Bar and Business List - Olongapo

This section lists Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Theaters, and other Businesses that were located in Olongapo.
If the location you are looking for is not listed, please send it to the for posting.

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Over time, I will link a page showing what this location looked like then and how it looks like now.

007 Club
10 Foot Stop
100% Rock
1190 Hotel
1 4 D' Road
168 Bar
209 Super Club
3rd Eye Club
7 Seas
7th Fleet Club
7-11 Nite Club
77 Sunset Hotel
8th Avenue Tailoring


Acapulco Club
Acme Nite Club
Acme Hotel
Admiral Restaurant
Admiral Supermart
Admiral Theater
Airport Club
Airwaves Club
Alamo Club
Aloha Bar
American Legion Post 4
Aminon Club
Apollo Club
Apollo Pharmacy
Apple Rock
Aquarius Club
Astoria Hotel
Astro Club
ARC Pharmacy
Argentina Club
Aristocrat Nite Club
Avenue Barber Shop
Aztec Bar

B-29 Restaurant
Bali Hai-This Club
Bali Mia Club
Balukino's Jewelry Store
Bamboo Grove
Bamboo Room Club
Banaue Disco Club
Baron's Inn
Bayside Hotel
Bayview Bar
Bayview Hotel
Beachcomber Club
Beehive Club
Beggar's Banquet
Bel-Air Hotel
Berna's Club
Best Hotel
Best Movie
Big E Supper Club
Big E 2 Club

Big Joe's Bar
Billard Hall
Black Chamber

Black & White Club
Blue Haven Hotel
Blue Magic Disco
Blue Room
Bohemian Disco Bar
Bohemian Hotel
Bogart's Bull Pen
Bonanza Club
Bonita Club
Bonita Hotel
Bonita Money Exchange
Boston Hotel

Bottoms Up
Bubba's and CC's Bar
Broadway Club
Brown Fox
Buffalo Beer House
Bull Pen
Bunnu's Coffee Shop
Burger House
Buzzard By The Bay

Cal Jam
Cal Tex Gas Station
California Bar, Restaurant and Bakery
California Jam
Cammelita's Restaurant
Can-Can Club
Cardinal Barber Shop
Carmen's Money Exchange
Carrier 7

Catwalk Club
Cave Bar
Caviteno's Bakery
Caviteno's Jewelry and Leather Shop
Central Pharmacy
Central News Service
Channcellor Hotel
Charlie's Club
Chatterbox Pizza
Cheer's Cinderella
Cherry Club
China Inn

Chippy Ho's!
Choise Theater
Chopstick Massage
Chopsick Mexican Food
Cindy's Bar
Ciro's Nite Club
Ciro's Hotel
Cita's Restaurant
Civilian Affairs
Cloud 9 Club
Club Caligula
Club Gigolo
Club Oro
Club Society
Cockeyed Cowboy
Coconut Grove Club
Cobo Hall
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Continental Bank
Copacubana Club
Cora's Store

Coral Hotel
Cork Room Attic
Cork Room Cellar
Corner Pocket
Corona Studio
Cosmos Club
Country Corner Club
Courdon Bleu Restaurant
Crazy Charlies
Crisman Shoes
Cristal Lanes
Crown Z Bar

D' Bird Bar
D' Brown Jug Bar
D' Carrier Club
D' Cave Club
D' Crown Club
D' Fleet
D' Gate
D' Kings Restaurant
D' Knights
D' Legend Club
D' Nuggert
D' Office
D' OK Corrall
D' Openers Bar
D' Oro Club
D' Pearl Club
D' Rock
D' Sands Hotel
D' Sands Club
D' Shell Club
D' Stag Super Club and Cocktail Lounge
D' Star's

D’ Tender Trap
D' Tower Club
D' Tunnel Club
D' Wave Club
D' Westerner Club
D' White Horse
Dainty Restaurant
Daisy Mae's
Dallas Club
DBS Record Shop & Money Exchange
Dee Dee's Restaurant
Del Rosario Theater
Des Music Shop
Destoyer Club
Devil's Den
Diamond Bar
Ding's Club
Dirty Bird Saloon
Dew Drop Inn
Disco 73
Dolly's Tavern
Dolly's Pump Room
Dolphin Club
Dragon House Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant
Dragon Hotel
Dreamland Nite Club
Dynamite Jacks

Eagles Nest
East Coast Disco
East Inn Club
East Pacific Travel Agency & Money Exchange

Eastern Hotel
Economical Restaurant
Ed's Barber Shop
Ester's Club

El Cario Club
El Flamingos
El Gringo Restaurant
El Paborito Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge
El Tropicano
Elvie's Store and Bar
Ely's Club
Emperor Hotel
Empress Hotel
Empire Nite Club
Enterprise Club

