976) the abuse became apparent to my teachers, and I was put into foster care. I am now in my 40's, and I am on a quest for answers. Recently, I found the man who bought me (I hadn't spoken to him since they divorced before we left the Philippines when I was around 6?), and the details surrounding my adoption were hazy for him. However, he does remember that he believes the orphanage was in Caloocan City, PI.  I know that it would be unrealistic for me to expect that I would find my birth mother or father, given the complicated circumstances. Therefore, I am just hoping to find some answers. For instance, are there any G.I's out there that recall an orphanage in Calacoon City? Does my story sound familiar to anyone? If anyone has any information, insight, or advice, PLEASE let me know.

Tenielle Hefner

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