Ernie's Third Eye
Europa Bar
Everybody's Restaurant
Executive Hotel

Fair Hotel
Fantasia Disco
Fang Ley's Chinesse Restaurant
Fat Freddies
Festival Snack Bar
Friendly Bar
Fiesta 66 Club
Fil-Am Barber Shop
Fil-Am Bakery
Filmore East
Fleet Nite Club

Fleet Reserve Association
First Restaurant
Florence Movie House
Florence Pharmacy
Florie Super Club
Fortuna Hotel
Foxy Lady
Fralic Nite Club
Freaks Stagger Inn
Fuck the Navy-Mojo Tavern

Fuji Night Club
Funland Cafe


Galaxy Night Club and Hotel
Gateway Club, Hotel and Money Exchange
Gay Hotel
Geelz House of Jackets
Geisha Club
Gen Custer's Super Club
Genisis Club
Gentel Club
Gentleman's Paradise
Ginza Massage
Girlfriend II
Girlfriend Bar
Gloria's Rotor Head Bar
Gold Label
Golden Budda
Golden Hotel
Golden Nugget Club
Golden Pawn Shop
Golden Peacock Club
Golden Place

Golden Ranch
Goodies Fast Food
Grace Kitchenette
Grand Movie
Grand Ole Opry Club
Grandilla Club
Green Apple Bar
Greenwich Pizza
Guns And Roses

Happy Disco
Happy Valley Trading
Harbor Lights
Hard Rock Cafe
Harlem Club
Hawaiian Roof Garden
Hayride Club
Heaven Bar
Heavy Metal Club
Hi - Q Club

Hilton Club
Hinda Club
Hole in the Wall
Hong Kong Bar
Hong Kong Restaurant
Hot City
Hot Lips
House of David Money Exchange

Imperial Club
International Cafe
Iron Butterfly Disco

Jack Daniels
Japanesse Tea House Restaurant
Jenalyn Kiosk Magnolia Ice Cream
Jesse Money Exchange
Jesse Moive
Jesse Soda Fountain
Jet Shop Hang Out
Jinson Club
Johnny O's
Jolo Club
Joy Club
Joy Hotel
JR's Barbershop
Jungle Bar
Jungle Jim's

Kangaroo Club
Kamayan Sa Gapo
Ken's Korner Bar
Kimara Theater
King's Trivial Place
Kingsmen Barber Shop
Knights Hotel
Kong's Tavern and Restaurant

L Club
L and M Restaurant
La Concha Super Club
La Fonda
Las Vegas Nite Club
Lemon Club
Leo Hotel
Liberty Call
Lil China Inn

Linda Theatre
Lincoln Mason Lodge
Lions Club

Lirius #1
Lirius #2
Lita's Exclusive
Lita's Place
Little China Inn

Lolita and Baby's Restaurant
Love Disco
Love Shack
Lucky Hotel
L Z Sally's

Maalikaya Super Club
Mabanta Brothers Pawn Shop & Watch Repair
Mabuhay Bazar
MachikoKarate Club
Macombo Club
Madison Square Ballroom

Magic Glow Hotel
Magic Glow Super Club
Majestic Club
Maligaya Club
Mardi-Gras Super Club

Marlyn's -
Marilyn's Blow Heaven
Marilyn's  Inn
Mariposa Bar

Mariposa Restuarant

Marjim's Bar
Marmont Club and Restaurant #2
Marina Club
Marmont Bar
Marmont Hotel and Restaurant
Max Foot Wear
MB Nite Club
M Brothers Hotel
Merlin Hotel
Metal Shop
Metallica Club
Miami Inn
Michael Jordan's Restaurant
Midnight Runner
Mike's Club
Minda's Boz'n Locker
Mink Hotel
Missouri Bar
Mocambo Hotel and Restaurant
Modern Club
Mom's Club
Monte Carlo Bar
Mona Lisa Club
Moons Bar
Moth Olongapo
Mugen Club
Music and Friends
My New Place
My Other Place
My Place
Myrna & Eva's Store

Nashville Room
Nasty Macs
Naval Hotel
Nell's Place
Nene's Store

New Florida Club
New Haven Bar
New Jersey
New Jolo Club
New Life Nite Club
New Mexico Club
New Port Hotel
New Sunny's Place
New Town Hotel
New York Disco
New York Restaurant
Newport Hotel
Newton Hotel
Nile Hotel
Nina's Papagayeuo
Nuevo Viscaya

Nugget Club

Oak Barrel
Ocean's Eleven
Old Gold Hotel
Old Grand Dad Club
Old Jolo

Old Mexico

Old West # 1
Old West # 2
Olongapo Bar
Olongapo Public Market
Olongapo Hospital
Olongapo Hotel
OP Bar
Openers Club
Orchid Club
Oriental Club
Orin's Bar & Restaurant
Overseas Hotel

Palace Hotel
Palladium Nite Club
Palm Breeze
Palomino Club
Pal's Inn
Papaguyo's Restaurant

Pauline's Club, Hotel & Restaurant
Pauline's Rocket Room
Peaare Restaurant
Peewee's Tavern
Penguin Club
People's Cafe
Perlas Hotel & Restaurant
Pennington Club
Pier 10

Piso Jimmy's
Plaza Hotel
Playboy Room
Port Hole Nite Club
Port 'O Call Club
Power Station
President Hotel
Priscila's Grocery
Prime Theater
Prince Hotel
Purple Haze
Pussy Cat Club

Queen Bee Club
Queen's Hotel
Quarterdeck Club

Rainbow Club
Raffles Inn Hotel
Red River
Red Rooster Club
Reno Hotel
Rice Bowl
Rich's Corral
Rich's Tavern
Rio Club
Riviera Club
Rizal Triangle
Rock Depot
Rock Explo
Rock Haus
Rock Lobster
Rock Trax
Rock World #2
Rolling Stone
Roma Hotel
Roma Restaurant
Romy Bar & Carinderia
Roof Top
Roost Tales

Rosanna Club
Rose Club
Rovisa Club & Hotel
Rufadora Helicopter Center Bar and Snack Bar

Sahara Club
Sakura Club
Salem Club
Sampaguita II
Sam's Club

Sam's Hotel
Sam's Pizza
Sam's Place
Sam's Mexican Food
Sam's Roost and Tales
Samori Massage
Sandra's Bar & Restaurant
Sanitary Bakery

Sanitary Bazaar
Sanitary Club

Sangely Point Bar
Satin Doll
Sawali Luncheonette
Schooner Restaurant
Sea Breeze Bar
Sea Horse Club
Sea Knight
Seaman's Inn
Serg Movie
Sexton Hotel
Sgt Pepper's
Shadow/Trauma Center
Shamrock Correl Room
Shamrock Intercontinental Club
Shanghai Nite Club
Shangrilla Restaurant
Shakey's Pizza Parlor
Shark's Cove
Sherry Club
Ship Ahoy
Show Boat
Sierra Supper Club
Silver Dollar
Silver Star Club
Sky Club
Skyline Hotel
Slim's Tavern
Sonny's Place
Spark Club
Sphinx Club & Hotel
Sportsman Club
Standard Dress Making School
Stardust Club
State Rock
Stolt Hotel
Stoned Crow
Strawberry Fields
Summer Place
Sundance Club
Survival Room
Susan's Restaurant
Swanky Club
Sweden Bar
Sweden Coffee Shop

T's Tavern
Talk of the Town
Tally Ho Club
TeenHigh Club
Tender Trap
Tennessee Tavern
Terry's Bar
Texas Playhouse
The Andy Capp Club
The Beggars Banquet
The Body Shop
The Gay Bar

The Green Door
The Island Bar
The Play Boy Club
The Rose Room Rest & Cocktail Lounge
The Ten Foot Stop
The Tide Hi - Lo
The Tinz
Thunder Ball Club
Tia Juana Barber Shop
Tia Juana Billiard and Bowling Hall
Tia Juana Club
Tiajuana Nite Club
Tiger Lady
Tiya Loleng
Toby's Footwear
Tom Tom Club, Hotel and Restaurant
Top 3 Club
Top Gun
Top's General Merchandise
Top Hat
Touch and Go
Traveler's Bar
Tri - V Nite Club

Tri - V - Tran Bus Station

Tropicana Gardens
Tuazon Super Mart and Cold Store
Turkish Steam Bath
Twins Club

U and I Club
UA Club
Ulongapo Head's Shop
UN Hotel and White House Club
Uncle Bob's Diner
Univeral Cafe
US Festival
US Money Exchange
USA Tavern
Utopia Club
UY's Grocery and Glassware

Val Men's Wear
Valentine Club
Valiant Men's Wear
Via's Restaurant
Victoria Club
Victory Bus Liner Station
Victory Club
Vince Clothing
Vision Electronics
Viva Young Bar
VP Alley

Wagon Wheel
Wander Lust Super Club
Washington Bar
West 1622 Club
West End Bar
West Fargo Bar

Wig Wam Club
Wildwest Club
Wine & Roses Bar
Wiskey A - Go - Go
White House Hotel and Restaruant


Yellow Pages
Young's Bazzar
Your Home Away From Home
Yours Barber Shop
Yours Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge
Yours Store

Zanzibar Club and Hotel
Zebra Club
Zig Zag Club
Zoo Bar

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